Eid is on the 26th June 2017 and We have some Great Ideas to Celebrate It!

Eid is around the corner, only a few days left and are we all not excited and waiting for 26th to arrive. Celebrate this Eid with your family and friends with these awesome ideas and thank us later.

Eid is on the 26th June 2017 and We have some Great Ideas to Celebrate It!

Celebrate Eid on 26th June 2017

Holy Month of Ramadan which started on 27th May 2017 is ongoing and Ramadan Eid 2017 is to arrive soon in the last week on the month probably on 26th June 2017. Ramadan Eid or Eid al-Fitr ideally refers to "Festival of the Breaking the Fast" and is celebrated at the end of Ramadan. Ramadan Eid mainly occurs on the first day of the lunar month "Shawwal" according to the Islamic Calendar. Eid celebrations begin from 'Chaand Raat' which is also known as "Night of the Moon".On this night, all the Muslims head towards shopping malls and local bazaars along with their dear ones to shop for the Eid. Girls and ladies indulge themselves in beauty treatments and draw beautiful henna designs their palms.
Eid celebration in India is an occasion that is joyous and full of happiness, which is not only celebrated by Muslims but also people who belong from other religions also celebrate this auspicious day with their friends and families.

We have some great Ways to Celebrate Ramadan Eid on 26th June 2017 to share with you:

Attend The Eid Prayer and Give Respect to Your Elders:
The day of Eid begins with Prayers performed by the men at the mosque. After the prayers, people greet and embrace each other saying "Eid Mubarak, Khair Mubarak". After the prayers, some people also visit the graveyard where their expired family members are buried in order to offer them respect.

Look Your Best with these Henna designs completing your Look for this Eid on 26th June 2017

As soon as the Chand Raat is declared, shopping and grooming time begins. Men shop for apparels, gadgets, footwear and more. They also pay attention to their grooming so as to look the best on Eid. All the girls and ladies visit the nearest saloon and decorate their palms with henna designs. Then buy their outfits along with the matching bangles and jewellery. On the Eid, everybody is decked up with new clothes and accessories and look their best to commence the Eid celebrations.

Celebrate this Eid with Family and Friends

Friends and family members exchange sweets and gifts and the close ones also join for Eid special meal which comprises of a variety of delicacies, especially the sweets. It's a celebration time especially for the younger ones as older members of the family give them "Eidi" or Gifts, in form of money, gadgets, clothes or more, which excites them the most.

Cook and Relish Sevaiyan:

'Sevaiyan' is the most commonly prepared sweet dish that is cooked on auspicious Eid celebrations. This sweet delicacy is quite commonly observed in the Asian countries especially in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 'Sevaiyan or Shemai'is basically a toasted dish in which fine vermicelli noodles are cooked in milk along with dried fruits to deliver that mouth-watering taste that actually comes as to treat for taste buds.

Donate To Poor:

Happiness comes with sharing. Celebrate Eid on 26th June 2017 this time by donating some money, clothes, food or anything to the needy people so that they also celebrate the Eid joyously with the or dear ones.
Mostly people are aware of that before celebrating Eid or offering Eid prayers, Muslims should perform charity which is known as 'Fitra' in which people are entitled to give approx. 2.5% of their income in form of money, clothes or food to the needy people, it is known as 'zakaat' and it is obligatory.

Decorations are Must:

Decorate your home with lightning's and latest home furnishing collections to give your house a revived look. The fragrance of Oud can also be used as air fresheners to keep the ambience of the home uplifted and fresh.

Eid al-Fitr or Eid is a day of great high-spirits and thanksgiving. Celebrate this day with near and dear ones and spread kindness across the people. "Have a blessed and prosperous Eid 2017!

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