Celebrate Independence Day in Style this Year

Independence day is around the corner, while most of us have our Long weekend plans some of us are still figuring out. Be it your Office look or dressing up your kid for school or an Independence Day theme party and food, we have it all here for you!
Celebrate Independence Day in Style this Year

Fashion wear, Theme party, Food and Accessories for this Day!

The Independence Day week has already given a knock at the door. The festivities for 15th August should be full of food, flavour, fun and whole lot of patriotic flutter. Although we believe that there should not be a particular day or time to showcase your patriotism for the nation yet this is the perfect time when your party decorations can absolutely coordinate with your outfit and food. If you plan to deck yourself in tri colour then why shouldn’t your make up, food and decoration match the theme. How about decorating your office space or home all in tri colour, preparing the food matching the theme and also the decoration that keeps up to the theme of independence day celebration. If you happen to be the host of an Independence Day party then celebrate Independence Day in style with unique Independence Day Theme Party Ideas. If this sounds interesting to you then have a look at the ways in which you can celebrate Independence Day in style.

Start off with the Independence Day Décor Theme:

To Celebrate Independence Day in the perfect manner it is exigent to decorate your workplace or your home in a patriotic style. It is very vital to match the Independence Day party theme to keep the spirit of nationalism flying high for the entire day.Some enchanting decoration ideas could fill the whole atmosphere with nationalist sentiments.
  • You could use wall hangings,
  • Tricolour artificial marigold fluffy flower garlands,
  • Tricolour flower balls with feather could be hanged around the party space
  • Wooden 3D Ashoka Chakra with tricolour could be hanged in the centre of the patry place,
  • A beautiful tricolour ganesha could also be hanged on the entrance for an appeling décor
Beautiful rangoli could add on to your decoration, if you wish to go for something conventional the hanging triclolour balloons and duppatas round the party place would be the best deal.

Deck up your Outfit in Tricolour:

It’s your day to show your patriotism!  The best idea would be if the party is at work place then the a formal dress code could be followed.
  • The male employees would dress up in plain white t shirt with a tiranga on it
  • A simple tri colour tshirt would also do the needful,
  • The female employees might dress themselves in a plain white kurti with tricolour dupatta.  
But since it’s a weekend around independence day , a good independence day theme party could be organized at home or in your society as well
  • The kids could be dressed up in the attire of freedom fighters
  • The older ones could go for traditional wear like a tricolour saree or kurti  and kurta pajamas for men.

Enhance Your Look with Tricolour Make Up and Accessories:

You can also enhance your look and add on to the ardency of the Independence Day celebration. Your make up and accessories should match the party theme for a enthralling environment.
  • You can straight away paint a tiranga on your face to portray your affection for the nation.
  • The tricolour bangles would be the perfect match with your plain white kurti and tricolour dupatta
  • A set of ethnic earrings could add on to your look which would perfectly go with the theme too
  • When your outfit is plain and simple, combining it with an elegant neck piece would give a charming look to you
  • The Kids and the male members could go for a classy tricolour hat or cap
Mesmerizing Menu Food is the most important thing that the guests look forward to in any party, be it a wedding part or a birthday party or even a independence day celebration. Food is one thing you should not miss on to be a perfect host. When everything is set as per the Independence Day theme why should your food be simple?
  • Try out candy colours for sweetening and adding colour to your sweet dish
  • Add flavour and colour to your main course and match the theme
  • Gel food colours might help you to add tricolour to your menu
  • The liquid food colour is another option that might be a part of your pre Independence Day celebration buying list.
  • What better option could we get than natural colours? Natural food colours might add colour and flavour without having any health hazard.
Winding Up the Independence Day Celebration When you have planned this Independence Day in style why spoil everything with a generic winding up ceremony. Wind up your Independence Day celebration in style that matches the theme with these tips:
  • Gift a tricolour fidget spinner or a tricolour key chain to all your male guests
  • For female guests a tricolour tiara could be the perfect gift to embrace her
  • Since the kids have also put in a lot of effort to dress up and come to the party gift them a tricolour fitness band or a wrist band.

To mark the final proceedings of the Independence Day celebration you could ask your guests to gather in an open space and ask them to release the tricolour sky lanterns to rejoice freedom and independence.

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