Best Copper Utensils You Must Own: Find Benefits of Copper Utensils To Include Tamba in Your Day to Day Life

Amazing benefits of copper utensils or Tamba Bartan shall leave you awestruck. We've sorted some of the best copper utensils which every one of us should have in our kitchens. Take a look below to understand the importance of the ancient utensils that where used by our grandparents and ancestors.

Best Copper Utensils You Must Own: Find Benefits of Copper Utensils To Include Tamba in Your Day to Day Life

Best Copper Utensils You Must Own: Find Benefits of Copper Utensils or Tamba Ke Bartan

As more and more people are becoming health conscious, they are shifting to healthier living habits including healthier cooking and eating habits too. Earlier copper utensils were used to cook food, but as times changed people shifted to stainless steel and other cookware however this did not last long and people have once again realised the importance and utility of cooking and serving in copper utensils. Copper is a ductile metal and features high thermal conductivity. The medical community has also started showing a great deal of interest in the anti-bacterial properties of ‘Tamba’. In the ancient days it was a trend to store water in copper vessels and the water would remain healthy for drinking even after days. Copper is also quite essential for human body. On an average a human body needs 1.2mg of copper everyday and this can be fulfilled easily by having half a litre of water stored in a copper vessel overnight. Apart from this copper utensils are also found to be of great help in cooking they distribute the heat evenly across the container. Here are some of the benefits of copper utensils.

List of Best Copper Utensils You Must Have Your Kitchen:

Modern kitchens and utensils are indeed the most attractive but the ancient methods of using best copper utensils in kitchen are something we're lacking. To cope you with it, we've sorted some of the best copper utensils which each one of should own. Take a look:

1. IndianArtVilla Hammered Traditional Design Copper Thali Multicuisine Dinnerware Set, 8 Pieces

The pleasure of eating pure Indian cuisine in a traditional copper utensil cannot easily be missed. This set of 8 Pc copper utensils gives you the opportunity to relish this pleasure. Serve your loved ones in this tamba thali and make sure you do not compromise with their health. This ethnic dinner set is designed especially for those who do not wish to loose on to the taste of India.

2. Hand-e-Crafts Brown Colour Copper Jug and Glasses

The benefits of having water stored in copper utensils have already been discussed above. This set of a jug and 6 glasses is made from exclusive quality of copper, which promotes healthy living. This product from the house of Crockery Wala strives to revive the century-old traditional values of consuming copper infused water.

3. Frabjous Handmade Pure Solid Copper Water Pot Tank Matka

At this time when the entire nation is struggling to fight with the increasing pollution level and its side effects on our body and skin, only certain home remedies will come to our rescue. One such remedy is to consume copper infused water that has a lot of antibacterial properties. Even in the old days people used to consume water stored in copper utensils and lead a happy and healthy long life. This Frabjous copper water tank is the perfect choice to adorn your kitchen.

4. Copper Water Bottle

To ensure you have the healthiest life, this copper bottle from the house of Copperveda is designed without any joints. This joint-less bottle ensures that you get the purest water even in your workplace or when you are out for gym or yoga classes. The thick material used to manufacture the bottle ensures that no dents com on the body.

5. Dinnerware Indian Set of 2 Serving Bowl Copper Tureen with Lid

This two copper bowl set are the perfect copper utensils to serve the freshly made food to your loved ones. Serving the authentic Indian food in a traditional way would certainly leave a never lasting impact upon your guests.

6. Terashopee Terashopee Biryani Handi Capacity

Biryani when cooked in a copper handi tastes the best. This copper handi is designed especially for cooking the perfect biryani home. This copper utensils is made from 100% copper and has a stylish design. Serve hot biryani with vegetable and chicken curry for a lip smacking treat to your guests and loved ones.

7. Indian Art Villa Handmade Set of 4 Steel Copper Mughlai handi

This set of 4 copper utensils is designed by the experts of Indian Art Villa to deliver quality products for the users. Copper utensils since ages have been a symbol of royalty thus serving your guests in these copper utensils will certainly add value to your party.

8. Sertodo Copper, Hand Hammered Pure Copper, Frutera Centerpiece Fruit Display Bowl

This heavy gauge pure copper fruit display bowl is the best thing that can add grace to your dining table. A shining copper utensil with all the exotic fruits in this copper vessel is what would help you stand apart from the crowd. Do away with all those crystal and glass display bowls and add this authentic Indian tableware to your dining set.

9. Shiv Shakti Arts Pure Copper Mughlai Handi Bowl Casserole With Lid For Serving and Storage Purpose

We have already said a lot about copper utensils and their utility in our day to day life. Storing and serving food in a copper utensil like the one from Shiv Shakti Arts gives you a relishing feel. Food stored in copper utensils is a lot more healthy and safe as compared to the ones kept in other utensils.

10. IndianArtVilla Copper Sigri with Brass Stand & Steel Copper Kadai with Serving Spoon, Food Warmer, Serving Dishes Curry Home

Yet another traditional handicraft from the house of Indian Art Villa this piece of copper sigri along with copper utensils proves to be the best companion for any outdoor trip or camping. This copper utensil will allow you to enjoy the taste of homemade food even in the jungles or on mountain tops.

Benefits of Copper Utensils

After talking so much about the copper utensils or Tamba bartan, lets now discuss some amazing benefits of copper utensils, below:
  1. Copper is an Excellent Conductive Material: Copper is a perfect heat conductor. The heat emitted to the copper is distributed evenly through the entire copper vessel. The proper distribution of heat allows the food to be cooked properly. Copper utensils also save a lot of energy. Since copper utensils are non-corrosive they are highly hygienic.
  2. Anti Bacterial Properties: It is a known fact that copper has some very good anti bacterial properties. With the deteriorating pollution condition in the cities, we need to be very careful about the environment we expose ourselves to. Most of the damage that is done to us is due to the micro organism present in our cookware. No matter how much hygiene you maintain there is always certain amount of micro bacteria present in your cookware. Copper has antibacterial properties which make it very hostile for micro -organisms to survive on it as it is toxic to them while humans have no such threat at all.
  3. Helps Maintain the Digestive System: Copper is known to have elements that fight back digestive problems like gas, acidity and constipation. Copper has the ability to detox our stomach and keep it clean by preventing the formation of harmful products. Water stored in copper utensils is known to regulate kidney functioning by ensuring that the body absorbs the right nutrients.
  4. Helps in Weight Loss: With the changing living habits, most of us these days are dependent upon junk food to fill our stomachs. This in turn affects our body metabolism. Drinking water stored in copper utensils and bottles helps in the breakdown and elimination of fat cells in the body. This helps the body maintain a balanced weight.
  5. Provides Healthy and Glowing Skin: Copper helps us attain the perfect skin and eliminated the extra damage caused to the skin due to pollution, sun and UV rays. Copper also helps in healing the wounds faster and in the formation of new cells in our body.
With all these products it has been proved that copper is an essential mineral which is vital for human health. Unlike other nutritional elements the human body is incapable of producing copper on its own, thus the body relies upon external sources for this. The innumerable benefits of copper utensils will surely lure you to revamp your kitchen right away with above copper cookware.
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