Types of Remote Control Toys For Your Kids

Types of Remote Control Toys For Your Kids

Remote Controlled Toys for Children Even you Could Indulge In

Vacations are best time to relax and enjoy for children and they eagerly wait for vacations every year. While the initial days of vacations always begins with excitement and anticipation but after few days children gets bored and parents get worried as their kids are not engaged in any sort of activities. However there are plenty of productive ways through which children can spend their vacations. One such way is remote control toys for kids.

In this era of technological advancement, where everyone prefers technology over anything remote control toys can be perfect for your kids to engage themselves in the vacations. Now a days kids are not seen with toys anymore rather they are more interested in the smartphones, I pad and other electronic gadgets that can be proved much harmful for them. Parents should keep their kids away from such gadgets and should buy them something as interesting as remote control toys. There are many remote control toys that are specially designed for kids. Some of them are listed below. Lets have a look on them and have a brief knowledge about them.


Remote control cars have always been childhood favourite among children for many years in past and will always be popular for many years in future. It not only have entertainment and fun factor but also have some hidden educational factors inside it. Your child will get to know about various model of cars and will learn to handle the technical toy. Many types of model are available in market today your child can choose the model according to their interest and structure and enjoy their vacations with the car.


Walkie talkie is a small portable device used for receiving and sending audio messages. It’s a very useful gadget which can be used in several ways.
Walkie talkie is easy and simple to use. It is better than the smartphones which children these days carry all the time with them and it can be proved harmful to them in many ways such as bad for eyesight and major reason for obesity these days etc. With walkie talkie children can play many sort of games with their friends. Moreover its convenient and relatively cheap.


Remote control robot is yet another toy which is very effective for kids and will keep them engaged. Infact robot carry a high potential for learning through playing. Parents should basically look for toys that has the power to engage kids and challenge them but at the same time leave them feeling accomplished and excited to learn more and remote robots are definitely one of them.


Ollie is the android/ios controlled remote cylinder. Ollie has most of the advantages of high level remote controlled car without any of the disadvantages. One of the major benefit of Ollie is that it is rechargeable unlike most of the remote control cars which works with the help of batteries and batteries are often difficult to find. Thus, Ollie solves the problem of batteries and changing them.
Ollie is amazing fun toy and it was on top of kids holidays list this year. It is one of the best toy that you can gift your children.


Drone refers to the unpiloted aircraft which is handled with the help of remote. They are fun to use and your kids learn about the working of the drone. Basically drones are of 2 types with one with camera and one which doesn’t have camera. Its upto you and your child you can choose according to your suitability. It will teach your child fine motor skills and spatial problem solving skill.

So vacations are all about kids and their enjoyment and it is responsibility  of parents to keep them engaged in productive work so that their mind become more effective. Remote control toys are perfect for your kids they not only entertain them but also increases their IQ level making them more smarter.

Types of Remote Control Toys For Your Kids

Product Price in India
MousePotato Rock Crawler Off Road Race Monster Truck 4WD 2.4GHz, Green Rs.950
Tinee Inter Phone Portable Walkie Talkie with Time Display, Black Rs.499
Webby Robot IR Radio Control RC Racing Car Kids Toy Gift with Remote - 85 (12-inch) Rs.1,195
Sphero App Controlled Ollie Darkside Robot (Black) Rs.7,995