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21 Most Beautiful Flowers

There are more than 100 types of different beautiful flowers on this Earth. We have here curated a list of the most beautiful flowers with their pictures and about them. Let's read ahead to know more about the many types of flowers.
Updated: Aug 28, 2019 11:43 IST
  • Here is the list of the most beautiful flowers of the world
  • Beautiful flower images, all information about them and interesting facts
  • Tulip, Orchid, Rose, Lily, Lotus, Daisy and others
21 Most Beautiful Flowers
Most Beautiful Flowers

As kids we read many peoms on flowers from Golden Daffodils to Crimson Roses. Our ancient inheritance of the flower attraction is so poetic in nature that it just culturally gets deeply seeded into us. The deeper mysteries of a beautiful flower are untold and unheard but there is a spell they cast which melts us from within. The innocence and wisdom these beautiful flowers spread in uncontained and beyond imagination. Let's learn more about the top most beautiful flowers like - Rose, Tulips, Lily, Orchids, Sunflower, Poppy and others. We have assorted some interesting facts about the most beautiful flowers and beautiful images of the most beautiful flowers to help you identify them.

Interesting facts about Flowers you did not know :

  • Tulip bulbs are more valuable than Gold in some countries like – Holland
  • A very expensive spice – Saffron comes from the Crocus Flower
  • 60% of the fresh flowers in US are coming from California
  • Lotus is considered a sacred flower in countries like – Egypt, India and others
  • Sunflower heads track the Sun Movement
  • Moon Flowers bloom through the night
  • Broccoli is actually a flower
  • Sunflowers produce a toxic substance that kills other plants around it
  • Carnivorous plants bear flowers which can eat bugs and insects
  • Some flowers can be eaten are edible and also used for medicial purpose
Most Beautiful FlowersFlower Colors
Apple Blossom FlowersLight Pink
Orchid FlowersVibrant Mauve, Pink, White
Bouvardia FlowersSoft Pink
Baby's Breath FlowersWhite
Bleeding Heart FlowersPink or White
Buttercup FlowersPink, Red and White
Calendula FlowersSunny Orange
Poppy FlowersRed
Carnation FlowersPink, White, Purple
Camellia FlowersWhites, Pinks and Reds
Tulip FlowersPink, Red, Yellow, White, Purple
Rose FlowersRed, Whites, Pinks
Marigold FlowersYellow Orange Sunshine
Lotus FlowersWhite and Pink
Lily FlowersWhite, Yellow, Orange
Daffodil FlowersYellow
Dahlia FlowersRed, Yellow, White
Daisy FlowersWhite
Chrysanthemum FlowersWhite, Yellow, Pink
Petunia FlowersWhite, Purple, Red, Pink, Yellow
Sunflower FlowersYellow

Here Is A List of 21 Top Most Beautiful Flowers With Name and Description

1. Apple Blossom Flower :

Apple Blossom Flower

Apple Blossom Flower

Apple Blossoms are firmly fragrant flowers which are symbolized for love and promise as per the Biblical story. These most beautiful flowers in the world, are light pink in colour and they bloom like a delectable spread on a stem. People gift these flowers as flower bouquets for greater success and long life, take a look at this beautiful flower's image above. And if you ever dream of Apple Blossoms then it stands for a long life and a strong promise. So buy these most beautiful flowers for your loved one and gift a bouquet of love, promise and long life.

2. Orchid Flower :

Orchid Flowers

Orchid Flower

Orchids being the most beautiful flowers could not be missed from our list of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Orchids are the largest flowering plant family and could be spotted almost everywhere. There are many types of Orchids like small Orchids, large Orchids, Orchids with a smaller life and Orchids with longer lives, Orchids looking like figurines and so on. Vibrant colours and stunning shades make the Orchids a beautiful flower glance at this beautiful flower image above and you would know what we are saying. So if you are looking to convey love and affection then excotic Orchid bouquets should be your choice.

3. Bouvardia Flower :

Bouvardia Flowers

Bouvardia Flower

Bouvardia grow in clusters of many flowers, each tube spreading into a flower with 4 spreading lobes. This most beautiful flower was named after the Physician Charles Bouvard who lived in the 17th Century. These small shrubs look untidy but are a spectacular view. These soft blooms in star-like shape ooze a delicate fragrance, a glimpse of the images of this beautiful flower will make you spellbound. Each flower in itself is like a bouquet making them look beautifully romantic as a perfect gift at any special event like a marriage.

4. Baby's Breath Flower :

Baby Breath Flowers

Baby's Breath Flower

Baby's Breath flowers you must have practically seen everywhere in every flower bouquet and every flower vase. This classic flower display is of many tiny white coloured flowerets which are used a fillers in flower decoration. These most beautiful flowers which are cloud like blooms also are very budgeted making them very useful for event decorations when you want to stick to a budget and also making them to the list of the most beautiful places.

5. Bleeding Heart Flower :

Bleeding Heart Flowers

Bleeding Heart Flower

Bleeding heart is a beautiful flower from the poppy species with hanging down flowers. Bleeding flowers reach uptill about 2-3 feet height. These flowers are a beautiful contrast of pink or white and as the name suggests these are beautiful heart shaped flower drops. As soon as the flower drop opens it looks perfectly white. Let us warn you these most beautiful flowers in the world are also poisonous so if you have pets keep them away.

6. Buttercup Flower :

Buttercup Flowers

Buttercup Flower

Buttercup flowers are beautifully layered petals holding tight onto each other. The Buttercup flower is also called as the Ranunculus flower with brightly coloured petals. This most beautiful radiant flower symbolizes charm and splendor through its yellow, pink, red and white. These beautiful flowers Buttercup flowers are sure to catch your attention wherever you see them.

7. Calendula Flower :

Calendula Flowers

Calendula Flower

Calendula flowers have been since ancient times being used for medicinal and culinary purposes. These beautiful bright sunny orange coloured flowers are also called the Pot Marigold, watch how gorgeous this beautiful flower image is. These flowers are native to southern Europe and the beautiful colour of their petals was used as a food colouing agent for cheese, butter and soups.

8. Poppy Flower :

Poppy Flowers

Poppy Flower

Poppy flowers are often grown for their beautiful red coloured flowers but also for its narcotic substance. Apart from being the source for narcotic drug this plant is also used for its Analgesic properties for Analgesic drugs. Poppy flowers after the trench war became a symbol of remembrance for soldiers who died in warfare. The poppy plants can grow upto about 1 metre tall with flowers having about 4-6 petals.

9. Carnation Flower :

Carnation Flowers

Carnation Flower

Carnation flowers are found in numerous colours like – pink, white, purple, orange, red and more with each flower colour symbolizing a specific feeling. Carnations are also known as the “The flowers of God” as it is believed that Carnations appeared on earth as Jesus carried the Cross on spots where Virgin Mary's tears fell. These most beautiful flowers can bloom until long hours even after being cut and make for beautiful decorations.

10. Camellia Flower :

Camellia Flowers

Camellia Flower

Camellia flowers have been precious flowers for many gardeners and florists as they thrive in mild climates. These beautiful flowers comes in various shapes and colours like whites, pinks and reds, view the images of this beautiful flower to get a glimpse of their beauty. Camellia flowers are long living flowers with some spanning to about 100 years. Camellia plant leaves are also used as tea and its seed oil is also very useful.

11. Tulip Flower :

Tulip Flowers

Tulip Flower

Tulips grow blooms in various colours like – pink, red, yellow, white, purple and others. Tulips symbolize grace and poise with their 6 petals distinctly bound together to form a beautiful bulb. Tulips also like other flowers have colour relevance like the yellow tulip stands for cheerfulness, black tulips symbolize the heart, red symbolize love and so on. Tulip flower bouquets could make a beautiful gift to your loved ones, take a look at this beautiful flowers photo to believe what we say. So if you are looking for that perfect bouquet use these Tulips to convery the expression of love.

12. Rose Flower :

Rose Flowers

Rose Flower

Rose the most popular flower comes in more than about 100 species. Roses with beautiful intertwined petals to blooms with scattered petals and some with a few loosely held petals forming a flower. Roses are the most loved flowers after all and each colour of Rose holds a special significance. So be it for friendship, love or mourning these most beautiful flowers of the world- Roses are used for all occasions. We promise you wont be able to blink looking at this beautiful flower image above.

13. Marigold Flower :


Marigold Flower

Marigold flowers are a sign of beauty, elegance, passion and creativity. These beautiful golden orange coloured flowers are used for garden decoration and also as an offering to God. Marigold plants are fuss free annual flowers which grow beautiful blooms of yellow orange sunshine colours. A beautiful bunch of Marigold flower can be so precious to look at, watch this beautful flower photo and admire the true beauty. The Marigold flowers can tolerate a lot of sunshine but some shade can do good as well.

14. Lotus Flower :

Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

Lotus the most famous flower has a lot of religious and spiritual significance also. Apart from being just ornamental flowers these beautiful flowers also hold a lot of significance like – purity, grace, wealth, richness and knowledge. Lotus flower is generally white and pink in colour and they grow in murky waters. You will never see a lotus flower in winters as they are intolerant to cold weather.

15. Lily Flower :

Lily Flower

Lily Flower

Lily the most beautiful and enchanting trumpet shaped flower is loved and adored by all. This large prominent beautiful flowers comes in many colours and bloom from early summer to fall. So if you are looking to add elegance to your garden just plant these fuss free plants in moist soil with lots of sun for best performance. A look at this beautiful flower's image and you will know what we are talking about.

16. Daffodil Flower :

Daffodil Flower

Daffodil Flower

Daffodils are one of the most popular flowers particularly for their beauty. Daffodils are one of the early flowers of spring and their flowers are beautiful crafts in trumpet shapes. Daffodils symbolize friendship, joy and success. Daffodils grow beautifully outside but even in limited surroundings they could bloom and prosper.

17. Dahlia Flower :

Dahlia Flower

Dahlia Flower

Dahlias are colourful flowers with spiky petals which roll into a beautiful cluster forming a stunning flower. These petals are actually individual florets but wrongly refered to as petals in many cases. Dahlia's are the national flower of Mexico and bloom annually . The number of flower varieties – shapes, sizes, colours make then unique in every way. With enough sunlight these beautiful flowers could grow more.

18. Daisy Flower :

Daisy Flower

Daisy Flower

Daisy's mostly referred to as the common daisy, lawn daisy or English daisy are cute button like flowers which are a children's flower. These beautiful sophisticated flowers spread cheer, happiness and delight around them. Daisy leaves are edible and can be used in making salads. The Daisy flowers have white petals with a yellow centre but sometimes you could spot red-pink Daisys also.

19. Chrysanthemum Flower :

Chrysanthemum Flower

Chrysanthemum Flower

Chrysanthemums are actually small clusters of many florets together. These beautiful flowers are tropical in nature and most of the species originate from East Asia. They are non fussy plants and can grow in any kind of soil but need a sunny weather to bloom. These beautiful flowers Chrysanthemums grow after about 3 Months of potting the plant.

20. Petunia Flower :

Petunia Flower

Petunia Flower

Petunia flowers come in bed spreads and can be used as great border hedges or in pots. Beautiful Petunia flowers bloom as colourful spread of large petals with a variety of colours. You can find Petunias in almost any colour – white, purple, red, pink, yellow. These strong plants are tolerant to the heat and so require very less watering.

21. Sunflower Flower :

Sunflower Flower

Sunflower Flower

Sunflowers have a unique trait of tracking the sun direction. Their heads follow the Sun through the day and for this reason they symbolize warmth and longevity. The Sunflower plant is useful in many ways apart from being a decorative flower, its seed oil is used for cooking. The stem of a Sunflower plant can grow upto about 3 Feet tall and its easy pollination leads to a great spread of beautiful flowers.

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