Best Pacifier for Baby: Prep Your Toddler For Teething

Best Pacifier for Baby: Prep Your Toddler For Teething

Prep Your Toddler For Teething With These Best Pacifier for Baby to Relieve the Pain

For every parent comforting their little one is on priority. Nobody wants to see their little kid screaming and crying for no reason. Pacifier for babies at this point of time can come to your rescue. Some kids can easily be calmed down simply by cuddling them, rocking them or simply by humming a melodious tune to them. However, there are times when all these tricks to calm the little ones fail miserably in such circumstances pacifier for baby might be of some help to you. Several studies have also proved that these pacifier for baby reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in infants. Though a pacifier can never be a substitute for nurturing or feeding but if your little one is still fussy after having fed, played and cuddled then these pacifier for baby might come into action. The habit of sucking a pacifier is easy to quit as compared to thumb-sucking because you can easily break the pacifier for baby but you certainly cannot break the thumb of you tiny tot.

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Benefits of Pacifier for Baby:

Let us have a look at some of the major benefits of pacifier for baby:

  • Prevents the Risk of SIDS: it has been scientifically proved that pacifier for baby reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome in infants.
  • Pacifier for Baby Soothes a Fussy Tot: Some babies just love to suck, however to keep them breastfeeding all time isn’t possible for the mothers, thus a pacifier for baby might be helpful to soothe such fussy little ones.
  • A Pacifier for Baby Offers Temporary Distraction: A pacifier for baby proves to be very helpful when you need to distract the little one. It might come in handy when a child is going through some painful procedure or after the painful procedure has ended.
  • Pacifier for Baby Help them to Fall Asleep: A pacifier for baby comes in handy when the baby is fidgeting a lot and does not wish to sleep. Pacifier might be the trick, when your little one has trouble settling down.

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Types of Baby Soother/ Baby Pacifiers:

The simpler these pacifier for babies look, the more complex they are. There are various types of pacifiers to suit the child’s age and development. The best pacifier for new born is certainly not going to be the same as the ones for the older kids. Here is a list of various types of pacifier for baby:

  1. Orthodontic Pacifier for Baby: These pacifier for baby have nipples that are flattened from the bottom and rounded on the top. These type of pacifier reduce the pressure on the developing teeth of your kids.  
  2. Round-Tip Pacifier for Baby: These are the most conventional type of pacifier for baby. The shape of these pacifier for baby resembles to that of an actual nipple and are often suggested for breastfeeding babies.
  3. Silicone Pacifier for Baby: These pacifier for baby are sturdier and are easy to clean and maintain. These are the most easily available type of pacifier for baby.
  4. Latex Pacifier for Baby: These pacifier for baby are much softer and flexible. These are suitable for new born babies without teeth. With older kids with teeth the potential of the child biting the pacifier becomes more probable.
  5. Single Piece Pacifier for Baby: Single piece pacifier for baby are crafted out of single moulded piece of materials like plastic, silicone or latex. This type of pacifiers reduces the risk of chocking as it can’t easily come apart.
  6. Multi Piece Pacifier for Baby: This the most common type of pacifier for baby. They usually have a nipple on the top and are supported by a guard and a ring at the bottom. Each of these components are manufactured separately and then combined to form the traditional pacifier for baby.

Most of the little one automatically stop the use of pacifiers after a certain age, however there are some kids, who face trouble in stopping the usage of pacifier for baby on their own. These kids need extra aid in quitting on these pacifiers. Small and infant kids can be cuddled, swaddled massaged or some might even be distracted by offering them other toys and things to keep them busy and wean off the use of pacifier for baby.

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Teething can be a very painful process for new born kids, to relieve that, pacifiers can definitely prove to be a blessing. We've enlisted the ideal pacifiers for babies on to our story which you can pick for your kid to welcome hassle-free teething.

List Of Best Pacifier for Baby

Best Pacifier for Baby: Prep Your Toddler For Teething Price
Pigeon - Silicone Pacifier BPA Free Step 2 Rs.186
Farlin Silicone Gum Soother Fish Shape - Blue Rs.156
Avent - Free Flow Soothers Rs.280
Chicco Physio Soft Silicone Orthodontic Soother Pink - 1 Piece Rs.283
Philips Avent 2 Pack AVENT Soothie Pacifier Green 0-3 Months Rs.692
Fctry Mustachifier The Gentleman Mustache Pacifier Rs.1,520
Mam Love and Affection, I Love Mommy, Silicone Pacifier, Boy, 0-6 Months, 2 Count Rs.791
Fresh Food &Fruit Pacifier Baby Feeder - 3 Different Sized Silicone Pacifiers Rs.2,260
Mee Mee Pacifier With Orthodontic Nipple Pack Of 2 - Green Pink Rs.199
Mee Mee Silicone Teether - Orange and Blue Rs.199
Best Pacifier for Baby: Prep Your Toddler For Teething
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