DIY Gifting Ideas for Teachers' Day, Gift Ideas for Students of All Age Groups. Happy Teachers' Day!

DIY Gifting Ideas for Teachers' Day, Gift Ideas for Students of All Age Groups. Happy Teachers' Day!

DIY Teachers' Day Gifting Ideas!

Teachers Day is celebrated every year on 5th September since the year 1962 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan for his outstanding contribution to the teaching community. Dr. Radhakrishnan who was a great teacher and a firm believer of education said “teachers should be the best minds in the country”. It is said that after becoming the president of the nation in 1962, when few of his students asked him to let them his birthday he said, “instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my proud privilege if Sept 5 is observed as Teachers’ Day. Since then 5th Sept has been observed as teachers day every year.
Various felicitation ceremonies and functions are organised in schools, colleges and tuition centres across the nation. The students with great fervour prepare acts, plays, dramas for the teacher’s entertainment. Children also offer gifts and cards to their teachers. But the best gift every teacher wishes for is a handmade gift or card by their student. So here are few interesting and unique teachers day gift ideas.

1. Teacher’s Office Essential Kit by Kids

Teachers day brings with it great enthusiasm amongst the kids to make beautiful gifts and cards for their beloved teachers. So, the best gift for a teacher could be something that he/she would require daily in office. Thus a handmade office essential kit would be a unique gift for teachers.

You Would Require

  • Plastic Box with Compartments
  • Push Pins, Book Marks, Sticky Notes, Paper Pins, Eraser
  • Coloured Papers of Various Colours
  • Sketch Pens, Glitter Pens, Scissors, Glue Stick
  • Coloured Ribbon

Steps to Make Teacher’s Office Essential Kit

  1. Cut one of the coloured papers to the size of the box, and write a beautiful thanks giving message for your teacher.
  2. Cut the remaining coloured papers to the size of the compartment, and write some unique one liners describing your teacher
  3. Fill in each compartment the things you have gathered like the push pins, bookmarks, paper clips, eraser and the small one liner notes.  .
  4. Paste the Thanks giving message on top of the box.
  5. Finally wrap the box with a colourful fancy ribbon.

2. A Handmade Card with Photo Collage and Quilling Art

Children often wish to make their teachers feel special and if its teachers day, the students leave no stone unturned to make this day special for their beloved teachers. Here is one of the best teachers day gift ideas.

You Would Require

  • A Quilling Art Kit
  • Coloured Fancy Paper
  • Glitter Pens, Glue Stick
  • Few Photos of your Teacher

Steps to Make Handmade Card with Photo Collage and Quilling Art

  1. Fold the coloured sheet into two equal halves.4
  2. Paste the photos on the front and decorated it with the quilled paper and boarders
  3. Write a unique message for your teacher inside the card
  4. Your card is ready; now present this unique card to your teacher.

3. Teachers Desk Organizer Kit

One of the best gifting ideas this teachers day would be to gift something, that your teacher would require in his/her day to day life. A combo of things like book marks pen set, all kind of marker set, sanitizer, diary, highlighter, goo gone would be the perfect teachers day gifting ideas.

Things You Would Require

  • Multi Purpose Pen Stand
  • Pen Set
  • All Kinds of Markers
  • Sanitizer
  • Diary
  • Goo Gone
  • Highlighter

Steps to Make a Teachers Desk Organizer Kit

  1. Get one multipurpose pen stand/ desk organizer
  2. Fill in each compartment of the desk organizer with a different item like diary, sanitizer, markers, Goo Gone, and highlighter.
  3. Your teachers desk organizer kit is ready, however to make it look different from others you can cover the box with a fancy coloured chart paper and paste pictures or write messages for your talented teacher.

4. DIY Jute Bag Decoration

One of the best teachers day gift idea is to gift your teacher with a bag that she can carry to school every day. If you have some artistic genes you can easily make a beautiful and useful gift for your teacher all by yourself.

Things You Would Require

  • Plain Jute Bag
  • Fabric Paint

Steps to Make a DIY Decorative Jute Bag

  1. You just have to get a plain jute bag and spill out your colourful artistic imagination over the jute canvas. You can either make a face portrait of your teacher, or anything that inspires you to be like your teacher. You can even write some inspiring message or quote from your teacher on the other side.

5. DIY Card by Prep School Children

When the seniors are so excited about teachers day, how can you expect the tiny toddlers to not get enthusiastic for teachers day. Teachers day is the day when all these kids wish to impress their teachers with some unique gifts for teachers.

Things You Would Require

  • Wooden Slate
  • Coloured A4 Printed Paper
  • Coloured Ice Cream Sticks
  • Colourful Chalk
  • Glue Stick

Steps to Make DIY Card by Prep School Children

  1. Stick the wooden slate on the coloured A4 sheet
  2. Paste the colourful ice cream sticks on the border of the wooden board
  3. Ask  your child to write something in his/her own writing for the teacher
The simple DIY card by your toddler is ready, which will definitely leave an impact on your child’s teacher.

So now that you have enough of DIY ideas for all age group choose the best teachers day gifting idea as per you need. If you have  more ideas on unique gifts for teachers day do pen down your suggestions in the ‘Write Your Review’ section below.
DIY Gifting Ideas for Teachers' Day, Gift Ideas for Students of All Age Groups. Happy Teachers' Day!
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DIY Gifting Ideas for Teachers' Day, Gift Ideas for Students of All Age Groups. Happy Teachers' Day!
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