Apple Unveils its New Series of Gadgets on Sept 12th. We Have A Complete Event Coverage For You Here : Apple Launch Event Details

Apple launch event coverage, we have all the details for you here. Apple has launched many gadgets and we are sure you want to know all about them.
Apple Unveils its New Series of Gadgets on Sept 12th. We Have A Complete Event Coverage For You Here : Apple Launch Event Details

Apple Launch Event Details : 12th September 2017

The 10th anniversary of Apple seems to have been special for all the Apple lovers. Apple in its much awaited Apple launch event that was held in the Steve Jobs Theatre on Tuesday 12th September announced the launch of its most expected phone the iPhone 8 along with iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The iPhone X features some very special and unique features. Along with these flagship phones Apple also announced the launch of few other Apple gadgets at the Apple launch event held on 12th September. This was the debut event that was held in the Steve Jobs Theatre. Unlike the other events of Apple that were being held in a donut shaped flashy auditorium, this event was held in the newly built circular shaped auditorium named on the founder of Apple company.

Watch the Event Here :

Apple Launch Event : Here is a sneak peek into the event highlights.

  • Animoji are animated emojis that can be controlled with your face. It uses Apple's new facial recognition software to turn you into animated emojis and can make facial expressions and talk.
  • The new iPhone X features a Face ID which has replaced the fingerprint sensor. Since Apple has bid adieu to the physical home screen button or a Touch ID the only way to unlock your new Apple iPhone X is through Face ID sensor.
  • Apple at its most talked about events also announced that the latest operating System for Mac Laptops and Desktops, MacOS High Sierra will be available for download from Monday, September 25th.
  • The new software will include Autoplay Blocking, improved photo apps, overhauled core file system and will also support high end VR system.
  • The company also announced that iOS 11 will also be available on iPhones and iPads from September 19th onwards.
  • The CEO of the company Tim Cook announced that Apple has made its first wireless charging pads, named the AirPower. This device is large and powerful enough to charge all your Apple devices.
  • The pre order date for new Apple TV 4K was also announced as September 15th. This TV is capable of streaming Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution videos. It will also support HDR (high dynamic range) to give enhanced colours and contrast between light and dark areas of a scene.
  • Apple would be launching its own Heart Rate Study for Apple watch users. Apple Watch Series 3 will have an enhanced heart rate app, which will notify you when it detects an elevated heart rate specifically when you're not active.
  • The new Apple watch series will feature built in cellular. Which means you can now take calls even if you are not carrying your phone along with you. The watches will be available for sale from September 22nd.
  • The most talked about phone till now the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus were also unveiled at the event along with the special featured phone the iPhone X.

A lot was expected from the apple launch event prior to the event was held, and with all these announcements and releases that were made during the apple launch event, the event has proved to be special for all the Apple enthusiasts.

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