Top Water Purifiers In India: Shop for The Best Water Purifiers to Drink Clean and Purified Water

Confused and not able to figure of which best water purifier to buy? Worry not, we've curated this story just for you, where you can top water purifiers in India along with the types of water purifiers available so that you pick the right product. Time ti shop from the top brands like Kent RO, Aquagaurd, Pureit, and more at unbelievable prices..
Top Water Purifiers In India: Shop for The Best Water Purifiers to Drink Clean and Purified Water

Top Water Purifiers In India That Are Worth Your Penny

In today’s scenario, to even dream of pure, clean and safe drinking water is considered to an act of foolishness. The growing pollution, industrialization and degrading environmental conditions are the real culprit for this situation. With such conditions, it becomes even more important for us to be aware of the developing water purification technologies and techniques. Not only the air, but also the water quality is degrading rapidly. Slowly and gradually we are approaching a situation which was very beautifully illustrated by Samuel Taylor ‘Water Water Everywhere nor a Drop to Drink’. Water has a lot of minerals but the continuous addition of harmful substances and chemical waste into the rivers and sea is leading to an immense situation where getting clean drinking water is turning into a myth. With the growing need of air purifiers, having one water-purifier has become mandatory for living a healthy life. Below we've discussed about the best water purifiers and the types of water purifiers so that you know which one to invest in.

Best Water Purifiers and Their Types:

Impure or contaminated water is also a carrier of many diseases. To get rid of impure water and related ailments water purifiers have come to the rescue of man. Water purifiers based upon their working technology can be classified under 5 heads, the best water purifiers use a combination of technologies to deliver the ultimate result.
  1. Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  2. Ultraviolet (UV)
  3. Ultra Filtration (UF)
  4. Activated Carbon
  5. Sediment filter

1. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifiers

RO water filters that are widely used across the country use semi permeable membrane to purify the water. The water pump pressurizes the hard water to pass through this semi permeable RO membrane, during this phase the dissolved impurities like arsenic, lead, fluoride, sulphates, nitrates, and chlorine are trapped by the RO membrane and the water is purified.  Only the best water filters working on RO technology can remove these impurities and provide you clean and safe drinking water.

Advantages of Using RO Water Purifiers:

  1. RO water filters removes dissolved solid particles
  2. RO water filters are also able to remove waterborne disease causing micro organisms
  3. The RO water filter not only removes the micro organism but is also capable of removing their dead bodies from the water
  4. RO water purifiers also removes the bad taste and odour causing contaminants
These RO water filters are basically of two types one that can be mounted on the walls or kept on the countertop and the others that can be fixed under the sink or under the counter. This is one the most popular types and one of the best water purifier category to invest in.

2. Ultraviolet Water Filters (UV)

The best of the water filters use a combination of technologies like RO+UV filter. The UV water filters are capable of killing waterborne disease causing micro organism. The UV water filters do not use any sort of chemical to purify the water. These purifiers feature a UV lamp tube, the water when passes through this tube the UV light kills these germs, however the dead body remains in the water though they do not harm. This best water purifier combine UV and Ro technology for complete purification, on one hand the UV rays kills the germs and the RO purification system removes the dead bodies of the killed germs.

Advantages of UV Water Filters are:

  1. Low maintenance cost
  2. High purification rate
  3. Fast action (Can filter around 2-4 litres of water in a minute)
  4. Low energy consumption
  5. Simple UV filters do not alter the taste of water
UV filters are the perfect pick for areas where the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of water is low; they are incapable to purify water with high TDS. UV filters also do not remove essential mineral from water. This is another best water purifier which is popular among many as it is comparatively cheaper than the above.

RO vs UV Water Purifier:

Water Type FilteredUnder ground waterLake, river, and municipal supply water
MicroorganismsRO water purifier blocks and removes bacteria and viruses from purified water. Flush out microorganisms bodies.UV water purifier kills bacteria and viruses bodies from purified water but microorganisms bodies remained in purified water only.
Waste waterRO water purifier produces lot of waste water.UV does not produce any waste water. Zero percent waste water
Dissolved solidsRO water purifier removes dissolved solids and TDS.UV water purifier does not remove dissolved solids
Time to purifyRO water purifier takes much more time to purify waterUV water purifier makes much less time to purify water
Water tasteRO water purifier alter water tasteUV water purifier does not alter water taste
Storage tankMost of the RO water purifiers have storage tankMost of the UV water purifiers don’t have storage tank
Maintenance, total costRO water purifier can cost double as much to a UV water purifier.UV water purifier is inexpensive
Work with muddy waterRO water purifier requires pre-filtration such as sediment filter to work with dirty, muddy waterUV water purifier also requires sediment filter.

3. Ultra Filtration (UF)

UF technology when coupled with RO and UV technology produces the best water filters that are capable of delivering purified, clean drinking water. The UF technology uses hollow fibres of membrane made of a thin layer of material which is used to separate water and other particles present in water. Ro and UF technology work on the same principle.

Advantages of Using an UF Water Filter:

  1. Can work even without electricity
  2. No need of strong water pressure
  3. Since the UF filtration technique does not use chemicals, the taste of water remains intact
  4. UF filters can filter muddy water also
  5. Removes the dead bodies of the germs from water
UF filtration is suitable for places where water does not have any chemical contamination, as UF water filters are incapable of filtering chemical contamination.

4. Activated Carbon Water Filters (Gravity Based Water Filters)

The Gravity based water filters are amongst the best water purifiers that uses activated carbon made from small size carbon granules which can absorb impurities that are present in water. The water in this process is filtered via normal gravity process, the water moves from the upper compartment to the lower compartment without any external force. For filtration the Activated carbon filters use micro fiber mash along with polisher for the removal of residual chemicals.

Advantages of Using Activated Carbon Filters:

  1. Activated Carbon water filters eliminate diseases causing pesticides and toxic chemicals like Chlorine
  2. These filters also remove heavy metal particles
  3. Since these filters eliminate toxic chemicals it enhances the taste and odour of water
  4. Activated carbon filters when coupled with RO filters, they help to increase the life of RO membrane by eliminating chemicals like chlorine that can damage the RO membrane.
The process used to purify water using activated carbon filters is called ‘Adsorption’. In the process of adsorption the chemicals and metals stick to the carbon filter when the water passes through the activated carbon filter, the purified water then moves to them next storage tank.

5. Sediment Filter

The sediment filters is a pre-stage of filtration used along with other process like RO or UV.  The particles collected at the bottom of the water are known as sediments, these filters work to eliminate the collected sediments that may comprise of metal pipes, sand, mud particles or any other turbidity. The best water filters use this technology to get the best result along with other technologies.

Advantages of Sediment Filtration are:

  1. Removes solid dust, mud, and sand particles
  2. Eliminates visible pollutants prior to the filtration
  3. Protects the RO and UV filters from getting damaged by these solid sediments
In our country most of the sediment filters are made of cotton or polyester fibres. Sediment filters are placed just before the water inlet of any water filter.

We've provided you with the best water purifiers along with their advantages so that you can pick the among the top water purifiers for your utilization. Pen your reviews down in the comments section telling us- How much did this story of best water purifier helped you in sorting one for yourself.
Top Water Purifiers In India: Shop for The Best Water Purifiers to Drink Clean and Purified Water
Product Price In India Buy
Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier Rs.8,699 Grab Offers
KENT Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV/UF + TDS Water Purifier,White Rs.13,499 Grab Offers
Hul Pureit Ultima Ro+Uv Water Purifier Rs.15,899 Grab Offers
Blue Star Pristina UV Ambient Series 25-Watt Water Purifier Rs.6,796 Grab Offers
KENT Maxx 7-Litres UV + UF Water Purifier with detachable storage tank Rs.6,699 Grab Offers
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier Rs.7,304 Grab Offers
Tata Swach Viva Silver UV+UF Wall Mounted 6-LitreWater Purifier Rs.6,290 Grab Offers
Aquafresh splash water tech Plastic 14 Stage Advanced Mineral Technology Ro UV UF Minerals TDS Adjuster Ro Water Purifier, 407x269x930mm (White) Rs.3,670 Grab Offers
R.K. Aqua Fresh India Zx14Stage Advanced Mineral Technology RO UV Uf Minerals TDS Adjuster Ro Water Purifier - Off White Rs.4,999 Grab Offers
KENT Water Purifier Rs.1,229 Grab Offers
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