Best Travel Journals For Documenting The Travel Experiences

Travelling is a lot more than just sightseeing and ticking off the items from the itinerates. It is a string of experiences, explorations and rediscovering sprees, the details of which might fade over time. Document your travel stories in the journals below and relive your favourite moments anytime.
Best Travel Journals For Documenting The Travel Experiences

Travel journaling isn't just jotting down the experiences while on the go; it is the art of keeping the memorable moments of travel at the disposal of a few flips. It enables re-living our favourite travel experiences snuggled on a couch, on a beach, on a train or even in a gathering. It rightly captures the seemingly insignificant encounters which bring back the freshness of our trip with each reading. 

Besides serving as a staircase of words descending down the closet of nostalgia, these journals can also be used for keeping all the travel-related information handy, freeing oneself of the research during the travel. Similarly, these are a go-to for travel tips for newbies on their way to the same destination. We have brought to you a list of some of the most trending travel journals below, which will rightly serve as your travel-Wikipedia and a magical box waiting to be filled with your memories.

Best Travel Journals

1. SPCreation Travel Handmade Handicraft Diary

Document your travel experiences in the form of narratives, poetry, sketches, doodles, paintings or any other form in this hand-picked travel themed journal. Handcrafted by select artisans, this journal is sure to evolve into an attractive museum of your travel musings. The pages come with a natural shade and do not bleed through. It also offers a woollen string with a rustic anchor attached to its end, to be wrapped around the diary. The journal contains a total of 94 pages and is enclosed by a cover embracing watercolour art with a glossy finish.

Handicrafts Special
SPCreation Travel Handmade Handicraft Diary (12.7cm X 17.78 cm)(94 Pages) Amazon Deal

SPCreation Travel Handmade Handicraft Diary (12.7cm X 17.78 cm)(94 Pages)

₹ 99
₹ 350 (72% off)
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2. My Travel Journal

Travel journaling is not only creative documentation of travel experiences but also helps in sharpening cognitive and imaginative skills. Introduce your kids to this art with this attractive interactive journal filled with interesting travel-themed columns which help the young ones document their travel experiences like never before. It also includes some pretty stickers and a set of gratitude greeting cards which can be distributed to people for their acts of kindness, while on the go.

Kids Special
My Travel Journal Amazon Deal

My Travel Journal

₹ 274
₹ 499 (45% off)
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3. Factor Notes Notebook: Natural Shade Paper Journal Diary

This travel-themed journal is a handy notebook filled with soft lined pages that feel great to touch and write on. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the notebook can be laid flat at any smooth surface. This budget-friendly pick can also be used for jotting down important travel-related information in an organised fashion, for handy access to all the relevant details. It comes with a total of 96 premium-grade pages.

Ruled Pages
Factor Notes Notebook: 90 GSM , B6, Ruled, 96 Pages Journal Diary (Travel India) Amazon Deal

Factor Notes Notebook: 90 GSM , B6, Ruled, 96 Pages Journal Diary (Travel India)

₹ 99
₹ 199 (50% off)
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4. Hipsters Traveller's Notebook- Regular Size

Redefine versatility as well as travel journaling with this multi-purpose pick, which will add to your trip in ways more than just creative satisfaction. Besides its high-grade pages of rustic charm, this journal also provides blank envelopes, pockets and zipper for handy storage of notes, cards, cash, maps, etc. The kit in totality includes the leather cover which develops characteristic texture over time, two blank paper notebooks, kraft insert and zip case. All the inserts are refillable and removable, and can easily accommodate up to four standard-sized notebooks.

5. RSN Leather Journal Vintage Hand Embossed Tree of Life

Give your journalling a rustic charm with this leather-bound journal notebook. All the 100 off-white coloured sheets used in it, have been hand-stitched and are made from pure recycled cotton. The journal is a total “no leak through” allowing you to scribble with pen of any thickness or even paint over it. The Coptic leather is ensured to fascinate you with its smell. The leather wrap around strap effectively keeps the journal closed and can also be used as a handy bookmark.

Why Should You Get A Travel Journal?

  1. You can store in all the essential information regarding your travel plans in them including maps, popular destinations, contact details of travel agents, etc. 

  2. They help in contemplating the travel experience and documenting minute details, which might later slip your mind.  

  3. They are known to act as a creative outlet. You can even jot down poetry, prose, narratives, sketches, doodles, etc. inspired from your trip. 

  4. It helps in organising your thoughts and collect impressions of a place and other things/experiences you might want to remember from your travel. 

  5. It’s a great way of killing time during long journeys and waiting hours at the airports, seaports, bus stops, or even railway stations. 

  6. These journals act as souvenirs from your tip, which you can share with your loved ones. 

  7. While digital data stands at the risk of getting erased, a journal helps in keeping a tangible record of your travel memories. 

Best Travel Journals For Documenting The Travel Experiences

Best Travel Journals For Documenting The Travel Experiences Price in India
SPCreation Travel Handmade Handicraft Diary (12.7cm X 17.78 cm)(94 Pages) ₹ 99
My Travel Journal ₹ 274
Factor Notes Notebook: 90 GSM , B6, Ruled, 96 Pages Journal Diary (Travel India) ₹ 99
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