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Best Hair Sprays for Men

Best Hair Sprays for Men: Your hairstyle says a lot about you when it comes to the first impression. Our below story will take you through some best hair sprays for men that you can shop right away to give your hairstyle a top-notch appearance.
Updated: Feb 22, 2021 16:19 IST
  • All the handsome hunks out there, find the best hair sprays for men here.
  • These hair sprays holds your hairdo in place without leaving any residue.
  • These hair sprays are lightweight, non-sticky and offer salon-like finish
Best Hair Sprays for Men
Shop the best hair spray for men to maintain a perfect hairstyle throughout the day

Hair sprays can be a tricky product to shop for as well as use. The wrong product can make hair look unpleasingly stiff, and too much usage of this wrong product could also lead to greying. As it is with most beauty and grooming products, going for a good brand does bring in a level of trust as well as good quality. If you too want to tame those flyaways without making your hair look unnatural, try some of these best hair sprays for men. These offer great hold and can also help add a shine to your hair, and make them look flawless from dawn to dusk. These are also pocket friendly and user-recommended.

List Of The Best Hair Spray for Men

1. Gatsby Set And Keep Spray Super Hard

Gatsby Set And Keep Spray Super Hard 1613672769257

Best Hair Spray for Men: Gatsby Set And Keep Spray Super Hard

This hair spray offers no coarseness and helps you maintain a perfect hairstyle even during humid weather. It won't just hold the hairstyle in place for longer duration but also add a non-sticky natural shine to the hair. It leaves no visible residue on the hair and also protects them from UV rays. The refreshing citrus scent will leave you fresh and stress-free all day. This hair spray is specifically designed for men and is suitable for all hair types.

2. Tigi Bed Head, Hard Head Spray

Tigi Bed Head Hard Head Spray 1613672835482

Best Hair Spray for Men: Tigi Bed Head, Hard Head Spray

This hair spray offers relentless hold so that your hairstyle stays in place perfectly for the entire day. It keeps control of the hairstyle as it dries instantly and also can get harder with every spritz. It won't just hold the hairstyle in place but also add shine without leaving any residue behind on the hair. You can opt for this hair spray as it offers strong hold without making your hair appear stiff or hard.

3. Elnett L'Oreal Paris Satin Hairspray

Elnett lOreal Paris Satin Hairspray Extra Strong 1613672863743

Best Hair Spray for Men: Elnett LOreal Paris Satin Hairspray

This hair spray is formulated with micro-diffusion technology that offers an extra strong hold which is also brushable. It is ideal for colour-treated hair, and it also has a UV filter which keeps your hair protected from sun damage. It offers a strong, clean and shiny finish making hair healthy and manageable. It can also maintain long-lasting hairdos as it also humid resistance which does not ruin your hairstyle no matter how humid the weather turns.

4. Wella Professionals Eimi Sugar Spray

Wella Professionals Eimi Sugar Spray 1613672878466

Best Hair Spray for Men: Wella Professionals Eimi Sugar Spray

This hair spray is infused with sugar that lifts the roots to add immense volume and shine while you're busy achieving a desired hairstyle. It also enhances the texture and adds luminous shine which makes your hairdo look no less than a professional one. It is a non-greasy hair spray which gives a touchable, grippy feeling to the hair without having to feel heavy. This hair spray offers stronghold which means you can effortlessly enjoy long-lasting hairdos that stay in place for long.

5. UrbanGabru Frozt Hair Spray

UrbanGabru Frozt Hair Spray Extreme 1613672895493

Best Hair Spray for Men: UrbanGabru Frozt Hair Spray

This hair spray is enriched with vitamin A, C and E along with aloe vera extract that contribute to minimal damage and safe hair styling. It provides a stronghold to the hairdo, tames frizz and improves the texture of the hair making them feel soft and smooth. It has a non-greasy and fast-drying formula that leaves no residue behind and offers a long-lasting hold of the hairstyle. This hair spray for men can also be used by women as it can hold the hair in all kinds of weather.

6. Man Arden Hair Spray

Man Arden Hair Spray 1613672923737

Best Hair Spray for Men: Man Arden Hair Spray

This hair spray is enriched with bhringraj extract and Moroccan argan oil that help to deeply nourish the hair. The argan oil helps to keep the hair smooth, shiny and healthy while on the other hand bhringraj extract helps prevent hair fall and promotes healthy hair growth. It also helps to hold the hairstyle in place throughout the day. This non-sticky formula can tame flyaways and control the frizz while offering stronghold and intense shine to the hair.

7. Schwarzkopf Taft Power Hair Lacquer Mega Strong

Schwarzkopf Taft Power Hair Lacquer Mega Strong 1613672937923

Best Hair Spray for Men: Schwarzkopf Taft Power Hair Lacquer Mega Strong

This is a hair spray for men that has caffeine power formula which helps to provide a stronghold for up to 72-hours. It does not leave any residue after application and also protects the hair from drying. It not only protects the hair from the harmful UV rays but also protects the hair from various weather conditions like wind and humidity. This hair spray provides strength and extreme hold.

8. TRESemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray

TRESemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray 1613672956059

Best Hair Spray for Men: TRESemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray

This hair spray works for all hair types and it offers super stronghold to the hairstyle which makes it look flawless. It evenly spreads across the hair and also does not leave any residue. It is a non-sticky formula with excellent hold and long-lasting performance. This is the best hairspray for men as it provides up to 24 hours of moisture-resistance and keeps your hairstyle in place to satisfy all of your hair styling requirements.

Benefits Of Using Hairspray

  • Great for Thin Hair: Hairspray doesn't feel cumbersome, and it doesn't separate your thin hair too. So apparently it will hold the hairstyle in place, add shine and make your hair appear natural and healthy.
  • Perfect To Add Volume: Men with fine or thin hair crave thick and voluminous hair and hair sprays allow you to do and achieve the same. Spritz a light hairspray around the roots and get ready for the tasteful and trendy boost of volume.
  • Manage Thick Hair Or Unruly Hair: Hairspray is made of various components, and choosing the right one can be tedious. People having thick or unruly hair can opt for hairsprays that offer stronghold with less volumizing effect. It will also prevent your hair from falling greasy or appearing clumpy.
  • Acts as a Hairstyle Fixer: Hairsprays can offer a great hold to the entire style and help it stay in place for hours. It can be used after on top of styling products to achieve a well-finished desired look which will help tame baby hair and frizz as well as add shine to the hairdo.

How To Incorporate Hair Spray In Your Grooming Routine?

  1. Firstly cover your forehead and your eyes with your palm as the chemicals in it might break out and damage the skin. Also, your eye might face slight irritation which you shouldn't want from the product application.
  2. Then hold the hair spray about 12-15 inches far and then spritz it over the hair as the particles will cascade on the surface of the hair and then let it dry.
  3. Drying might take 2-5 seconds and tada your hairstyle is frozen and stays in place all day long.

Note: You can use it as a finishing product over your pomade or hair wax to achieve the most desirable dapper look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Sprays For Men

Why men should use hair spray?

Hairspray is a useful styling aid for those men who want to avoid a waxy look, as it is lightweight and doesn't weigh hair down. It also helps in adding volume to thin hair and you can do this by spriting the hair spray underside of your hair closer to roots. Hair spray comes as a handy option that can provide hold, add shine and yet allow the hair to remain flexible so you can restyle them again. Hair sprays are a great grooming product choice for men as they can also withstand various weather conditions especially, humidity.

How hair sprays are beneficial for men?

Hairsprays can help in keeping your final hairstyle in place for hours. These can also add shine and can also be used to create volume or even keep baby hair or flyaways at bay.

What to look at when choosing the hair spray?

We suggest you consider the following when heading to buy a hair spray: volume, setting, control, anti-frizz and shine.

  • Volume: Look for voluminous hair sprays, if you have thin hair.
  • Setting: If you're bothered with flyaways and want to have a light and smooth effect, then opt for this hair spray type.
  • Control: Hair sprays that offer great control can help in keeping your mane in place for a long time. These hair spray types are mostly suitable for all hair types.
  • Anti-frizz: This type of hair spray works great for people dealing with frizzy hair as it helps to tame frizz and keep them smooth and straight throughout the day. It also works great during humid or rainy days.
  • Shine: If you're having dull, dry and damaged hair, this is the type of hair spray you must incorporate into your grooming routine. It helps to add natural glow and radiance and make your hair look healthy and lively.
Is hair spray bad for men's hair?

Any chemical product is suggested to be used only when required. These work great when it comes to taming frizz, adding volume, providing hold and making the hair appear flawless but at the same time if overused can dehydrate the hair and make them look dry and damaged too, so use the product in moderation.

If you're already using hair waxes and hair gels on your hair, there remains no reason not to try the best hair sprays for men listed above. All grooming products have their importance and on using the hair sprays you'll understand how this product makes a difference on not only your hairstyle but also your overall persona. Do let us know which hair spray you shopped for or loved the most!!

Best Hair Sprays for Men With Price

Best Hair Sprays for Men Price in India
Gatsby Set And Keep Spray Super Hard, 250ml ₹ 200
Tigi Bed Head, Hard Head Spray ₹ 801
Elnett L'Oreal Paris Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold With UV Filter For Color Treated Hair ₹ 990
Wella Professionals Eimi Sugar Spray for Voluminous Texture 150 ml ₹ 570
UrbanGabru Frozt Hair Spray Extreme Hold for Women & Men| No Gas| Freeze Hair ₹ 315
Man Arden Hair Spray - Strong Hold, Styling with Nourishment - Argan Oil and Bhringraj, 180 ml ₹ 349
Schwarzkopf Taft Power Hair Lacquer Mega Strong 5-250 ML ₹ 336
TRESemme Extra Firm Control Hair Spray ₹ 2,995
Price List of the Products are last updated on 27 February 2021
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