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Best Tank Bags For Storage On Wheels

Shout out to the bikers! While hitting the road is certainly fuel for your soul, carrying around essentials might gear up a challenge for your wheeled paradise. Find some of the best tank bags which can be easily attached to your bikes and carry around your essentials safely while on the go.
Updated: Jan 05, 2021 19:51 IST
Best Tank Bags For Storage On Wheels
Tank bags allow safely carrying around essentials while on the go

The thrill of curving through your favourite corner on wheels with gushes of fresh air brushing past the face is unmatchable. A neurobiological study by a team of the University of California, Loss Angeles (UCLA) backs this therapeutic effect by claiming that riding a motorcycle decreases hormonal biomarkers of stress by an impressive 28% and increases alertness. 

This free-spirited journey sometimes requires the carrying around of essentials and/or accessories; an activity which the designs of motorcycles do not permit. To the rescue have emerged tank bags, which attach themselves to the bike firmly and allow a carefree biking experience with essentials packed along. We have picked some of the best of these from the market in the listed below. Get, set, whoosh!

Best Tank Bags

1. Gods Zeon R1 - Motorcycle Tank Bag

Get ready to bike your heart out with this convertible water-repellent tank bag, which will don the avatars of a sling bag or a backpack, if and when needed. It comes with strong supplementary straps for a firm fix and has padded cushioning to avoid any scratches on your favourite wheeled partner. Thanks to its touch-sensitive smartphone pocket, you can even use your phone without having to take it out. Additionally, it offers easily accessible zipper pockets and keeps the essentials handy.

Convertible Bag
Gods Zeon R1 - Motorcycle Tank Bag with Capsule Rain Cover
(901 ratings)
₹ 1,999
₹ 2,449 (18% off)
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Comes With Three Buckle Mechanism

Bike around the town freely with this premium convertible tank bag which can be converted into sling bag and/or backpack, thanks to its supplementary straps. The soft padding of this water-repellent pick prevents scratches on the bike.

2. SaharaSeats Thunderbird Tank Bag

Shoutout to the riders of the good old Thunderbird bike! This tank bag has been specially designed to fit onto your bike and enhance your biking experience. Some of the compatible bike models include Thunderbird 350x, 500x, 350 and 500. At your service will be its firm bike hugging straps, large luggage space, original Thunderbird zippers, and a touch-sensitive mobile pouch. This bag is spacious enough to easily accommodate a half-helmet.

SaharaSeats Thunderbird 350/500 and Thunderbird 350X and 500X Mobile Tank Cover/Tank Bag (Fits All Models of Thunderbird) (Right Side Fuel Cap) (Black)
(102 ratings)
₹ 849
₹ 999 (15% off)
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Can Easily Accommodate A Half Helmet

This fabulous bag fits well on all the models of the Thunderbird bike and allows a hands-free google navigation experience, thanks to its touch-sensitive smartphone pouch.

3. GUARDIANGEARS Wolverine Motorcycle Tank Bag

Don't let the rainwater over your spirits, fellow bikers! Catch hold of this high-quality leather tank bag which will not only accommodate your essentials including documents but will also protect them against water-damage, thanks to their water-resistant PU coating. While the smartphone pouch can accommodate phones with up to 8 inches, the faux leather back pocket safely stores small-sized items including wallets, keys, cards, etc. Touch-sensitive smartphone pouch adds cherry to the cake!

Rainproof Cover
GUARDIANGEARS Wolverine Motorcycle Universal Tank Bag/Pouch with Waterproof Cover
₹ 599
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Ballistic Nylon Offers High Abrasion-Resistance

This premium pick will help in keeping your essentials safe from rain and carry around your biking shenanigans without a halt. It also offers a touch-sensitive pouch for easy navigation of routes.

4. Trek 'N' Ride Magnetic Polyester Tank Bag

Got a thing for bikes with metal tanks? This tank bag is for you! Designed especially for bikes with metallic tanks, this bag comes fitted with six strong magnets which ensure a firm clinging of the bag to the bike. The reflective straps present on the side add to the convenience. Thanks to its shoulder strap, the bag can be easily carried around like a sling bag, when needed. A water-repellent rain cover is also provided to prevent any water-related damage to the stored items.

Magnetic Bag
Trek 'N' Ride 201732 Magnetic Polyester Tank Bag (Black)
(10 ratings)
₹ 2,199
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Includes Six Strong Magnet To Hold The Bag Tightly

Leave no risk of your bag falling off mid-journey with this fine magnetic tank bag, suitable for all bikes with metal tanks. The shoulder straps and rain cover offer added advantages.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Tank Bag 


Don’t forget to match the dimensions of the bag with that of your bike’s tank to avoid getting a misfit. 


Check the number of compartments, storage space and placement of additional pockets and pick the bag which fits well with your requirements. 


Tank bags are usually exposed to all kinds of weathers while biking. Make sure to pick a bag made of durable and weather-proof material. Many bags also offer rain covers to ensure safe storage. 

Map Pocket

If you are an explorer with navigation maps at the core of your travel, make sure to get a tank bag with touch-sensitive pockets which allow transparent covers through which the smartphones can be easily accessed. 


The most important feature to be considered before finalising a tank bag is its installation over the bike. Make sure that you get a bag with a firm and assuring installation arrangement to avoid unwanted falling off and subsequent damage. Usually strong straps or metals are installed to ensure a firm grip. 

Best Tank Bags For Storage On Wheels

Best Tank Bags For Storage On Wheels Price in India
Gods Zeon R1 - Motorcycle Tank Bag with Capsule Rain Cover ₹ 1,999
SaharaSeats Thunderbird 350/500 and Thunderbird 350X and 500X Mobile Tank Cover/Tank Bag (Fits All Models of Thunderbird) (Right Side Fuel Cap) (Black) ₹ 849
GUARDIANGEARS Wolverine Motorcycle Universal Tank Bag/Pouch with Waterproof Cover ₹ 599
Trek 'N' Ride 201732 Magnetic Polyester Tank Bag (Black) ₹ 2,199
Price List of the Products are last updated on 15 January 2021
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