Amazon India Fashion Week 2017 : Top 5 Menswear Designers to Look Forward To. Shop For These Menswear Designer Collection Online On Amazon

Designer menswear collection is Live online on Amazon. Shop for your fashion statement and look your best this festival. Amazon has brought the best designers online all on one platform for us.

Amazon India Fashion Week 2017 : Top 5 Menswear Designers to Look Forward To. Shop For These Menswear Designer Collection Online On Amazon

Amazon India Fashion Week 2017 Men Collection

The spring-summer 2018 edition of Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) has rolled out yesterday and now it’s time for you to brush your fashion sense. The Amazon India Fashion week is here with host of designers that will put on your mood for the upcoming winters. The 30th edition of the event will mark the celebration with many industry veterans featuring in the event. The 5 day fashion extravaganza will burst out with the creativity of top notch designers and a dedicated slot for menswear presentation. The finale of the event is expected to be a big one as New York-based designer Kara Ross will be up on the ramp with the exclusive creations. Designers like Ashish Soni, Rajesh Pratap Singh are ready with their exclusive menswear collection for all the hot n cool guys out in the town.  Here are some major designers who will put the ramp on fire with their amazing collection of menswear.

Ashish n Soni

‘Asish Soni’ the man known to cut the sharpest suits in the boldest prints. With men taking an active interest in grooming themselves and spending time on dressing themselves, gone are the times when the ladies in the house used to shop for them. The designer believes that it is a great time for the fashion industry when a whole lot of population waits to see what the designers offer.
Ashish and Soni
Photo Credit: Ashish n Soni Collection

Rajesh Pratap Singh

One of the top notch and most experienced designer in the country, Rajesh Pratap hails all the way from Rajasthan. At the spring-summer 2018 edition of Amazon India Fashion Week we can expect an edgy presentation from Rajesh. He is one of those perfectionists who beautifully weave the magic with fabric in Indian context with an international flair.
Rajesh pratap Singh
 Photo Credit: Rajesh Pratap Singh Collection

Dhruv Vaish

Dhruv Vaish, the name behind making all purpose suits. The suits, in which you can comfortably party, dance and lounge in. Dhruv combines clever layering technique and breathable fabrics to produce the outcome. Dhruv Vaish pushes sartorial boundaries with pastel colours and details like leather and drapes.
Dhruv Vaish

Photo Credit: Dhruv Vaish Collection


Abhishek Paatni

Inspired by Japanese quilting and Sachiko stitching the overcoats designed by Paatni are his best collections. He is his own best advert. More in to designing sports luxury ensembles, Paatni is all set to come up with some of the very best designs in the Amazon India Fashion week.
Abhishek Paatni

Photo Credit: Abhishek Paatni Collection


Pawan Sachdeva

Pawan Sachdeva has the solution to all the fashion problem men face. If you wish to pair up a heavily zippered blazer along with a stylish sporty sneakers or even if you want to go for a one-button rig to wear for a personal occasion Pawan Sachdewa has it all. Sachdewa goes beyond the basic realm and serves premium suiting which is perfectly tailored just for you.
Pawan Sachdeva

Photo Credit: Pawan Sachdeva Collection

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