Tennis Ball Life Hack

Tennis Ball Life Hack

Tennis Ball Life Hack

Exasperated at your things just rolling here and there? Well, we have bought a life hack that is just for you! This will not only help in put your things together but will look cute on your walls and table as well. These tennis ball hacks will help you get a good night sleep by making sure your things are where they belong.


Tennis Ball Life Hacks
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Things you will need:

Tennis ball, cutter, glue and plastic toys eye balls

Steps to make a quirky tennis ball holder:

1. Take a tennis ball and cut a slit in it (be careful while using the cutter)
2. Use glue to stick the plastic eyeballs.
Voila! It is done in hardly 10 minutes. You can put your pen, letters, keys, napkins etc. and it sure looks cute too.

Tennis Ball Hacks
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Tennis Ball Life Hack
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HOMMER Tennis Balls Rs.209
Standard Temperature Corded Glue Gun Rs.359
puffy Art Creation Detail Cutter Craft Knife Rs.198
Tennis Ball Life Hack
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