Best Air Coolers in India

Best Air Coolers in India

Best Air Coolers in India

There are some memorable things that we have experienced as children and these have stayed as beautiful memories with us. As children we remember piling up the whole family on a scooter for a day visit, the epic scooter era that was, some were even made to stand in front, which was the most favorite for all. Another pleasant experience is relaxing in front of everyone's favorite desert cooler or simply the "cooler". Our summer officially starts when we clean up the cooler, fix the husk in it, do some window adjustment here and there and finally the sound of dripping water with super fast fan speed chills the whole room and also pleases the ears. We all remember getting used to that cooler noise. India is famous for having used the Indian air coolers for many years.

Just remembering those old long days of summer holidays when the sun shines dazzling bright on the front veranda, heat waves blowing through the empty streets in the afternoon, mercury soaring all time high and the outside weather is as dead and dry as any math question in your holiday homework. You just sit inside the house with your cooler on, in cool moisturize breeze crossing through your white light cotton t-shirt, which you try not to spoil while eating sweet mangos pulled straight out of the refrigerator. Feeling nostalgic?

Well, your house kind of divided by an imaginary line into a highly competitive real estate market. A no brainer was the sofa moving closer to the cooler. In 15 minutes the whole house forgets that it's summer. Everyone settles down slowly and that time for a quick afternoon nap in a cool cozy home.
We present you with the best air coolers and wait all these are at discounts.In a country like India every kid is a pro in using a cooler, so for adults here is a short to-do list. Keep one window open while the cooler is on because from one side it pushes cool air in and it should move out from the opposite end to maintain the air circulation. You can let Children open windows while using the cooler, unlike the AC (we have curated some ACs - air conditioners on Offers also for you) It is advised that the cooler body should be placed in the heat outside with the fan facing inside through the window; logic is more hot waves more evaporation, more evaporation cooler the air.

Buying Guide for Air Coolers:

  1. Air Coolers come in many variations, the first and the foremost thing to consider while buying these air coolers is your own requirement and then choosing the right type of air cooler. If you have a large area to cool the desert air coolers would be the best pick.
  2. Features: Once you have decided your need and the type of cooler you want now look out for the features of the specific type of air coolers. Features that might need your attention are, thickness of the cooler pad, automatic water level indicator, speed variations, automatic shutoff dampers and finally go for the air cooler with remote control.
  3. Size: When seeking to buy an air cooler, go for the one which suits your requirement the best. Big isn't always better. If you have a small space to cool go for portable multi functionality air coolers.
  4. Once you are mentally set with the type, features and size of the coolers, it's time for you to decide the brand. The market is flooded with duplicate brands as well as local products, which might lure you for their prices, but we would suggest you not to compromise on quality for price. So be wise and opt for a trusted brand.

Wait we have handpicked the 5 best performance air coolers under 15,000  Rs. for you but if you want to check air coolers within Rs. 10,000 range we have curated that as well. From the Voltas air coolers to the Symphony air coolers you will find the best Brands and the best deals here from Amazon, Flipkart, Infibeam and others.

Buy one or two they are cheap, save more than 50% of the electricity than what you spend using an AC and the best part is they are natural coolers, so they do not generate chlorofluorocarbons, unlike the AC which plays a big role in the Ozone depletion.

List of Best Air Coolers in the 15000 Rs. in India 2019

Best Air Coolers in India
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