Best Kitchen Hobs in India You Can Buy Online

Best Kitchen Hobs in India You Can Buy Online

Best Kitchen Hobs in India

Ditch Gas stoves, smarter Gas hobs have already trending in smart kitchen appliances. Gas hobs are basically modern day gas stoves that are built into kitchen slab thereby saving a lot of space in the kitchen, unlike the gas stoves hobs are built into the slab. Generally hobs come with different types of settings and feature different types of burners too. The best kitchen hobs in India prevent overcooking and burning, which is a common problem with gas stoves. The best kitchen hobs in India also over power the conventional gas stoves when it comes to safety and hygiene. Different types of hobs are available in the market ranging from ceramic hobs, gas on glass hobs, gas hobs, electric plate hobs, to induction plate hobs. The best kitchen hobs in India are the best for people who are seeking to upgrade their kitchen or are planning to get a new modular kitchen. The best kitchen hobs in India looks elegant and graceful and gives your kitchen a complete revamp.

Smart Best Kitchen Hobs in India To Shop Online

1. Bosch Tempered Glass Gas Hob

The first product to be listed in the category of the best kitchen hobs in India is the Bosch tempered glass hobs. With 4 different kinds of burners this one of the best kitchen gas hobs in India comes from a trusted brand like Bosch. The 4 different kinds of burners enable faster and convenient cooking thereby saving time and energy. The Bosch tempered glass gas hob features two standard burners, one economy burner and the other one is a wok. The flame failure safety feature makes it the best kitchen hobs in India.

2. Glen GL1074sqf SQF Hobtop Indian

For 4 Burner The next in line is the Glen kitchen hob. Glen is a recognised and trusted brand of kitchen appliances in India. Featuring 4 different burners for various types of cooking the Glen kitchen hob is amongst the best kitchen hobs in India. This built-in hob can also be used as counter top hob simply by removing the legs and SS frame. The Italian valves ensure complete safety of the person using the hob.

3. Sunflame CT Hob 4 Burner Gas Stove, Black

With stylish and sturdy design, this Sunflame Hob adds beauty and value to your kitchen. The vitreous enamelled skirting gives the Sunflame hobs an elegant look. The energy efficient burners consume very less gas making it one of the best kitchen hobs in India that consumes very less energy. The aluminium alloy burners are suitable for Indian style cooking.

4. Prestige Hob Glass Top 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Prestige a name that needs no introduction in Indian kitchen, has become synonymous to style and technology. This kitchen hob features auto ignition and has 3 burners for various cooking needs. Known to be world's slimmest cooktop the Prestige kitchen hobs have also been listed amongst the best kitchen hobs in India. It can be used as a hob as well as a gas stove too.

5. Pigeon by Stovekraft 3 Burner Hobtop

This Pigeon Hob enhances the overall look of your kitchen. Featuring 3 double ring burners this Pigeon kitchen hob is considered to be one of the best kitchen hobs in India. The auto ignition technology the specially designed burners to reduce fuel consumption add on to the value of the product. The black glass top ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.

6. Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop Hob

Elica a comparatively newer brand in the market has very soon attracted the Indian customers when it comes to kithen appliances and cooktops. The brass burners makes sure your kitchen hob is sturdy and does not get damaged even after regular use.  The 360 degree rotating nozzle and the free standing cook feature makes it one of the best kitchen hobs in India.

7. Vidiem FG-GS0022-AA AIR Plus 3 Burner(Black)

The three highly efficient and effective brass burners makes it easy to cook three different dishes in one go. The mild steel vitreous enamelled coated pan support makes it more durable and sturdy. This kitchen hob is completely manufactured in India and is quite light in weight. The frameless burners make it one of the best kitchen hobs in India.

So if you are planning to upgrade your cooking system or getting a modular kitchen these best kitchen hobs in India could be of great help for you.

Buying Guide for Kitchen Hob

A gas hob is an irreplaceable kitchen equipment in the kitchen. Though, there are tons of smart kitchen appliances appliances like microwave, ovens and insulation stoves, available in the market. the utility of gas hob remains the same and irreplaceable. There are few things which you need to look before heading to buy the best kitchen hob in India online. Lets the checklist begin!
1. Type of kitchen Hob: Identify which type of kitchen Hob you might need the most to fulfil your day-to-day requirements.

2. Size of the Hob: Choosing the right dimension is quite an essential aspect. As this may hamper the area of the kitchen slab so it becomes very important to choose the right hob.

3. Hob surface: Sleek and polished surface is something most of us look for when buying the kitchen hob. As this can be easily cleaned and maintained. Kitchen hobs comes with stainless steel top or tempered glass which have great resistance corrosion, oil, temperature and scratch.

4. Automatic Ignition Feature: Though most of the kitchen hobs are embedded with automatic ignition which helps on igniting the burner simply by the pressing the knob. This provides the ease while cooking.

5. Pan supports: Pan support are made up of cast iron element which is coated with enamel to prevent it from chipping or rust. These can be easily detached from the hob for easy cleaning purpose.

6. Control Knobs: Hob Knobs controllers are used to control the fame. Their shape and positioning depends so as to provide hassle-free cooking.

7. Safety: Kitchen hobs are equipped with built-in flame guard that cuts the gas supply immediately after flame extinguishes. Try approaching a professional for installing the kitchen hob device.

8. Burners: More the number of burners, more conveniently you can cook. Kitchen hob comes with three burners, four burners and also 5 burners. Each burner provides different types of cooking experience depending on the size of the burner.

9. Sufficient Space to Cook: Placing the burners does place a vital role in cooking. If the space between the burner is less, you won't be able to place the utensil on to it which will result in poor cooking. Try choosing 4 in 1 concept in which all the burners are placed all at an equal distance.

10. Easy to Clean Burners: Detachable burners are great when it comes to cleanliness. Clean hobs using liquid detergent which shall make your hob look shiny and also remain clean from contaminated food particles, dust, rust etc.

11. Performance: High-end models are always a great pick when it comes to performance. If you go with the basic performance kitchen hobs, then there are chances that you might face the issue in performance and lifespan. Be a little pricey, but high-end products are always a great investment.

12. Quality of the material: Look for the material which is stylish, strong and resistance to dust particle and heat. Lower quality of material may result in breakdown which can a little dangerous.

13. Price and warranty: Price can be neglected when you're looking to buy high quality best kitchen hobs in India. Always understand your requirement and stand-up on your priority, this way you know what to buy without getting influenced by others. Warranty on products gives customer satisfaction which ends up buying the product.

14. Smart Features of Kitchen Hobs: These can be observed in Electric kitchen hobs where the design is combined with great quality and performance of the hob, to add into your kitchen interior. Take a look at some of the smart features that are comprised in a kitchen hob:

  • Child Safety Control Lock
  • Removable Control Knobs
  • Flame Failure Protection
  • Overspill Protection
  • Timer Setting
  • Power Booster
  • Auto-Shutoff

We believe that, now you know every single little thing about the kitchen hobs and you're pro at it. Wait no more to give your kitchen a stylish makeover by picking the best kitchen hobs in India. Do drop us your review in the comments section below.

Shop The Best Kitchen Hobs in India Online

Best Kitchen Hobs You Can Buy Online Price in India
Bosch Serie | 6 PPH616B1TI Tempered Glass Gas Hob, 60cm (Black) Rs.19,500
GLEN Stainless Steel Burner Hobtop -(Black)-4pcs Rs.14,490
Glen Glen Built In Hob 1064 SQ IN Gas Stove Glass Automatic Gas Stove(4 Burners) Rs.12,990
Sunflame CT Hob 4 Burner Gas Stove, Black Rs.10,699
Sunflame CT Hob 3B mannual Glass Manual Gas Stove(3 Burners) Rs.8,999
Prestige Hob Top Glass Automatic Gas Stove(3 Burners) Rs.11,996
Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop Hob (Flexi Brass Hct 375 Dx) Rs.13,688
Vidiem FG-GS0022-AA AIR Plus 3 Burner(Black) Rs.8,595