Best 1.5 Ton Split, Window AC in India 2018

Best 1.5 Ton Split, Window AC in India 2018

Best 1.5 Ton AC in India, Uplift Your Comfort With Some Cool Breeze

These Best Split AC 1.5 Ton are going to be your saviour this coming season. Sun shining at 40 degrees, it rises early and sets late, days are long and humid stretching into each other, children out of school to escape the heat and trying to find solace in those lazy hot afternoons that's what summer is all about. Summers are here and the temperature is rising day by day. The best way to get out this heat wave is to lock your room and switch on the AC. But to get rid of this scorching heat you need to loosen your pockets a little. Buying an AC can be a tricky affair as you need to keep in mind the budget and how much you can spend monthly on electricity bills. ACs consume lots of electricity which can make a big hole in your pocket. You need to look for an AC which is low priced, consumes less electricity, looks good in your room and with good after sale service.

Chilling in the fresh and cool air of your house while watching TV and drinking ice tea is possible in summers, thanks to Willis Carrier because he was the one who invented the Air Conditioner. Finally, someone who understood the hardship and mental pain of those summer months that people like us   have to go through and made these Best Air Conditioner In India 2018 available for some relief.

We are listing down the best split AC 1.5 ton in India in our below list, which can cool your medium to large rooms or halls in minutes and give you the relief that you deserve after coming home from a hot and humid day at work. If you have a larger than usual room size then we suggest a 2-Ton capacity air conditioner for you.

List Of The Best Split AC 1.5 Ton In India:

Below is the list of best split AC 1.5 ton in India on which you can invest without thinking twice. Take a look below:

1. Blue Star 3CNHW18CAF/U Inverter Split AC (1.5 Ton, 3 Star Rating):

Blue Star 3CNHW18CAF/U Inverter Split AC is one of the best split AC 1.5 Ton that is equipped with copper condenser to provide you efficient cooling and long durability. This best 1.5 ton AC has a 6 filters: Silver ion filter, Catechin filter, anti bacterial filter, anti acarian filter, dust filter and active carbon filter which helps in providing you clean, healthy and breathable air. Other bunch of features of this 1.5 ton split AC are Air Flow Direction Control and Anti Freeze Thermostat. Remote that comes with this 1.5 Split AC has glow, which makes it easier to use in the dark night.
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2. Whirlpool Inverter Best Split AC In India (1.5 Ton 3 Star Rating) :

Whirlpool 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC is another best 1.5 Ton AC in India which goes perfectly with medium-sized rooms. Its Inverter technology helps to save energy of up to 5%, which means electricity bills won't be hurting your pocket anymore. Feature like Auto Restart comes to provide you seamless setting without any need to set it again post power-cut. Aluminum condenser adds a value for money which is basically the standard alternative.

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3. Voltas Best Split AC (1.5 Ton, 5 Star Rating):

Voltas the Best Split AC 1.5 Ton which is 5 Star Split AC is one of the air conditioners which acts perfectly for medium-sized rooms in order to keep it cool and breeze during scorching summers. 5 star rating ensures that you save up to 25% of energy so that you don't get hefty electric bills. Features like Auto-restart and Sleep modes ease down your manual hassle to a great extent. With the help of catechin filters and anti-bacteria filters it keeps the rooms breathable and fresh all the time.

4. Carrier 1.5 Ton 4 Star Split AC (1.5 Ton, 4 Star Rating):

Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC being one of the best split AC 1.5 ton is ideal for medium sized room so as to keep the rooms breezy even during flaming heat of summer season. Its rated with 5 Star which enables you to save energy of up to 25%. Other than keeping your home cool and fresh, this 1.5 ton AC keeps bacteria and germs out with the help of i-PM 2.5 filter. Features like Auto Restart and Sleep modes provides you the feasibility to sleep like a baby without any disturbance. Copper condenser is not only energy efficient but also best in class cooling with easy maintenance. One of the best split AC 1.5 ton to invest in.

5. Daikin FTF50QRV16 Split AC (1.5 Ton, 5 Star Rating):

Daikin FTF50QRV16 Split AC has a capacity of 1.5 ton which is perfect for medium sized rooms and qualifies for the Best Air Conditioner. It has 3 steps automatic fan speed which when combines with Power chill operation gives perfect cooling which you've always dreamt of. Titanium appatite photocatalytic air purifying filter lets you breath fresh and clean air.

These are not just ACs cooling the air; they are much more than that. They come with advanced filters and active carbon which traps all the dust and bacteria just to provides fresh and breathable germ-free air for your home and family. These best 1.5 ton AC are also lased with smart automatic technology which enable them to increase or decrease temperature, airflow and humidity control by automatically by itself, all you have to do is set the temperature once and forget. Now there is no need to wake up at night to change your AC settings just leave everything to your air conditioner and sleep like a baby.

5 Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India:

Below is the list of best 1.5 ton window AC in India on which you can invest without thinking twice. Take a look below:

1. Voltas Window AC 185DY(1.5 Ton, 5 Star Rating):

Voltas is a brand that tops the chart of best 1.5 ton window AC list. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Best Window AC (185DY, Aluminium Condenser) can prove to be a great pick for those who live in medium-sized rooms. This 1.5 ton AC is equipped with the EER Rotary compressor that ensures superior cooling in shorted time period for the entire room. 5-star energy rating of the AC helps limit the power consumption and save more on electricity bills.

2. Hitachi Window AC-RAV518HUD (1.5 Ton, 5 Star Rating):

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC - (RAV518HUD) is another best window AC in India that prove best at price and features. This 1.5 ton window AC is rated with 5 star which indicates that it shall consume up to 25% less power allowing you to save on electricity bills. Can be ideal pick for those looking power-packed air conditioner for their medium-sized rooms.

3. Carrier 18K Estrella Premium Window AC (1.5 Ton, 5 Star Rating, Copper):

Carrier 18K Estrella Premium Window AC is a Window air conditioner that has 1.5 ton capacity. The inbuilt Energy saving function automatically shuts off the fan motor whenever the compressor gets switched off. Copper condenser provides flawless performance with longer durability which means to need to spend less on the maintenance on this best 1.5 ton window AC. This AC is equipped with 4-in-1 Filter consisting of dust filter, electrostatic filter, carbon filter and zeolite to provide you fresh and breathable air in the room.

4. Blue Star 5W18GA Window AC (1.5 Ton, 5 Star Rating, Copper):

Blue Star 5W18GA Window AC is another best 1.5 ton window AC that has 5 star rating which helps in  consuming less power so as to save more on electric bills. Copper condenser is one plus of this 1.5 ton AC as it helps in improvising the durability of the appliance. Elegantly designed window AC is perfect to have in your medium-sized rooms.

5. Lloyd LW19A3N Window AC (1.5 Ton, 3 Star Rating):

Lloyd is another renowned which need to be listed within the best 1.5 ton window AC chart due to its durable and performing appliances. Lloyd LW19A3N Window AC has a capacity of 1.5 Ton which is ideal for medium-sized rooms. With its 3 Star Rating, it helps in saving up 15% of the power consumption. Grab this right away, as you'll hardly find a combination of features, performance and durability in this price bracket.

You may be worrying that 1.5 ton AC could shoot up your power bills like the share market after UP elections well don't stress around this. There are some high energy saving devices some of them even have a 5-star rating. One star means that it will save 7% more energy than an AC without the star. So do your calculations on the savings. If you are looking for a smaller capacity air conditioner then do check our curated 1-ton air conditioners we have sorted for you. It's just the beginning of the season so it's possible you get to grab some fantastic deals. Overall buying an air conditioner will not burn a hole in your pocket. There are 2 basic versions of ACs from which you could choose what suits you best - the Window air conditioners or the Split version of the air conditioner.

Go ahead Check our Deals on the Best 1.5 Ton Air Conditioners.

List of Best 1.5 Ton Split, Window AC in India 2018

Best 1.5 Ton Split, Window AC in India 2018 Price In India
Blue Star 3CNHW18CAFU Rs.41,800
Blue Star 3HW18SATX Rs.31,240
Blue Star CNHW18RAF Rs.41,834
Blue Star 3HW18FAX Rs.34,323
Whirlpool MAGICOOL Rs.33,525
Whirlpool MAGICOOL ROYAL Rs.29,567
Voltas 185JY Rs.33,900
Voltas 181 JZJ1 Rs.29,436
Carrier 18K SUPERIA CACI18SU4I1 Rs.53,600
Carrier DURAEDGE PLUS Rs.39,600
Best 1.5 Ton Split, Window AC in India 2018
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