What are Fidget Spinners? How do to they work? Buy one today on Paytm for Rs.49

The Fidget spinner mania, is it an addiction or a stress buster. Let's read to know more about this new trend, the many designs and kinds of it.
Updated: Aug 04, 2017 12:40 IST
What are Fidget Spinners? How do to they work? Buy one today on Paytm for Rs.49
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This season's hottest toy has made its way into my house as well. Yes, the Fidget spinner the latest sensation amongst boys is taking over most of the homes in India. In the last 2 weeks I have found 3 already inside my house and have heard from my nephews on it too. Rationalized, explained and justified as a stress buster the fidget spinner slowly has cannibalized the few minutes our family would spend together before the day ends. It's comforting and is a stress buster for the big boy of the house and a little toy to keep the 5-year old engaged for dinner time. Well, it's serving its purpose for me.

Surprisingly these spinners are being marketed as an aid for individuals with autism, anxiety and concentration deficit problems. They claim to improve focus and concentration levels, well then I don't understand why are they being banned in classrooms. We could well introduce them into the curriculum for little toddlers who have not understood the concept of "Static" energy yet. Apart from becoming this seasons must have toy/gadget it's not serving any more purpose than just being a distractor from your mobile phones and a calmer (did I just say that) I guess that's what they are claiming to be and well proved as well.

Let's see how these spinners work on our Brain, before you clear up your house of them:

  1. When you are spinning the bearing balls sitting ideal you are making no motor skills and no exercise.
  2. This is when the Brain moves all the activity and focus to the frontal & pre-frontal brain areas.
  3. The pre-frontal & frontal brain is responsible for sustaining attention.
  4. Hence, the fidget spinners are clearly illustratively justifying themselves as stress busters with a level of addiction to them.
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