Best Portable Photo Printer 2017, Time to Spruce Your Gadget Collection

Miss old days that had the value of printed photographs? Not anymore. Now with the help of top 5 best portable photo printers get your photos printed in no time. These best portable photo printers print photos wirelessly giving the quality of high-end professionals. Curious??? Quickly checkout the list below.

Best Portable Photo Printer 2017, Time to Spruce Your Gadget Collection

The Best Portable Photo Printers

Portable photo printers have again taken us back to the era of Polaroid cameras but certainly with some technological twist. A portable photo printer is gradually becoming a very useful thing to have. Unlike the large and bulky printers, the best portable photo printers can be attached to most of the compatible devices wirelessly. With these best portable photo printers you can instantly get the photos printed in one go and share it with your dear ones. If you are looking for the best portable photo printers then you have landed at the right place. Here we have a list of top 5 best portable photo printers:

1. HP Sprocket Z3Z93A Portable Photo Printer:

The HP Sprocket Z3Z93A has been listed amongst the top best portable photo printers. It is designed especially to print social media photos on 2x3” photo papers with stick back. This HP Sprocket is compatible with almost all smartphones. The user simple need to connect his/her social media account via Sprocket App and get the desired print outs. The compact size of the printer makes it even more special and useful. This is certainly one of the best gift for a gadget geek school kid. The HP Sprocket app comes as a complete package with all sorts of embellishments. The Bluetooth connectivity allows the ease of use.

2. Epson Picturemate PM245 Colour Inkjet Printer:

The major reason a person makes up his/her mind to buy a portable photo printer is because they do not want to download the images to their computers. The best photo printers allows you to get the print outs without involving the computer or any other wired accessory. The Epson Picturemate is yet another portable photo printer that has managed to occupy a place amongst the best portable photo printers. The most special feature of this printer is a 2.5” coloured screen, which allows you to review the pictures instantly.

3. Canon Selphy Cp1200 Mobile & Compact Printer:

The Canon Selphy portable printer is one of the best portable photo printer, with a dedicated Wi-Fi button. The Canon Selphy is compatible with PictBridge along with Cannon PRINT and AirPrint. This best portable photo printer comes with an access point mode. So even if you are without a wireless network access you can easily get the photos printed.  The optional battery allows you to take your printer along with you wherever you go. The additional flash drive and SD card slot gives you the flexibility to print via SD card. The LCD screen allows you to review your pictures and do some light editing work.

4. SereneLife PICKIT20:

The SereneLife Pickit is an elegent looking portable printing device. This is the best solution for all your printing issues. The sleek design is easy to carry. The SereneLife is compatible with all android and iPhones. SereneLife has been rated amongst the top best portable photo printer due to is clear photo quality. The phots are printed on a glossy paper. The entire cartridge is to be changed thereby reducing ink leakage and smudging on photos. The app enables you to do basic editing and retouching of the images.

5. Zip Mobile Printer:

The Polaroid ZIP portable photo printer comes with zero ink and hence is the reason why it is counted as one of the best portable photo printers. Polaroid since ages has been synonymous with instant photo prints. The specially designed papers comes with Zero Ink (ZINK) technology. The ZINK technology uses colour forming molecular structure, these molecules get activated on heating. These printers produce chromatic colours and smudge proof images. The ZINK papers are water resistant.  The photos can be printed instantly without any wireless network.

So, if you have plans to go out on an outing with your family and friends a high-end Bluetooth selfie stick and the best portable photo printers are just the things you would require to capture all you lovely moments on the go and save them forever. If you have any further suggestions on the best portable photo printers then do pen them down in the ‘Write Your Review’ section mentioned below.
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Canon SELPHY CP1200 Wireless Photo Printer (Black) Rs.13,732 Upto 6% OFF Amazon Grab Offers
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