Best Lunch Box For Office in 2018

This year shop for safe lunch box for office, which means its high time we must say BYE to the plastic lunch boxes, which is effecting our health silently. We've sorted some of the best non-plastic lunch box for office which are safe for use.
Best Lunch Box For Office in 2018

Lunch Box For Office: Time To Say BYE to Plastic Lunch Boxes

New Year 2018 has already started with a bang? Like every New Year this year too we would have some resolutions in mind for a healthy living and a better life. What resolution you had taken to stay healthy? None, we shall help you out with this. One thing that each one of us should resolute for this New Year 2018 is to bid adieu to plastics too. Plastics not only harm our environment but are also quite toxic for our personal health as well. Due to lack of alternative options most of us feel helpless and are forced to carry plastic lunch box for office. But we have some solutions to put an end to all your worries. This New Year, make sure you choose non-toxic best lunch box for office. Since you do not want chemicals to leach into your food as well as in the food of your family members opt for those lunch box for office that are made up of completely non-toxic material like glass, stainless steel or copper. If you are still not convinced with ditching plastic lunch box for office and moving on to other options here are some horrifying facts about the side effects of plastic lunch box for office that will force you to think twice before packing your food in plastic lunch box for office.

Why Avoid Plastic Lunch Box for Office?

Plastic lunch box for office is made of toxic materials which can leach in to the food that you pack in the lunch box for office. This chemically leached food damage the body on cellular level and cause health problems. Here are some other harmful effects as well:
  1. Plastic Lunch Box for Office Cause Deadly Diseases: Plastic containers have gained popularity quite recently and have encroached upon our lives since then. We have somewhat become dependent on these plastic lunch box for office and school. Modern researches are proving that the toxic compounds found in plastics cause severe health issues ranging from cancer to infertility.
  2. Safe Plastics Do Not Exist: No matter however reliable the company is but the claim for ‘safe plastic lunch box for office’ holds untrue in all means. This is a big misconception that BPA (bisphenol A) free plastic lunch box for office are safe. Companies that claim their products to be BPA free use a close alternative BPS (bisphenol S) which is equally harmful.
  3. Plastic Containers the Reason Behind the Increasing Problem of Infertility in Women: Toxic compounds found in plastic is making it difficult for millions of women to conceive a child. The toxic chemicals present in plastic lunch box for office and other storage containers have a negative impact on immunity and hormonal regulation which might affect the fertility of women.
  4. Plastics leads to Obesity: Obesity is yet another problem that is taking the youth by storm. There could be several reasons as to why this is happening. Improper living habit, unhealthy eating habits are some common factor. But there is yet another major reason behind this and that is the plastic lunch box for office in which you carry your food every day. Plastic contains a harmful toxic called BADGE (bisphenol A diglycidyl ether) causes the stem cells to become fat cells. Exposure of food to this kind of toxic material can reprocess your metabolism and make it to store calories instead of passing it on.
  5. Environmental Hazards: Last but not the least these plastic lunch box for office are hazardous for Mother Nature. Plastics mostly are made from petrochemicals using an energy-intensive process that creates lots of pollution and toxic discharge. Another disadvantage is that most plastics are non biodegradable and cannot be recycled as well thus these end up heaping in landfills, where they degrade very slowly (sometimes even thousands of years).

With all these problems that plastic lunch box poses to our health, we should immediately think of shifting from plastics to other alternative options like glassware. Pack your best lunch box for office in below mentioned non-toxic glassware and enjoy a healthy long life.

Lunch Box Offers on Flipkart

1. Milton 4 Compartments Steamer Lunch Box

This elegant Milton lunch box is ideal for office. This lunch box for office features intelligent plug-in facility which allows you to quickly warm up your food even at your desk. The stainless steel compartment makes this lunch box for office completely non-toxic. The rubber grip lifter allows the user to lift the hot containers with ease.

2. Jindal Microwavable Round Containers & Square Container

Jindal microwaveable lunch box for office keeps your food fresh and healthy. This best lunch box for office can also be used as storage containers, or to bake food or even to reheat the food. These glass lunch boxes are stain resistant and non-toxic.

3. Cello GLASSY 3 Containers Lunch Box

The Cello Glassy is the perfect choice for you if you want to switch to a healthy way of carrying food to the office. This Cello Glassy lunch box for office is non-toxic and microwave safe. Now you have the freedom eat healthy and stay happy.

4. Glasslock Round Set Of 3 Containers Lunch Box

Glass is always considered to be environment friendly. This Glasslock lunch box for office is completely BPA free and contains no dioxins. Stain and odour free this glass lunch box is the ideal thing to carry your lunch in. Being microwave safe and dishwasher friendly, increase on to its utility.

5. ezra reo Klip N Store Lunch Box

This amazing 3 set lunch box is proves to be the perfect alternative to a toxic plastic lunch box for office. The ezra reo glass lunch boxes are microwave safe and non breakable. These lunch boxes keep the food fresh and healthy for a long time.

These are some of the best lunch box offers on Flipkart that will certainly lure you to ditch your plastic lunch box for office and shift to these glassware. Not only Flipkart, Amazon too has a wide range of non-toxic lunch box for office, let us have a look at them.

Lunch Box Offers on Amazon

1. Borosil Klip N Store Microwavable Containers with Lunch Bag

These Borosil airtight and leak-proof microwave safe lunch box for office are the best option to switch away from plastic right away. The leak proof lock makes it quite portable and easy to carry to office. These lunch box can bear temperature up to 400 degree Celsius. Stain proof and odourless storage gives you fresh and healthy food even in the office.

2. Signoraware Executive Glass Lunch Box Set

This Signoraware glass lunch box set is made from executive borosilicate glass. These best lunch box for office are completely non toxic and microwave safe. The transparent colour makes it easier for you to recognise the food stored. Easily washable and light weight makes it quite convenient for everyday use.

3. Solimo Glass Lunch Box Set

Solimo lunch box sets are premium quality lunch boxes that are non-toxic and leak proof. This product delivers you the value for your money. Every set of lunch box at Solimo is built carefully and goes through several level of quality check to ensure that the best product is delivered.

4. Cello Proton Electric Stainless Steel Lunch Box

This Cello electric stainless steel lunch box is safer and non-toxic as compared to their plastic counterparts. You can heat up your food to the appropriate temperature and have the feel of consuming freshly cooked food.

Although these glass lunch box for office might seem to be a little expensive as compared to the plastic one but they certainly are safer and non-toxic and durable.

List of Best Lunch Box For Office in 2018

Best Lunch Box For Office in 2018 Price In India Buy
Milton 360 ml 4 Compartments(Steamer Lunch Box) Rs.1,289 Grab Offers
Jindal Microwavable Round Containers & Square Container With Plastic Lid 2 Containers Lunch Box(1450 ml) Rs.720 Grab Offers
Cello GLASSY 3 Containers Lunch Box(1050 ml) Rs.710 Grab Offers
Glasslock Round Set Of 3 Containers Lunch Box(3400 ml) Rs.1,749 Grab Offers
ezra reo Klip N Store Lunch Box Hot & Fresh Lunch Box Set & Bag, 3 Box Containers storage 3 Containers Lunch Box(320 ml) Rs.1,476 Grab Offers
Borosil Klip N Store Microwavable Containers with Lunch Bag, 400ml, Set of 3, Transparent Rs.949 Grab Offers
Signoraware Executive Glass Lunch Box Set with Bag, 390ml/16cm, 3-Pieces, Transparent Rs.699 Grab Offers
Amazon Brand - Solimo Glass Lunch Box Set with Bag, 350ml, 3-Pieces, Clear Rs.829 Grab Offers
Femora Microwavable Borosilicate Glass Fresh N Store Square 300 ml, Set Of 2 Containers Lunch Box (300 ml) Rs.657 Grab Offers
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