Best Animated Movies Which Are Going To Hit The Theatre in 2018

Fond of animated movie? Checkout the best animated movies which are going to hit your nearest cinema halls in 2018.

Best Animated Movies Which Are Going To Hit The Theatre in 2018

Best Animated Movies Which Are Going To Hit The Theatre in 2018

For the animated movie lovers, 2017 was not a good year as the movies failed to connect with the viewers. Although there was The Cars 3 produced by Pixar and released by Disney, it too failed to connect with followers of the franchise. But in 2018, industry giants like Pixar, Disney and Sony Pictures Animation are coming up with some great movies. Some of them are the sequel for the successful blockbuster movies which came back in the early 2010’s.
The movie fans are waiting eagerly for the movies as the trailers for the movies have been released. Here are some Animated Movies you should watch in 2018.

List of Best Animated Movie To Watch in 2018:

1. The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2 is sequel to the 2005 blockbuster, ‘The Incredibles’ which was a critical and a box office success. The movie changed the perception of the traditional superhero movie with the addition of comedy, action, romance and some adult humor which made the movie enjoyable not just for children but for the adults as well.
The fans were waiting for the sequel since the first movie and in 2014 the director Brad Bird announced that the studio is going to start working on the sequel. Finally, in November, a 53 seconds trailer was released on YouTube and became the most viewed animated movie trailer in first 24 hours. The movie is scheduled to hit the theatre in June 21, 2018. Till then you can enjoy the trailer.


2. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

The third installment to the Hotel Transylvania series and the sequel of the Hotel Transylvania 2, Hotel Transylvania tell the story of a vampire and his daughter and grandson. The first two movies were a box office success and had got some great reviews and awards. The movie came as a surprise from the Sony Pictures Animation with the launch of the trailer in November 2017.
As per the name and the trailer, this movie will focus on a summer vacation on a cruise ship with all the hotel staffs and the monsters. The movie is likely to be a success by looking at the track record of the movie franchise. You can watch the trailer before the movie comes in September 2018 and get a small experience you’ll receive in the movie.


3. Madagascar 4

Probably the most popular movie franchise on the entire list, the Madagascar 1 hit the theatre with a bang in 2005. the movie was so well received that the DreamWorks Animation Studios decided to come up with more additions to the series and released Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted and Penguins of Madagascar. The studio announced in 2014 that the fourth installment to the franchise is scheduled to be released in 2018.
The studio has not released any trailer for the movie yet but it is likely to come in 2018 as hints about the movie have been given by the production crew.


4. Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is 3D live action and CGI animated movie scheduled to be released on February 9, 2018. the movie is based on the characters and stories from the 1912 novel, Peter Rabbit written by Beatrix Potter. The plot revolves around a rabbit and a farmer, both competing to gain the affection of an animal lover girl who lives next door. The trailer got mixed reviews as some label the movie as too modern for the work of Beatrix Potter. The studio released the second trailer during the screening of Coco to receive more positive reviews.


5. Isle of Dogs

A one of its kind movie, the Isle of Dogs is a stop-motion animated movie which is set in the future Japan where dogs have been quarantined due to a canine flu. The movie tells the story of five dogs who are fed up with isolation until a human boy comes in their life in search of his lost dog.
The trailer received positive reviews when it was released in September 2017.


6. Early Man

Set in the prehistoric era, the Early Man is a movie which tells the story of an early man, Dug and his partner Hognob and their struggle to unite their tribe their tribe against Lord Nooth to save their home. The Early Man will release on 26th of January, 2018.
The trailer has got mostly positive reviews and the movie is expected to do a good business in the theatre. You should surely go and watch the movie and experience the lives of the prehistoric man where prehistoric creatures like mammoth used to roam.

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