Cheap Self-Drive Car Rental To Travel on weekends, Book Rental Cars with

Tired of hectic and loaded weekdays, Take a look at the cheap self-drive car rental offers via Zoomcar to travel on weekends to rejuvenate your senses. Also, find out why you should Book rental car via Zoomcar and how you can book your Zoomcar to commence your road trips.
Cheap Self-Drive Car Rental To Travel on weekends, Book Rental Cars with
Cheap Self-Drive Car Rental To Travel on weekends, Book Rental Cars with

India is more fond of taxi and cab culture and still need some time to adjust with the idea of self drive rental cars. But once you have taken the joy and privilege of driving rental cars then you will never sit back on the passenger's seat of taxi or cab. Zoomcar gives you the privilege of self drive rental cars and is first Indian company to focus on car rental. As of February 2017, the company operates a fleet of over 3,000 vehicles in 17 cities across the country: Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad , Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mysore, Ahmedabad, Vizag, Coimbatore, and Mangalore.

If you are planning to have a relaxed weekend and wish to go on a road-trip to the nearby places, then you should consider Zoomcar as they assures you comfort, luxuries and safety.

Why Cheap Self-drive Car Rentals Are Better Than Cabs?

This might be running in your mind that why must one book a cheap self-drive car rental facility via Zoomcar? Well, we've provided some best facts on why you should book one.

1. Safety:

Safety is a major problem in India. Lots of work is assigned to a driver. Due to overload of work your driver can be exhausted and tired. Also in the odd times such as late night we feel a little unsafe with someone else. Zoomcar solves this problem as you will be driving the car. Hence, you will feel comfortable and safe.

2. Privacy:

Weekend is the only time when you get to spend some quality time with your friends or family. Your privacy often get disturbed with the driver sitting ahead. Imagine the unknown person snoop all your conversation. Isn't it irritating. It can even spoil your trip. Zoomcar gives you complete privacy and a home like experience.

3. Freedom:

Driving your own rental car gives you freedom. Freedom to choose your stops, your route or your time. You feel completely free and this freedom enhances the joy of your weekend.
On the other hand cabs doesn't allow you this kind of freedom, you are more likely willing to do what driver wants.

4. Cost-Benefits:

Apart from all the conveniences, another major plus point of using Zoomcar is cost benefits. Zoomcar in India provides self-drive cars at less than half of what a taxi or cab company will charge you. For e.g., a self-drive car for 240 km or a whole day is available for just about Rs. 2300, while even the cheapest cab will charge Rs. 3000 for the same distance and time.

How To Book Zoomcar For Yourself?

So if you are planning to book a Zoomcar for your weekend trip then there is the procedure of booking a zoom car:

  1. The first step is to sign up on The sign process includes giving some personal information.
  2. After signing up. You will receive an OTP on your mobile no. that you've provided while registering on Zoomcar.
  3. After your identity is successfully verified, you can choose your starting point, pick up point and drop-off point.
  4. Give Zoomcar all your required info and start your trip on the scheduled day.

So this was all about Zoomcar which gives you comfort, luxury and safety. It has low cost which allows you to save money and it does not ask you to pay for fuel money too. You should try Zoomcar , it will be an amazing experience for sure.

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