Best Durga Pooja Celebrations in Delhi-NCR You Have To Visit Once In A Lifetime. Enjoy Durga Pooja In It's True Avataar.

Best Durga Pooja Celebrations in Delhi-NCR You Have To Visit Once In A Lifetime. Enjoy Durga Pooja In It's True Avataar.

Durga Puja 2018 - Best Durga Puja in Delhi

The Navratri season is not too far away and if you are in Delhi during the Puja time then make sure not to miss these beautiful events going to be held in Delhi NCR during the Puja time. This festival showcases the beautiful culture along with traditional Dandiya, Nritya-natika, story narrations as per the Hindu mythology. This divine festival of Durga Puja is a mighty affair in many cities in India including Delhi NCR. This 10 day celebration of the Puja will commence on 10th October 2018 and will go on till 19th October 2018. This festival of Durga Puja celebrates and signifies the win of Goddess Durga over the devils.

Best spots to entertain yourselves with that smooth touch of spirituality are there. The Navratri festival not only gives you a glimpse of Hindu mythology but for the 21st century generation, it will give a lifetime memory when you will dance on the dhol beats with a Gujrati and Bengali rhythms. The foody inside you should not miss these events, the Bengali and Gujrati food is already loved very much all around India and will be served at it’s best during this Navratri in all the pandals.

1. CR Park, New Delhi

This place is called as ‘Mini Bengal’ and it represents a miniature of West Bengal in the capital. A hub of Bengali Art work, cuisine, sculptures, decoration, jewellery, apparels etc. The main reason behind a huge number of people coming here in CR park is the Bengali Community’s work and the environment which they create. When you will enter in CR park’s area you will feel like some carnival is going on. This is one of the best place to visit and enjoy in Navratri.

2. Kashmere Gate, New Delhi

The oldest of them all as it was started back in 1910, going on for more than 100 years it still exhibits the most traditional form of Durga Pooja. Delhi Durga Pooja Samiti is the organiser of this oldest celebration. They have a firm believe in reflecting and showcasing Goddess Durga in their traditional form. If you want to see and witness the only Bullock-Cart Visarjan in Delhi, you must visit here as they are the only one who practise this procession in the city. Want to dance with the tunes of Dhakis, so you can plan out to this Kashmere gate Durga Pooja with your family and friends.

3. Aram Bagh, New Delhi

A special attraction is there in this Aram Bagh Pandal which is not seen anywhere. When you will enter the Aram Bagh Pandal you will see a huge structure of women who greets all the visitors. Last year’s pandal displayed the theme of ‘In search of roots’ and the sculptures were kept there. This is another Pandal in the city which is the eye-catcher for the Durga Pooja lovers. The themes are always unique and the addition with cuisine and cultural display it is a good option to visit this festive season.

4. Durga Pooja- Pandal Hopping- India City Walk

City Walk brings you this event where you will enjoy the great display of Bengali Culture. It will start from 27th September to 29th September. It will take you to a different level as you will be introduced to this auspicious festival celebration.

  • Venue-Chittranjan Park, New Delhi
  • Cost- 1500 per person
  • Date-

5. Dance Dandiya Rass

The Briston Hotel brings you the traditional dance, Navratri festival celebration in the traditional manner with the ultimate cuisines which is loved by all Gujrati and Non-Gujrati.

  • Venue- The Briston Hotel, gurugram
  • Cost- 1000 per person
  • Date-

These were some of the best events and places which is there for you and you can easily cash this opportunity by booking your tickets now. Go to these beautiful Pandals and seek Goddess Durga’s blessings this Navratri.

Do not miss the Dandiya nights in the city as this is the time, it comes once in a year so make it as memorable as you can.

Best Durga Pooja Celebrations in Delhi-NCR You Have To Visit Once In A Lifetime. Enjoy Durga Pooja In It's True Avataar.
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