Gadgets to Help the Elderly: Cool Gadgets For Elderly on World Senior Citizen Day

World Senior Citizen Day is Celebrated on the 21st of August. This is a special day for seniors and elderly people. We must celebrate it for our seniors with some gifts and gestures. We have handpicked some cool gadgets that could come handy for the Seniors in your family!

Gadgets to Help the Elderly: Cool Gadgets For Elderly on World Senior Citizen Day

Cool Gadgets for Elderly on this Senior Citizen Day!

Technology is one thing that might assist you no matter of what age group belong to. Infact these days even technology has grown elderly friendly in order to support independent elder people. The older adults that have grown up in a pre technological era find it very difficult for them to adjust to the modern day hi-tech lifestyle. These elderly people who have been born and brought up in pre-digital era need to be taught and tutored the ways and techniques to befriend technology and technological gadgets. Most of the injuries to elderly are reported at night or in bathroom where the lights are quiet dim, simple automatic bathroom gadgets might help them avoid such problems.
Senior Citizen Day is already round the corner; August 21 is observed as the Senior Citizen’s Day worldwide. Here is some propitious range of gadgets for the elderly that you might gift to the elderly people at home.
  • Medical Organizer Medicine Storage Reminder Box
  • Led Magnifying Glass with Built-in Illuminated Led Light
  • Smart Wifi Wireless Switch Intelligent Cell Phone Wireless Remote Control Switch
  • Wi-Fi Video Monitor Surveillance
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote
  • Talking Ear & Forehead Thermometer with Pulse Meter, High Fever Indicators

Medical Organizer Medicine Storage Reminder Box:

This medical organizer box is made up of food grade PP and electronic component for the alarm system. It is fully protected against odour and toxicities. 5 sets of reminder alarms can easily be set. This is another very useful gadget for elderly.

Led Magnifying Glass with Built-in Illuminated Led Light:

Weighting around 159g this ultra light magnifying glass comes with 3X magnification system and inbuilt 5 bright fluorescent LED lights. The easy torch on and off button eases the reading comfort for elderly. This is one very essential gadget for 50+.

Smart Wifi Wireless Switch Intelligent Remote Control Switch:

These smart switches send to cloud platform via wifi router and thereby you can control all added appliances with your smartphone. This device is iOs and Android compatible.

Wi-Fi Video Monitor Surveillance:

This wifi enabled home security system can be controlled via any Android or I phone device. These monitors have noise and motion sensor which immediately alerts you of any unwanted activity. These are even able to secure live videos easier than camera set ups. This is another very essential gadget in the range of gadgets to help the elderly.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote:

Attach Amazon fire TV stick to your TV and enjoy free streaming of unlimited movies, TV Shows, songs and videos. The voice remote works very well, simply name any movie and the TV stick would play it for you.

Talking Ear & Forehead Thermometer with Pulse Meter, High Fever Indicators:

Talking Ear and Forehead Thermometer with pulse rate meter is an amazing device which can be used for both the elderly as well as lil kids at home. This thermometer is equipped with one second readings and is able to take temperatures in two different scan modes. It requires two AAA battery to run.

Few Other Useful Appliances and Gadgets for Elderly:

In order to make them technology friendly they should be introduced to technologies that might make their life easy. When elderly are alone at home and wish to relish their taste buds some automatic kitchen appliances like sandwich maker or an easy to use food processor or even an air fryer might be a great aid which apart from fulfilling the needs of their taste buds also allows them to make oil free tasty food. Apart from these things one of the major complaints by these elderly people is that they do not have sufficient ways of entertaining themselves as most of them lack hearing and vision clarity.

Home theatre systems might prove to be very useful to them, however if you do not plan to spend so much on a home theatre system then a simple big screen LED TV and a loud bluetooth speaker would do the needful for you. We also have an amazing range of home automation gadgets that are quite simple and easy to use for the elderly people at home. And when it comes to the health and fitness of elderly people these simple wearable fitness trackers might prove to be very useful. A cluttered home might increase the probability of accidents with elderly people and kids thus with some simple steps to a clutter free house you can decrease the risk of accidents.
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