Steps to a Clutter Free house & Home Makeovers at unbelievable prices.

Trying to achieve a clutter free house, yes we have some great 10 step guide for it here and it does not end there you could give your house a makeover at unbelievable prices.
Updated: Nov 15, 2017 17:56 IST
Steps to a Clutter Free house & Home Makeovers at unbelievable prices.
Steps for a Clutter Free house & Home Some great Makeover Ideas
When it comes to your house, it's your abode of happiness. There could be love and warmth you are seeing in all that clutter around you but that does not change what it really is. Every household has some stuff around which could pronounce into chaos, clutter and untidiness. There are things you need and then there are things you have lived with forever without having used them in ages. There is a basic pampering your home also requires it's called the Apartment/Home Therapy. Helping your house feel lighter only leaves you feeling better and happier. Besides putting away some time to do this it also requires some basic logic and heart and art of letting go.

10 Rules to Achieving a Clutter-free home:

  1. Believe it will happen once you start
  2. Get a big carton to dispose of the excess stuff in it.
  3. Don't revisit what you threw in the carton.
  4. Anything that you haven't used in the last 1 year is of no use to you now.
  5. Stop accumulating and collecting stuff
  6. Create compartments inside your wardrobe to compartmentalise things.
  7. Don't leave the 5-7minute tasks for later
  8. As for clothes use the 2-year rule - throw away clothes you have not worn in the last 2 years
  9. Sell off your old unused electronics
  10. DO a little bit of cleaning every day

While you do the cleaning up of your house we also advise some decor enhancement which is not something you would need to avoid. You could still be redoing your house to make it a look like a better beautiful place than before.

Organizing Tools/Boxes:

To have your wardrobe or your closets organized and a clutter free home you need own some of these fabulous organizing boxes and tools. Drain cleaners, bottle cleaners, Hooks, storage organizers, Kitchen pot scrapers, Wire organizers and many others. Use these organizing tools mark them to remember what you stored where and find your life get more sorted out. When it comes to organizing clutter and that in large amounts then these storage boxes come handy.

Bathroom Gadgets:

While the home is going through a spring cleaning why leave out that most beautiful part of your house. Yes, it's probably that place where you unwind and relax your senses. Yes, we do leave this very important place untidy sometimes but it's important to clean it up to make it feel a part of your clutter-free home. Give it a high with these creative ideas and add more colour and fun to it. Toothbrush holders, anti-slip mats, in shower curtains, portable soap dishes and other bathroom gadgets you did not even dream existed.

Festive & Party Supplies:

Well, as soon as you have achieved a clutter free home you definitely need to call in for a party. A party to not only celebrate your achievement but also a little show-off you see. Decorative flowers to deck up the house a set of costumes to add some zing to the party and other party lights and supplies all to make your house look like it's been designed by some professional.

Kitchen gadgets:

Of course, parties are all about food so why not add some fun there as well. There are some amazing smart kitchen gadgets which apart from making your life easier will also add some spice to your kitchen life. Well, not to forget your kitchen is the most important corner of your clutter-free home.Fruit Peelers, Cookware, homemade ice-cream tools, cake molds, wine openers, Kettles and all other kitchenware and kitchen textiles which are every woman's fantasy.

Home Decor:

Finally let's get to doing up your living room and your bedroom with some wall art, wall stickers Lamps, flowers, candles, clocks, figurines, miniature art, flower vases, incense burners and much more than you could imagine. After all the clutter is gone and you have achieved the clutter free home you dreamt of now let's add some character to your home or some colour to the boredom and watch your home smile back to you.

While you think of doing up your house you also must visit the 10 steps to a clutter-free home. Start today and yes believe that it can be done! All the Best.

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