Best Home Automation Gadgets 2018 For The Ultimate Connected Home

Best Home Automation Gadgets 2018 For The Ultimate Connected Home

Best Home Automation Gadgets 2017 For Ultimate Connected Home, Smart Home Devices 2017

Are you that smart homemaker, always looking for ways to make your life easier? Well, no problem everyone does. Doing work is a great thing. But if you find ways to do your work by easier way then you are a smart worker. Time is changing and we should also change with time. Why waste time doing small tasks when it can be done easily with the help of technology? There are lot of day to day chores which takes up most of our time leaving no personal time for us. If you also suffer from the same problem then relax as here are some cool and best home automation gadgets that will make your life easy and comfortable. Let’s have a look on them:

1. Netatmo Weather Station:

The Netatmo weather station takes technology to the whole new level as its two modules are capable of monitoring things like humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide and noise levels both inside and outside of home. It makes your home a smart home. The temperature sensors and humidity sensors are very accurate. A lot of times, situations which are not in our control spoil our plan, now those uncontrollable things can be control by this weather station. It sounds amazing, you should try this.

2. TrackR Bravo:

This TrackR Bravo is used to track all your valuable items. Many of our valuable items are misplaced very often some of them are purse, keychain and most important our phone. These are some small yet valuable things which get misplaced very easily leaving as all panicked. So this tracker is the solution to your problem. It easily find items using the app distance indicator. You just have to ring the tracker device to find out your lost items. It can track your smartphone even if it’s on silent mode. The best part is you don’t need to recharge it, it works with the help of replaceable battery.

3. Google Home - Voice-activated speaker:

Google home are activated voice speakers which listen and respond to your command. Some day when your hands are full and you have to make a call then don’t worry because goggle speaker will help you out and make a call for you. It identifies your voice from others and responds only to your voice which gives you a personalized touch. Just say `OK GOOGLE` and get your work done by it.

4. Wemo Mini Smart Plug:

The centre of attraction of this wemo smart plug is WIFI. There are 2 sockets so you can plug in 2 gadget at the same time and to turn on or off that gadget can be done by your phone. The most obvious use cases include lamps, space heaters, desk fans, and other small appliances you might want to automate, but there's room for creativity. It is the most simple and straight forward gadget that you must buy for your home.

5. Philips 464479 White and Color Ambiance A19 Starter Kit

Philips have always emerged as market leader when it comes to the bulb. This Philips LED smart bulb. Hue make the intelligent home a reality. This smart LED bulb has come up with more brighter colour this time which will make your home look more beautiful.

6. Logitech Pop Home Switch Starter Pack:

This gadget is used to make your home simple yet smart for the whole family. Now you don’t need to fight with your sibling to switch on the light or fan as Logitech pop home switch allows you to control multiple smart home devices wireless on just a click of a button. Now you can easily switch to your favourite music playlist and stations. So what are you waiting for?  Go and grab this product.

7. Ring Wi Fi Enabled Video Doorbell:

Now a days crimes are increasing day by day, the purpose of doorbell is to reduce the crime in neighbourhood. By using smart home securities we can put these crime to an end at some level.  Ring Wi Fi video doorbell allows you to answer the doorbell from anywhere, weather you are in some part of the world or you feel too lazy to get up and open the door. When someone will ring your doorbell it will appear on your smartphone and you can open the door just by clicking a button.

8. Logitech Harmony Elite All in One Remote Control:

This remote control gadget will make your life easiest and comfortable. It can connect to 15 different home devices and entertainment devices. It gives you the privilege of one touch activities. You just have to select your work by touchscreen remote control like “watch a movie” and it will play a movie for you.

So, these were some of the best automation gadgets that get your small work done and make your life easier and comfortable. You should not miss the chance of purchasing these cool gadgets. So go and grab them now.

Get these awesome and best home automation gadgets for yourself to make your life easier!

List of Best Home Automation Gadgets 2018 For The Ultimate Connected Home

Best Home Automation Gadgets 2018 For The Ultimate Connected Home Price In India
Netatmo Weather Station Rs.28,290
TrackR Bravo - Bluetooth key purse item finder. Keychain tracker Item locator Phone App Rs.2,700
GOOGLE home voice activated speaker by Google assistant Rs.16,399
Wemo Mini Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Enabled, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Rs.3,978
Philips 464479 White and Color Ambiance A19 Starter Kit, 3rd Generation Rs.24,299
Logitech Pop Home Switch Starter Pack for One-Touch Control of Smart Home Devices In Any Room Rs.12,087
Ring Wi Fi Enabled Video Doorbell Rs.14,999
Logitech Harmony Elite All in One Remote Control Universal Remote Programmable Remote Rs.38,999
Best Home Automation Gadgets 2018 For The Ultimate Connected Home
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