Best Rechargeable LED Torch Lights In India

Best Rechargeable LED Torch Lights In India

Best Rechargeable LED Torch Lights In India

The LED or the Light Emitting Diode flashlight is among the very useful apparatus which can be utilized at home and workplaces. Today, the LED flashlight is utilized in various types of devices.  Many a times when we are out on the road with meager street light we tend to get lost and not have a clear view of the surrounding, that’s the time a led torch would be a stupendous tool of playing a guide. One of the few benefits of these flashlights is its factor that it’s portable. It can be readily stored and transported to various locations without any hassles as it is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are serviceable and rechargeable torch lights with LED bulbs which may be kept rather easily. These torches can be found in a huge range of styles and designs at various affordable price rates. Depending on the kind of usage, the Light Emitting Diode torches have different types of batteries. Some models of rechargeable torch lights can keep battery life to up to 18 hours. And most of these flashlights use AA batteries, which are the type of batteries that we would recommend.

List of Best Rechargeable LED Torch in India 2018

Tuscan LED Torch Light

Tuscan makes a wide range of torch for casual as well as commercial use. Tuscan happens to be one of the best torch light brands in India and this brand caters from torches with high beam and battery backup up to 13 hours. The best Rechargeable LED Torch in India two has different light control switches.

Eveready LED Torch Light

Eveready was the frontrunner in the field of portable lighting. With an in-depth understanding, Eveready has been designing and developing some of the most practical, stylish and innovative range of flashlights for varied usages. These flashlights have deservedly become part and parcel of people's lives. Eveready the best torch light brand in India is made from ABS plastic which are durable during rough use. This best rechargeable torch light has dual power charging capability through a charger as well as Solar.

Docoss LED Torch Light

Are you going for a vacation near the hills or a forest area than docoss has great looking torches with maximum amount of beam to see the farthest of the areas. Every detail around will be distinguishable and unique to your eyes. The best rechargeable torch light to create a classic feel of the early 1900’s.

Bajaj Electricals LED Torch Light

Bajaj is making quality products since 1984 and is trustworthy name in the appliance market.  You can buy their torches at economical prices without worrying about the quality of their product. Like the Bajaj smart glow 12 LED the best torch light brand in India comes in color variations to match your preference.  

Wipro LED Torch Light

Wipro has made a great rechargeable torch light the Wipro emerald which comes equipped with a High quality 3000 mAH rechargeable lithium battery which is humongous in terms of the their competitors.  Their torches look elegant making the user feel opulent.

Swat Torch LED Torch Light

If you are looking for a multifunction-multi charging torch then Swat makes one that can also be charged when siting in a car. The torch is boxed up with 12V DC car charger so next time you are out on an expedition you are never out of power while trekking and climbing the hills.

Onlite LED Torch Light

The best rechargeable LED Torch in India has a very simple yet steady design that can charge through a solar charging plate. The main advantages of Onlite torches are their long life, consumes very little power and constant production. Affordable and cheap LED torch lights could be purchased readily from online stores also.

DP LED Torch Light

The brand is a little unknown to all, but makes a line of exclusive torches that features intrusive characteristics. The Lite LED-9035 comes with a 120degree rotatable light and light cap adjustable at 180. Inside is an 800 mAH maintenance free lithium batteries which are extremely energy efficient. Do check out for their other light weight rechargeable torches.

List of Best Rechargeable LED Torch Lights In India

Best Rechargeable LED Torch Lights Price
Tuscan Set of 2Pcs - Ultra Beam Rechargeable LED Emergency Light(Black) Rs.535
Tuscan 4 LED Rechargeable Torch / 6 LED Flood Light / Flash Light / 2in1 Torch TSC-3726 Emergency Light(White) Rs.289
Tuscan High Beam Rechargeable Big - 2 Watt LED - Set of 2 Emergency Light(Black, Red) Rs.699
Tuscan Rechargeable 0.5 W Led Torch Tsc-3738 Black Rs.255
Tuscan Plastic Rechargeable Led Torch (Red, 2 Watt) Rs.370
Eveready DL96 MARSHAL Torch(Orange : Rechargeable) Rs.2,399
Eveready DL96 3-Watt Emergency Light (Color May Vary) Rs.400
Eveready DL92 0.5-Watt Ultra LED Rechargeable Torch (Color May Vary) Rs.175
DOCOSS 3 in 1 -Rechargeable Table 48 Led Torch + Tubelight Lamp Emergency Lights(White) Rs.585
DOCOSS PR-959-Yellow- Rechargeable Led Torch + Emergency Lamp Light Torches(Multicolor) Rs.329
Best Rechargeable LED Torch Lights In India
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