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Best USB car Charger In India, Quickly Charge Your Mobile On the Go!

Your phone's battery draining too fast? Not anymore. Checkout the list of best USB car Chargers that shall facilitates you to quickly charge your smartphones on the go.
Updated: Dec 28, 2019 19:14 IST
Best USB car Charger In India, Quickly Charge Your Mobile On the Go!
Best USB Car Chargers, Quickly Charge Your Smartphones On the Go!

For most of us our vehicle is our second home. With the growing problem of traffic in the urban cities we tend to spend a lot of time in our cars even while commuting to the office daily. If we get stuck in a traffic jam, there is huge probability to spend more than an hour or two inside the car. Many also prefer staying inside the car rather than in the tent house during camping. While we spend so much time in the car the only thing that we look up for some entertainment is our mobile phones. But what if your mobile isn't completely juiced up and you start receiving low battery alerts, you're sure to get irritated and then ultimately you will be spoiling your entire day. Also to top it up, just imagine a situation when you are stuck in a bad traffic jam, getting late for office and you receive a call from your boss which gets disconnected during the conversation due to low battery. This incident can annoy your boss and as the worst after-effect he/she can also fire you straight away for this. The simple solution to avoid all these problems is to keep handy the best USB car chargers. These best USB car chargers are quite useful in such situations and can save your day being spoiled just because of low battery in your phone.

Here we have handpicked some of the best USB Car Chargers especially for you, that will perfectly suit your needs, but before that let us have a look at some of the key things we should look for in the best USB car chargers.

What Makes the Best USB Car Charger?

Here is the answer to what makes the best USB car charger:

1. Compatibility:
When you are planning to get a new and the best USB car charger compatibility is one thing that matters the most. It would certainly be a silly decision if you opt for a charger without testing its compatibility with your phone and also with the car. So before buying any USB car charger make sure to the check its compatibility.

2. Amperage:
Amperage define the 3 amount of current that the device requires to work. The best USB car chargers come with high amperage. So next time you go out to buy an USB car charger do look out for the USB car chargers with higher amperage.

3. USB Ports:
Another thing that needs to be kept in mind while looking for the best USB car charger, is the number of USB ports that it features. The more the number of ports the more devices could be connected to it. It is also required that you check the specification of the USB ports. The ones with the highest specification are the best to choose.

4. USB Charging Cable:
The best USB car chargers connect to the cigarette lighters in the car and power the phones via USB charging cable. Before opting for the best USB car charger make sure it has a good quality USB charging cable along with it. Also check the length of the charging wire.

Top 5 Best USB Car Chargers:

Here is a handpicked list of the best USB chargers keeping mind their connectivity, compatibility, amperage, number of USB ports and the quality of USB cable they feature:

1. Jebsens 24W Dual USB Car Charger:

The Jebsens 24W Dual USB car charger which is listed on the top amongst the best USB car chargers features special specification. One of the best USB chargers Jebsens sweetens the deal by charging your phone and at the same time the display shows the voltage of your car battery.

2. Omaker Intelligent Premium Aluminum 3 USB Car Charger:

The Omaker Intelligent USB car charger is another charger that is featured in the list of best USB car chargers. The impressive powerful 33W Omaker Intelligent is ideal for larger devices like the laptops, tablets and GPS units. It charges your devices at the maximum speed with two 2.1 amp ports and one 2.4 amp port. This also protects your devices against overcharging.

3. Anker 4.8 amp Turbo Car Charger:

If you are looking for the best USB car chargers then the Anker Turbo chargers should definitely suffice your needs. The two power ports deliver 2.4 amps to each of the connected device along with reliability. The device comes in a very stylish look with black body and red border.  The Anker Turbo USB car charger also features a 3 foot long high quality USB cable.

4. Tronsmart 33W Dual USB Car Charger:

For people who are looking for a solution to keep their smart devices all juiced up and powered, the Tronsmart Dual USB car charger is the best USB car chargers. Featured amongst the top 5 best USB car chargers the Tronsmart features a 3.3 foot power cable and a USB port that is compatible with virtually everything. This Tronsmart USB charger which is one of the best USB car chargers protects your device against over-current and delivers up to 3 amps per port.

5. MoArmouz USB Car Charger:

If you think MoArmouz to be just other USB car chargers, then you are highly mistaken. The MoArnouz with its commendable performance has been able to make a place for itself amongst the top 5 best USB car chargers. Each of the 3 port delivers high speed charging to all connected device. The charger is compatible with almost all the devices that use Qualcomm processors.

So if you haven't got a USB car charger for yourself then it's high time you should get one of the best USB car chargers for your car today. If you have any further suggestions or tips on best USB car chargers do pen it doen in the ‘Write your Review' section mentioned below.

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