Best Cleaning Robots to Buy this Diwali 2017, Upgrade Your Cleaning Game this Year With These Robots

Cleaning robots you are going to need to buy. Shop for these easy to use robot assistants and make your diwali cleaning and spring cleaning a pleasure.

Best Cleaning Robots to Buy this Diwali 2017, Upgrade Your Cleaning Game this Year With These Robots

Cleaning Robots for Your Home

Diwali is coming and Diwali means celebration. But somewhere down the line festivals also bring a lot of work to us. Be it cleaning or attending guests, everything has to go perfect. But what if I say that all your work will be done, Will you believe it? Yes it is possible as we introduce you to the cleaning robots that will complete all your work with no complaints and no demand. And all you have to do is enjoy the festive season. So if you are also frustrated completing the house chores then have a look here as we bring you some of the best cleaning robots.

1. Floor Moping Robots

Robotic Gadgets SmartBot2.0B  Floor Cleaner

Floor moping is a big task and requires a lot of efforts, but to make it easy for you Robotic Gadgets brings you a floor cleaner robot which will clean your floor without leaving any dirt. It is a vacuum cleaner and has self-charging docking station which means you don’t have to worry about the charging. A one side brush is installed within it and you will also receive an extra one. One micro fibre mob is installed which clean your floor effortlessly. The cleaning robot is controlled by the remote, you just have to sit and relax. This one tops the list of the best cleaning robots.

iRobot - Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot

Braava is another floor cleaner robot which removes dust and light dirt and other basic cleaning job. It performs capably well and claims that its bot runs whisper-quiet" are totally accurate. It's a good-looking, unobtrusive cleaner and so makes it to this list of the best cleaning robots -- all the more so because of how quiet is, by far the quietest of any robot floor cleaner. Also it is lightweight and you won’t face any trouble. So something more smart and powerful this Diwali.

2. Window and Wall Cleaning Robots

Anself Household Window Cleaning Robot

Windows and walls are often difficult to clean so Anself solves your problem as it is applicable on glass of any thickness. It uses AL technology that cleans your walls and window fast. It works with the help of remote control and covers a long distance. The most attractive thing about this cleaning robot is that it uses 3 kinds of automatic operation mode. Moreover, it is compact and light and safe to use and ranks in our list of the best cleaning robots.

Ecovacs WINBOT W830 Window Cleaning Robot

Designed and produced by Ecovacs, this robot promises to complete the task of window cleaning. This robot offers you some of the best features some of them are listed below:
3-stage cleaning process
Advanced Suction
Touch Cleaning
Good Safety Precautions
This is one of the smart robot that will make your festive season more brighter.

3. Bathroom Cleaning Robots

Ameribot Floor Robot Cleaner

When creating the list of the best cleaning robots we can't miss out the wet floor cleaners. Now give your sweeping and mopping task to this Ameribot robot and just relax. It is designed in  such a way that works by itself without any human support as it have sensors inside it which navigates the direction. It is easy to use you just have to set time and at that time it will start working, be it 8 in the morning or night. It contains a dustbin which is easy to clean.

iRobot 300 Series Braava 390t Floor Mopping Robot

This is a smart robot and works on all kind of hard surface floor including tile, vinyl, hardwood and laminate. When the robot finishes its work, it shuts down automatically saving your power and energy. It contains removable magnet which allows cleaning cloth to easily attach. It is quiet enough to operate without disrupting your daily activity or sleep. So this Diwali gift yourself this smart robot.

4. Vacuuming Robots

GeekBuying Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Vacuuming is the most important part of cleaning these days. If you are also looking forward to buy a vacuum cleaner then have a look here as this robot provides some of the most amazing features. It uses navigation to search the location, it has good suction which take away all the dirt. Its battery backup is also good as it works up to 2 hours. Moreover its dustbin is easy to clean and remove.

CleanMate QQ6 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

If you are frustrated doing dusting everyday then you need to look at this CleanMate QQ6 Vacuum Cleaning Robot as it offers various features to you. It is equipped with the latest technology and comes with the scheduler which is intelligent and programmable. The most interesting feature of this robot is its recharging home base, robot returns to its home after it is finished with its work. Moreover it has various sensors and detectors which make it a perfect machine to buy.

5. Pool Cleaning Robots

NEMH2O Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner

This is the first swimming pool cleaner robot, made in Italy. It can remain in water for 365 days and no manpower is required to handle it. It is operated automatically and its water induction battery charging keeps it alive in water. Swimming pool cleaner robot cleans up all the algae, dust, leaves and other impurities. It is easy to handle and cleans up the water, walls and floor of the pool. No cable or wires attached and completely safe to use cleaning robot.

Water Pool Cleaning Robot

This is one of the best cleaning robots used for swimming pool cleaning and it genuinely climbs up the wall of the pool to clean it. It functions really very well and works with the help of a wireless remote control for manual operation and spot cleaning. The filters purifies the water at the rate of 300 liters per minute. This is the best Diwali gift that you can give yourself.

These were some of the best cleaning robots that will help you clean your house on Diwali and you will be able to give more time to family and enjoy the festive season.
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