Best Surveillance Camera That Are Wireless To Keep a Track of Security

Best Surveillance Camera That Are Wireless To Keep a Track of Security

Best Surveillance Camera That Are Wireless To Keep a Track of Security

These days, security has become a big concern for the people living in cities. Population of cities are increasing and also the number of houses. This makes a great opportunity for the burglars and intruders. To solve this problem, people are turning to more high-tech solutions like wireless surveillance cameras. CCTVs were a popular method of surveillance until the wireless surveillance cameras arrived in the market. These wireless surveillance cameras can connect to your mobile phones even if you are hundreds of miles away from your home. This gives you the opportunity to take action against the intruders inside your home instantly by informing the authorities. This ensures the safety of the kids and the elderly in your home.

There are a number of variety of these surveillance cameras in market and choosing the right one can be hard. So, here are the best surveillance cameras that are wireless to keep a track of security.

List of Wireless Best Surveillance Camera:

1. Sricam SP Series SP005

One of the most popular brands in the segment, Sricam has came up with the SP005. This is a great camera for indoor use and is great to keep watch on your children while you are away. This camera records in true HD 720p and can support up to 128GBs of memory. The camera will connect to your WiFi and you can access the camera footage by installing the Sricam app to your mobile phone. Only backdraw of the camera is that you cannot transfer the footage to your computer.

2. D3D Wireless Indoor Security Camera

Nothing is more important than security of your family and when it comes to surveillance cameras nothing is better that D3D. This camera is very cheap and very simple to install, all you need to do is to plug it in the power supply and you are good to go. The camera has a remote tilt and pan feature, allowing you to get a full view of the room. This also support a 128 GB memory card.

3. Hikvision Wireless Mini PTZ

Hikvision is a trusted name in the surveillance camera market. The company has recently came up with this great wireless model which connects to you WiFi and give you the access to the live footage from your home. This is an easy to install camera and have the tilt and pan feature. This camera is a little expensive but will not make a whole in your pocket. Overall a surveillance device you can have.

4. D-Link DCS-933L

You probably have heard the name D-Link as it is one of the most famous internet router companies in India. The company have come up with the new wireless surveillance camera. The camera give a live feed to your mobile phone but does not have the feature of recording the footage. You can record the footage directly in your phone.

5. Link+ VRCAM IP Camera

This surveillance camera offers a lot of features for just a small amount of money. The camera have a fish eye lens which allows you to have a full 180 degree view of you house and that too in HD. The camera also features motion detection which no other camera in this segment offers. This camera is compatible with a number of phones like Iphone, Xiomi, Sony, LG etc. Overall a good product for an affordable price.

6. ProElite F09X

The camera have a 360 degree view and a fish eye lens which gives you a panoramic view of your house and has no blind spots. This is a complete security solution for your house. The camera also record in full HD 1080p and supports 64GB of memory. This can also work in night as the camera features night vision too. These all features comes with a price though but if you are willing to pay, this ProElite F09X can be a good option.


This camera gives you a 355 degree of horizontal view and a 120 degree of vertical view, making it perfect for your security. The camera is easy to setup with your home WiFi and can also record the footage in a SD card. The camera is water resistant and have night vision. This also have the feature of motion detection. A perfect surveillance camera for your home an office.

8. Zmodo Wireless Security Camera

The most expensive surveillance camera on the list, Zmodo is the ultimate nightmare for the burglars and the intruders who are planning to get into your home and office space. The camera is easy to install and have a wide viewing angle. This camera is weather resistant and can record in night as well. This camera provides you a real time footage to your phone and is compatible to both iOS and Android.

With these best wireless surveillance camera you need not worry about the security of your space as these capture the live feeds and keep you updated with all the current activities. Tell us in the comments section below, which one would you prefer to buy. Also, do not forget to pen down suggestions as they mean alot to us.

List of Best Surveillance Camera That Are Wireless To Keep a Track of Security

Best Surveillance Camera That Are Wireless To Keep a Track of Security Price in India
Sricam Wireless IP CCTV Security Camera Rs.2,260
D3D Wireless IP CCTV Security Camera Rs.3,999
Wireless Mini PTZ, with Anroid App Support Rs.3,000
D-Link Wireless Night Vision WiFi CCTV Security Camera Rs.17,953
Link Plus IP CCTV Security Camera Rs.2,799
Proelite Wireless CCTV Security Camera Rs.2,999
IFITech Wireless HD CCTV Security Camera Rs.2,690
Zmodo 1080p Full HD Outdoor Weatherproof WiFi Wireless Security Camera System - 2 Pack - Cloud Service Available Rs.13,999
Price List of Best Surveillance Camera That Are Wireless To Keep a Track of Security, Last Updated on 09 July 2019