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Best Face Towels For Spotless Facial Care

Skincare isn't just restricted to expensive products or extensive routines; hygiene plays equal cards, necessitating dedicated face towels. These softer versions not only prevent microbial growth but also skin breakouts, pore-clogging and rashes. Find some of the best ones in the listicle below.
Updated: Dec 28, 2020 20:16 IST
Best Face Towels For Spotless Facial Care
Face towels offer luxuriously soft touch and help in preventing skin breakouts

Face towels are one of the easiest pathways to healthy and radiant skin. Keeping microbial growth off the dermis with a good wipe, these towels help in unlocking good facial hygiene. Adding to it, they nullify the risk of the transfer of potentially skin harming chemicals from products used in other parts of the body; a risk which runs high in case of common towels for all the body parts. Their soft texture and recurring fusion with special formulations, add to the benefits. Find some of the best face towels from the listicle below to ensure a happy healthy facial skin.

Best Face Towels

1. AmazonBasics Cotton Washcloth/Face Towel

Terry cotton is known for high absorbency, longevity, warmth, wear-resistance, and soft texture- and this set easily ticks off all the points from the list. Not only is the fabric breathable, but is also hypo-allergic, making it a hit among all skin types. Additionally, the towels are resistant to wearing and fading. Make a smart investment in face towels with this complete pack of long-lasting face towels.

Smart Buy
AmazonBasics Cotton Washcloth/Face Towel
₹ 909
₹ 1,400 (35% off)
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Offers Reinforced Edges To Prevent Unraveling

Shop smart with this complete set of easy-to-care soft face towels, made of high-grade terry cotton. The fabric easily absorbs large amounts of moisture and dries it off quick.

2. Mush Bamboo-derived Rayon Face Towel

With enough damage already having being caused to the environment at the hands of humanity, its high time to switch to environment-friendly alternatives that align with the goals of sustainable development. This product has also been designed keeping in mind the same, using high-grade natural bamboo fibre. Known for its strength, anti-microbial properties, sturdiness, durability, and odour-free service, bamboo fibre has aced up the ladder of popularity and global demand. Thanks to the cross-sectional arrangement of their constituent fibres, these towels offer significantly higher absorbency as compared to conventional choices.

Ultrasoft Bamboo Fibres
Mush Bamboo-derived Rayon Face Towel (Set of 5, Green, Pink, Khaki, Blue, Cream)
₹ 799
₹ 999 (20% off)
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The Towels Are Naturally Resistant To Microbes

One of the most popular eco-friendly alternatives, this set is made of high-quality bamboo fibres, which make it resistant to microbial infection as well as foul odours. Ultra-light and soft, these towels can be easily used with all skin types.

3. Divine Overseas Cotton Yarn Face Towel Set

Having gone through extensive combing operation, combed cotton fibres are preferred for their soft texture, free from short fibres sticking out of the surface. This set of face towels is also made of long-lasting combed cotton, which gives it high absorbency, shelf life and breathability. Made of high-potency fibres, these towels come with a natural sheen. While their plush fabric offers the luxurious texture, special prior treatment minimizes the lint. The towels have been doubly stitched and have been bio-washed.

Shrink Resistant
Divine Overseas Cotton Yarn, Soft, Extra Absorbent & Durable GSM 600 Face Towel Set (Pack of 6, Sage Green)
₹ 389
₹ 1,999 (81% off)
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Its Breathable Fabric Doesn’t Irritate The Skin

Longevity, breathability, softness, fade resistance, skin-friendliness- you name it and this set has it! A classy collection made of high-grade cotton, this set will take good care of your facial skin.

4. Yellow Weaves Microfiber Face Towel Set

Standing true to the desirable characters of microfibre, this set of facial towels rank high on absorbency, softness and breathability. Offering a fluffy touch, these luxuriously soft towels are ideal for face and sit well with all skin types. Portable enough, these can be easily carried off to outdoors. Ranking high on the durability scale, these towels will pamper your skin for a long time.

Fluffy Texture
Yellow Weaves Microfiber Face Towel 250 GSM (Set of 4, Multicolour)
₹ 299
₹ 400 (25% off)
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Made Of Highly Absorbent Microfibres

Standing well up to the expectations, these super-soft microfibre towels are highly absorbent and come with great shelf life. Easy to carry around, these towels are also perfect for the gym, sports, track, yoga, spa, aerobic, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Face Towels

Q1. What are face towels?

Ans. Slightly different from regular ones, face towels are the smaller and softer avatars that help in efficient drying and removal of soap, natural oils and face products from the skin. Often made with special formulations, they ensure in maintaining healthy facial skin.

Q2. Why should you get a separate face towel?

Ans. Facial skin is sensitive as compared to other body parts, naturally calling for special care. These towels make sure that you don’t transfer any products used on other body parts to your face, which often results in skin breakouts, clogging of pores or even rashes.

Q3. How often should they be cleaned?

Ans. These towels need to be cleaned regularly within a few days to keep microbial infestations and foul odour at a bay. In case of sensitive and breakout-sensitive skin, it is advised to clean them daily. In either case, they need to be fully dried before usage.

Best Face Towels For Spotless Facial Care

Best Face Towels For Spotless Facial Care Price in India
AmazonBasics Cotton Washcloth/Face Towel ₹ 909
Mush Bamboo-derived Rayon Face Towel (Set of 5, Green, Pink, Khaki, Blue, Cream) ₹ 799
Divine Overseas Cotton Yarn, Soft, Extra Absorbent & Durable GSM 600 Face Towel Set (Pack of 6, Sage Green) ₹ 389
Yellow Weaves Microfiber Face Towel 250 GSM (Set of 4, Multicolour) ₹ 299
Price List of the Products are last updated on 05 March 2021
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