Homemade Pepper Spray : Make One At Home Or Buy These Top Selling Pepper Spray Brands

Homemade Pepper Spray : Make One At Home Or Buy These Top Selling Pepper Spray Brands

Pepper Spray : Make One At Home Or Buy These Top Selling Pepper Spray Brands

It is very sad that in spite of us progressing so much, girls in India still do not feel safe even during day time. The newspapers and electronic media is flooded with reports regarding rapes, molestations, kidnappings, human trafficking and similar crimes. Girls are the soft target of all these anti-social elements as they think the girls to be week to fight back. Girls should always keep themselves prepared to tackle any situation and the first thing they need to do is to get their hands on the art of self-defense as a measure to protect them. Next in line is to carry things in your purse that might distract or harm the attacker. Since carrying sharp weapons like knife and scissors are restricted at many places due to security issues, girls should find alternatives like carrying a sling bag with detachable strap and pepper sprays.

Pepper spray is a chemical mixture which causes immense pain and irritation when it comes in contact with the eyes. Sometimes, if the pepper sprays enters into the nose or mouth it can lead to severe cough too. It often has the ability to incapacitate a person for a short period of time as the damage it does is seldom long-lasting. Since it does not pose any harm to anyone’s life at the same time incapacitates the person who intended to do a mischief it is considered to be the perfect self defense tool. The market has a number of brands that sell out pepper spray, but to make your own pepper spray also sounds interesting. Here we will be telling you about some DIY to make pepper sprays and cautions to be taken care of while making them at home.

Cautions to Maintain While Making DIY Pepper Sprays:

  • Use a facial mask
  • Use goggles
  • Prepare pepper sprays in a well ventilated room
  • Use gloves
  • Do not try it on your own face or on someone you know

DIY to Make Pepper Spray at Home

Making pepper spray at home is quite easy. Just by using some simple ingredients available at home you can easily make pepper spray on your own and be ready to defend yourself in any situation. Here is a simple DIY to make pepper spray at home:
Ingredients Required

  1. Chili Pepper
  2. Black Pepper (For Coughing Effect)
  3. Lemon
  4. Olive Oil/ Vegetable Oil
  5. Spirit
  6. A Compact Spray Bottle

Step 1: Crush the pepper to make it into a powder
Step 2: Add 2tbsp of this crushed pepper to a bowl (If you want to increase the intensity and quantity, you can vary the amount of crushed pepper)
Step 3: Add spirit to the powder, keep adding spirit until the pepper has been completely submerged. Stir the mixture to know the consistency of the mixture.
Step 4: Add 1tbsp of olive oil or vegetable oil for every 2 tbsp of pepper powder. If you have added 2tbsp of pepper add 1tbsp oil.
Step 5: To increase the intensity of your spray ingredients like black pepper powder, lemon juice or soap can be added to the mixture.
Step 6: Allow the mixture to settle overnight, and put a plastic wrap over it.
Step 7: Take off the plastic wrap and filter your mixture. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and use it as a method of self defense whenever required.

Finally remember to wash your hands properly after you have prepared the spray and also after converting it to the spray bottle. In case of contact with eyes wash your eyes with ample of water and see a doctor immediately if irritation persists.

Homemade Pepper Spray : Make One At Home Or Buy These Top Selling Pepper Spray Brands

Product Price in India
IMPOWER Self Defence Pepper Spray for Woman safety | 55 ML Rs.145
Knockout Punch Strong Oc Pepper Spray with Child Safety Lock and Key Ring (Pink), 14 g Rs.242
COMMANDER Women's Self Defense Pepper Spray, 50 ml, 35 g Rs.219
Healthgenie Pepper Spray, upto 10 feet range, 35 gms of Dispensable Pepper Spray (Pack of 2) Rs.279
Cobra Magnum EM Self Defense Pepper Spray (35 gms/55ml) Rs.356
Knockout Punch With Key Ring Pepper Stream Spray Rs.3,228
Healthgenie Self Defence, protection & safety Pepper Spray For Men & Women, upto 10 feet range, 55ml/35 gms of dispensable (Pack of 1) Pepper Stream Spray Rs.145
Commander Self Defence Women Safety upto 10 feet Range Dispensable Pepper Stream Spray Rs.242
IMPOWER Self Defence Green Chilli Spray Pepper Stream Spray Rs.199
Dr. Morepen 2 Pieces Women Self Defence Pepper Stream Spray Rs.639