Celebrate Lohri 2018 with Amazing Phulkari Outfit Ideas

This Lohri 2018, enjoy the essence of Punjab with some amazing Phulkari outfit ideas. Time to rock this festival in style!

Celebrate Lohri 2018 with Amazing Phulkari Outfit Ideas

Celebrate Lohri 2018 with Amazing Phulkari Outfit Ideas

Lohri is one of the most joyous festivals which is mainly celebrated to the mark the prosperous and fresh financial year. This festival is mainly celebrated by Punjabi and Sikh communities across the globe. For newlyweds and new born babies, Lohri is celebrated in the most ravish manner. Newly brides dress-up like brides wearing phulkari, donning 16 shringar to gain blessings from God fire. On this day, people offer prayers to Lord Sun and God Fire, exchange sweets made of jaggery and sesame and pray for a prosperous new year. To experience the essence of Punjab and Lohri 2018, you must definitely visit rural areas and villages of Punjab.

Phulkari is basically traditional embroidery technique of Punjab. Phulkari is a traditional garment of Punjab which is worn by girls and ladies on various joyous occasion like marriage, born of baby boy and more in form of suits, dupattas and more. This art has gained popularity across the globe and is worn in many forms, we shall be discussing that how you can wear Phulkari with a twist this Lohri 2018, in our story below. Not only that, we shall also discuss - Why Lohri is celebrated? How Lohri is celebrated? and What are the traditional feast of this auspicious festival? Stay glued!

Lohri 2018: Why Lohri Is Celebrated?

Lohri is a Punjabi festival which is traditionally associated with the harvest of Rabi crops especially sugarcane crops. A day after Lohri, our Punjabi farmers begin with a fresh financial New Year. Lohri is mainly celebrated on 13th January, a day before Makar Sakranti to celebrate the end of shivering winters and welcome summers. Hence, Lord Sun or Surya is offered gratitude to shower his blessings on his devotees once again with the commencement of summers.This harvest festival also collides with Bihu which is celebrated in Assam and Pongal which is celebrated in Tamil Nadu.

Lohri 2018: Traditional Feast To Tickle Your Tastebuds

Rewari and Gajak are major enticing traditional feast of this festival. Mainly sweets made of Jaggery and sesame seeds are offered to the Fire God. Other famous offerings are peanuts and popcorns which are also distributed among the near and dear ones in form of Prasad.
How one can forget that relishing taste of “Sarso Da Saag Te Makke Di Roti” ? Yes, you read that right! Sarso Da Saag and Makke Ki Roti is served with homemade butter and whole jaggery. Til-Bhatt is another traditional dish which served on Lohri.

Lohri 2018: How is Lohri Celebrated?

On Lohri, people make bonfire and gather around it in a circle to workship and offer food to God Fire. People walk in circular manner, sing Punjabi folk songs, dance and celebrate this festival in the most joyous manner. People pray for a prosperous financial year ahead and exchange Rewari and Gajak with near and dear ones.

Celebrate Lohri 2018 With the Twist of Phulkari Outfits:

Get ready to find amazing Phulkari outfits ideas that shall make you turn into a fashionista in no time.

1. Phulkari Embroidered Short Waistcoat


Phulkari Embroidered Short Waistcoat-Lohri 2018
Photo Credit: Amazon.in

Don this Phulkari embroidered short waistcoat with ethincs or western outfits and become the trend setter of the town. If you are not in a mood to wear the traditional Phulkari dupatta and suits and yet flaunt the earthiness of Punjab, this Phulkari embroidered short waistcoat can be a great pick.

2. Phulkari Sarees


Phulkari Sarees- Lohri 2018
Photo Credit: Amazon.in

Intricate Phulkari embroidery done all over the saree gives you a that perfect royal look which you’ve wanting for. Phulkari is generally worn as suits and draped as dupattas, the idea of wearing a phulkari saree can lit up the minds of many.
  • Become the trend settle with Phulkari sarees. Shop for Phulkari Sarees Starting ₹ 1750. To grab the offer, click on "GET DEAL" so that you can shop the sarees on merchant's landing page.

3. Phulkari Kurtis


Phulkari Kurtis-Lohri 2018
Photo Credit: Amazon.in

Wish to keep it traditional yet chic, Phulkari kurties can give you that perfect look without making you look overloaded. Grab the trendy Phulkari kurties and enjoy Lohri 2018 with your near and dear ones.

4. Phulkari Shawls


Phulkari Shawls- Lohri 2018
Photo Credit: Amazon.in

To give a pause to the shivering breeze of winters, Phulkari shawls can be an ideal pick for those who wants to enjoy this festive with the tint of traditional touch to the attire. Phulkari shawls are warm and compliment almost every outfit be it ethnic or western.
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5. Phulkari Jutti


Phulkari Jutti- Lohri 2018
Photo Credit: Amazon.in

An ideal pick for footwear lovers can be Phulkari Jutti. Crafted with intricate Phulkari embroidery uplifts your look in seconds. Pick them right away.
  • Wear Phulkari juttis and get ready to flaunt your ethnic avatar. Shop for Phulkari Juttis Starting ₹ 1095.  To grab the offer, click on "GET DEAL" so that you can shop these Phulkari juttis on merchant's landing page.

6. Phulkari Dupattas


Phulkari Dupatta- Lohri 2018
Photo Credit: Amazon.in

Phulkari dupattas comes in various fabric and colours which you can carry with your kurtis and ofcourse palazzos. Nothing can make you look a traditional Punjabi without an embroidered Phulkari dupatta.

Donn these Phulkari outfits ideas to celebrate this joyous festival in the most stylish manner.
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