Camera Tripods : Types of Tripods, A Buying Guide and The Best Deals!

Camera Tripods : Types of Tripods, A Buying Guide and The Best Deals!

Camera Tripod Types, Buying Guide and The Best Discounts!

A good tripod is a photography gear which always turns out to be a sound investment. If you are planning to upgrade your photography game then we have also curated the basic photography equipment you will need to start this new skill. After you have bought yourself a good camera and good lenses, next most important equipment is a good quality tripod. Handheld shots are quite helpful only till you are satisfied with basic image capturing. When you are planning to shoot video, time lapse, hyper lapse or light trail shots, there is no replacement for a tripod. After you make your purchase here you might also want to check the best entry level DSLRs we have skillfully picked for you or the best deals on camera lenses.

Following are some of the essential features of a good tripod.

Durable/Strong - Many premium tripods are very expensive, that is why photographers expect them to be durable. They have to be strong since during shoots these tripods have to carry expensive camera and lens for long durations. Also in many situations, tripods have to face external shocks baggage while moving or while shooting, a high-quality premium tripod has to withstand those shocks.
Light Weight - Many photographers are travelers and cannot afford to carry a heavy tripod anywhere they go. A lightweight one is always preferred over a heavy tripod. This is the main reason why tripods today are made up of aluminum.
Compatibility - The tripods are expected to be compatible with many devices such as DSLRs, point and shoot cameras, camcorders, handy cams, etc. Most of the premium tripods come with an adjustable plate with a universal screw. These plates can fit on most of the shooting gadgets. With increasing trend of shooting via smartphone, the tripod manufacturers also came up with add-ons to support a phone on them.
Fluid Movement - The movement of the tripod heads have to be fluid since there is no place for jerky moments while filming a video. Premium tripods come with fluid head technology which facilitates smooth movement in any direction
Adjustability - A good tripod is expected to be adjustable in all possible ways. Since we don't know what angle our creativity drives us to, our tripod should be ready for all kind of angles. Tripods nowadays come with both height and angle adjustment feature, which is useful.

There are no perfect tripods, but we have filtered down best amongst others for you. We recommend you to go through the entire range from the Amazon store we have handpicked for you before making a final purchase.

Tripods come in various designs and size, depending upon your need and requirement you should choose wisely from the following category of tripods:
  1. Pocket tripods: Family tripods can be a real saviour for personal use. When you wish to shoot a family picture or a picture with all the members of your gang in it. With less than 5 inches of collapsed size, these pods can easily slip in a bag and are quite handy for outing and party with friends. These can carry the load of a compact digital camera. Pocket tripods with adjustable head are the best pick. These can be best used for self portrait, group shots, small light weight cameras and above all when you wish to click a family picture with you in the frame.
  2. Tabletop tripods: There are perfect when you wish to position your camera on a flattened surface other that the floor or ground. These are small light weight tripods, which are easy to pack and move. Like the pocket tripods these can also be efficiently used for clicking family pictures. Since it holds the camera just 12 inches above the ground, they can be used to click close up pictures of small down to earth subjects. Since these are very compact it is the best pick for travel photographers.
  3. Travel Tripods: Although these tripods can bring the camera well above the ground, they can easily be collapsed to a compact size. These are best for people who wish to create and capture memories when outside their comfort zone. They are well used by bikers, hikers, people who love to shoot nature and most of all by people whom love to shoot small amateur videos. These tripods can be loaded with small SLR cameras or digital cameras.
  4. Medium Duty tripods: These tripods fill in the space between a light weight portable tripod and a heavy duty studio tripod. With features included from both of the category, this is the most demanded tripod section. It can be used to shoot nature, along with portraits and studio shoots. The best feature of these tripods is that in spite of having an eye level size it is light weight and can be carried along with you. These are the perfect for a wildlife photographer, for wedding and other group events, to shoot location portraits. These can carry the load of a medium format camera.
  5. Studio tripods: These are perfectly perfect for professional photographers, who have specific needs and look out for specific features in their tripods. These are big, sturdy and heavy duty. However these are immovable and needs to be fixed at a particular place. They are crafted to handle medium and large DSLR cameras. This can be best used for studio photography or advertisement shoots.   

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Camera Tripods : Types of Tripods, A Buying Guide and The Best Deals!
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