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Best Hair Care Products Tame Hair

Sometimes, the only thing getting between you and picture-perfect hair is flyaways: those annoying strands that refuse to sit down. Tame frizzy hair and manage flyaways with the best haircare products we list here.
Updated: Jul 19, 2019 14:35 IST
Best Hair Care Products Tame Hair
How to Tame Frizzy Hair: 7 Useful Tips to Manage Flyaways

Sometimes, the only thing getting between you and picture-perfect hair is flyaways: those annoying strands that refuse to sit down, especially when you try to comb them into submission. Frustrating as that may be, it's not impossible to get rid of frizzy hair, smoothening it out with the right tricks and hacks which we've listed below so you can step out with not a hair out of place -- sometimes, the smallest changes can make a big difference, like getting rid of your plastic combs, in addition to obvious hacks like changing your conditioner, using the best shampoo for frizzy hair or shifting to the best hair serum for frizzy hair. Ahead, how to tame frizzy hair and manage flyaways with the best haircare products and useful tips. Have a look.

How To Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

1. Use conditioner

Dry hairs are more frizzy and difficult to handle. So every time you wash your hair do not forget to condition them as they control the frizz and makes the hair more manageable. Always use a conditioner which contains glycerin or essential oils whick makes you hair hydrated.

2. Choose sulphate free shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner which contains sulphates are harmful to your hair. They make your hair rough and weaken them from the roots. They make the hair loose their natural shine and make them appear dull and frizzy.

3. Use a hydration mask

Do not forget as your body needs hydration and nourishment same are required by your hairs. and to complete the need of your hair it is necessary to apply a hair mask at least once a week to make and keep your hair healthy and frizz free. The hair mask help to give your hair deep nourishment.

4. Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is a boon to control the frizzy hair. Its gives your hair the extra nourishment and keeps them away from frizz. It also makes the hair soft and shiny and makes the hair manageable. Use coconut oil massage from roots to tips for at least once or twice a week for better result.

5. Let your hair dry naturally

Always using styling product may lead to damage of hair. It will be more good if you let your hair dry naturally rather than using a hair dry and blow dry your hair with external heat this will damage your hair and loose the natural shine.

6. Use nourishing oil

If you have extremely dry hair then do not forget to use the nourishing oil on the tips of the hair, it will prevent your hair from breakage and reduce the split ends.

7. Use styling products less

If you want to use the styling products then use it on the low setting as it will lead to less damage of the hair.

How to Tame Frizzy Hair: 7 Useful Tips to Manage Flyaways Like a Boss

Use a Frizz-Control Serum

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Manage Flyaways Like a Boss

Frizz serums add shine, smoothness and hold to your hair. By giving it volume with their silky consistency, they help weigh frizzy hair hair down. If you want, you can use them on problem areas exclusively. Just remember to wash your hair regularly to prevent build-up.

Key Ingredients : Aqua, ubiquinone, linoleic acid, Dexpanthenol, hydroxyethylcellulose, glycerin, plus oil, PEG35 castor oil, inositol, perfume, propanediol, polyquaternium

  • Soothes the hair
  • Prevents frizz from the hair
  • Moisture lock
  • Fight from environmental damage
  • Makes styling of hair easier
  • Protects from styler heat
  • Makes hair manageable
  • Adds gloss to the hair
  • Contains Silicon
  • May lead to breakage of hair
  • Contains chemicals

Do a Quick Fix With Oil

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Manage Flyaways Like a Boss

Oil has a thicker consistency than serums, so you can use it on flyaways that are really unruly. You won't need much product – a few light dabs and you should be good to go. We recommend olive oil, which will simultaneously strengthen your strands.

Key Ingredients :Some hydrating ingredients come in a pure form: avocado, olive, and coconut oils and some other ingredients include Arachidonic acid., Linolenic acid.,Palmitic acid, Pantothenic acid, Stearic acid.

  • Stimulate the blood circulation
  • Adds moisture
  • Adds shine to the hair
  • Promote hair growth
  • Reduce dandruff
  • Cure dry scalp
  • Makes hair bouncy
  • Attracts the dust on hair
  • Makes hair greasy and sticky
  • Weighs down the hair

Turn to Good Old Vaseline

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Manage Flyaways Like a Boss

From fixing cracking feet and preventing chafing thighs to removing eye makeup, Vaseline is the answer to every problem. Including wayward flyaways, that can be schooled with just a dabbing of some product. For more incredible Vaseline hacks, check out this list.

Key Ingredients :White Petrolatum USP (30%)

  • Deep moisturization
  • Prevents breakage
  • Remove split ends
  • Makes hair shiny
  • Repair dull and damaged hair
  • Makes hair healthy
  • May not suit oily hair
  • May lead to allergy
  • Difficult to rinse off

Comb with Wood

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Manage Flyaways Like a Boss

Fine-toothed plastic combs are the easiest way to aggravate static build-up, which leads to pronounced flyaways everywhere. Eliminate it by using wooden combs and brushes which reduce static significantly (thereby saving you from further damage).

Key Feature :Gives mini scalp massage and increases blood circulation. It takes the natural oil from your scalp and tips and evenly spreads the oil.

  • Detangles curly hair and long hair easily
  • Doesn't create friction
  • Suitable for any hair type
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Evenly toothed comb
  • Expensive
  • Should not be used on wet hair

Try Ionic Hair Drying

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Manage Flyaways Like a Boss

Ionic hair drying is being hailed a revolution in haircare technology, since it uses less heat, takes less time and tames frizzy hair all it ones. By using negatively charged ions to neutralise positive charge on your hair, it adds smoothness, softness and shine. Key features of a hair dryer : Fast drying of hair and sometimes give shine to the hair. And evenly diffuse the air. It gives away hot as well as cool air just depending upon your need and style.

  • Beneficial for itchy scalp
  • Makes the hair blow dry fast
  • Makes hair bouncy
  • Removes dandruff and fungus from hair
  • Makes hair fresh and freeway
  • Removes moisture from the hair
  • Leads to breakage of the hair

Cleanse with a Moisturising Shampoo

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Manage Flyaways Like a Boss

Dry hair and static attract like magnets; that's why it's prone to frizz and flyaways. So remember to keep your locks hydrated by investing in a moisturising shampoo. Not only will this help tame frizzy hair, it'll also prevent future breakage. Key ingredients : Sulphates often known as sodium laureth sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulphate, sodium trideceth sulphate and cocamidopropyl betaine, silicones, sodium chloride, fatty acids, parabeans, protein, amino acid, wheat protein.

  • Makes hair smooth and shiny
  • Lathers well
  • Gentle cleaning
  • Removes dust and dirt
  • Less toxic repairs damaged hair
  • Contains chemicals
  • Contains SLES and SLS

Deep Condition

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Manage Flyaways Like a Boss

Finally, remember to condition with a gentle conditioner or smoothing mask, especially if your hair is very dry. This will give your strands extra-hydration, preventing breakage and flattening strands that stick out like a sore thumb. Key ingredients : Coconut oil, argan oil, shea butter, honey, avocado oil, green tea, coconut water

  • Deep conditioning to hair
  • Strengthen the hair
  • Makes hair shiny
  • Improves hair growth
  • Improves texture
  • Doesn't repair the split ends
  • Not suitable for all hair types

How to Tame Frizzy Hair: Prevent More Flyaways

  • Prevent hair breakage by combing gently and not too often
  • Ditch rough towels; use a soft cotton cloth to dry your hair
  • If your blow dryer's getting old, switch to an ionic hair dryer
  • Use a heat protectant spray when drying your hair
  • Don't pull and tug when you dry your hair
  • Switch cotton pillowcases for silk ones

That's how to manage and tame frizzy hair and flyaways. We'd love to hear all about your frizzy hair hacks, so Tweet to us @HotDeals360.

Best Hair Care Products Tame Hair

Best Hair Care Products Tame Hair Price in India
Streax Pro Hair Serum Vita Gloss, 100ml ₹ 179
Osis Magic Finish Anti-Frizz Shine Serum 1.7oz ₹ 945
L'Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Serum, 100ml ₹ 200
The Body Shop Olive Beautifying Oil ₹ 2,800
Nature's Absolutes Olive Oil, 200ml ₹ 224
Rouh Essentials Moroccan Argan Oil, Pure and Organic, 15ml ₹ 373
Vaseline Blueseal Pure Petroleum Jelly 250Ml - Original ₹ 314
By Nature Neem Wood Broad Tooth Comb, Light Brown, ₹ 187
Price List of the Products are last updated on 28 February 2020
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