Hottest Bollywood Celeb Tattoos

Hottest Bollywood Celeb Tattoos

Best Bollywood Tattoo Designs

Planning to get inked but lacking the motivation? Well, below is the cue, which you can take from our top Bollywood celebrities whose tattoos have inspired many of us to get inked. From the epic designs to various sentiments, our Bollywood celebs have inked all on their body and have flaunted it like a pro. There some inspirational ones which you could replicate aren't we all following them for everything? Checkout the hot tattoos of your favourite Bollywood celebrities and get yourself inked in a similar fashion.

Famous Celebrity Tatoos, Get Inspired by these Popular Ones!

1. Alia Bhatt:
Talented Bhatt got inked with the word "Pataka" across her back, which means firecracker in Hindi. Undoubtedly, she is one. This talented witty chick definitely knows how to perfectly describe her own quirks!

2. Sushmita Sen:
Sushmita sen has quite a number of tattoos on her body. The incredible lady got her forearm inked with the Latin phrase, "Aut Viam inveniam aut faciam", which means 'I will find a way or make one'. Another one again in Latin is inked on the right wrist "soli deo glory" that means 'Glory to God alone'. Her left wrist is inked with IAM which she got soon after becoming Miss Universe. Not only that, she is also the face to the "I AM SHE" brand that organises annual national pageant. Her tattoos reflect her attitude and how fiercely she believes in!

3. Priyanka Chopra:
Every girl is a dad's princess and PeeCee also being one, she got her right wrist inked with "Daddy's lil Girl". This is one of the sweetest tattoos any daughter could get for her father. Do you something to flaunt upon your sleeves?

4. Deepika Padukone:
Her tattoos are quite seductive ones. She sports two tattoos, one on the nape of her neck and another on the ankle. The one on the nape of the neck has the initials of her ex-boyfriend "RK" which later she got modified. Another on her ankle where she inked her initials along with delicate interwines. Well, she flaunts both the tattoos definitely like a pro.

5. Kangana:
She is one fearless actress and her tattoos clearly represent that. She too has two tattoos at similar locations where Deepika has inked. The tattoo on the nape of her flaunts an intricate design of wings, a sword and a crown. Another one which has on her left ankle is a warrior angel. Gosh! She is one kind of a Queen.

6. Malaika Arora:
Malaika is not just an actress but a model, dancer, VJ, item girl and a lot more. She has a quite a number of tattoos inked on her body. She is one tattoo junkie who keeps getting inked according to her phases of life. Let's begin the count.First one is on the lower back is " NGL" that refers to spell Angel prominently close to her own name. The second time, she tattooed her son's birthdate on her wrist; indeed this stunning mom loves her son. She inked three bird silhouettes on her waist which means she is free as a bird, this is her third tattoo. She got "Love" tattooed on her left hand's ring finger which is supposed to be her fourth tattoo. Last but not the least the fifth one is a bee which she got tattooed one the nape of her neck which says she still living her life to the fullest. Hope she continues to get inked in future too. We love her significances.
Hottest Bollywood Celeb Tattoos
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