Best Hair Crimpers: Practice and Polish The Stylist In You

Looking for a best performing hair crimper that makes your hair look gorgeous with an amazing zigzag pattern? In our below story we've curated a list of best hair crimpers that you can buy to rock every possible hairstyle by adding voluminous texture to it.
Updated: Oct 27, 2020 12:42 IST
Best Hair Crimpers: Practice and Polish The Stylist In You
Shop the best hair crimping irons that'll help your attain polished zig-zag pattern seamlessly

Do you always dream to be an ultimate diva who has super voluminous zig-zagged hair that are paired with a little black dress, shimmery stilettoes and minimal jewellery? But if you always fail to convert this dream into reality just because you don't have the best crimping tool in your grooming kit, we've got you covered. We bring you some best hair crimpers that you can shop right away to create extremely voluminous hairdos.

Best Hair Crimping Irons To Buy Now

1. Ikonic S9 Plus Hair Crimper

This hair crimper is equipped with a tourmaline plate and negative ion technology that help in eliminating the static and frizz and help achieve desirable results. It comes with 360° swivel tangle-free long cord, allowing you to achieve effortless results. This crimping iron is ideal for all hair types as it comes with an adjustable temperature dial setting feature.

Excellent Choice
Ikonic S9 Plus Hair Crimper Amazon Deal

Ikonic S9 Plus Hair Crimper

₹ 4,200
₹ 5,250 (20% off)
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2. Ikonic Crimp & Style Hair Crimper

This hair crimper features silver titanium plate with nano titanium technology that heats up rapidly to provide glossy and well-finished texture. Adjustable temperature dial settings do not restrict and suit all hair types. Sleek design and 360 degrees swivel tangle-free long cord provides you better grip for hassle-free styling.

Ultra-Fast Heating


₹ 1,944
₹ 2,700 (28% off)
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3. ROZIA Hair Crimper

This hair crimper comes with ceramic coated crimping plates that help you seamlessly add volume to the overall length of hair to achieve perfect and glossy results. The plates get heated quickly and help you attain crimped results in comparatively less time. The hair crimper is equipped with a salon moulding temperature of up to 470 °F, which helps you create an impressive texture and outrageous volume. The 360-degree tangle-free swivel cord also adds to your convenience.

ROZIA Hair Crimper HR746, Black Amazon Deal

ROZIA Hair Crimper HR746, Black

₹ 749
₹ 849 (12% off)
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4. StyleHouse Professional Hair Crimping Styler Machine

This hair crimper comes with tourmaline-ceramic plates that heat-up rapidly to give you consistent crimping results that too in a shorter period. The uniform heat transfer helps you achieve smooth, voluminous and shiny textured hair that also last long. This is a versatile tool that provides you with complete control while you are styling your hair.

Powerful Tool
StyleHouse Professional Hair Crimping Styler Machine with Steam Iron for Women Amazon Deal

StyleHouse Professional Hair Crimping Styler Machine with Steam Iron for Women

₹ 990
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5. VEGA Classic Hair Crimper

This crimper is equipped with wide ceramic coated plates that quickly heat up to provide you smooth and voluminous texture in no time. The rod can reach up to 220⁰C of maximum temperature to provide you with seamless styling. The 360° swivel cord prevents unnecessary tangles and helps you achieve any desired look.

VEGA VHCR-01 Hair Crimper (Black) Amazon Deal

VEGA VHCR-01 Hair Crimper (Black)

₹ 1,750
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Benefits Of Using a Hair Crimping Iron Machine

  1. Helps you attain volume in your hairdos
  2. Lifts the roots and provide hold
  3. Adds texture to have even hairstyle
  4. Helps to achieve wavy and mermaid curls
  5. Helps you become a pro at hairstyling

Buying Guide For Hair Crimping Tools

1. Plate Material
Pick the ones that have tourmaline, ceramic or titanium coating as these can produce even heat and quickly reach very high temperatures. These are known to be extremely durable and strong as they eliminate static, friction, and cause less hair damage.

2. Temperature Settings
Now, this totally depends on your hair type; if you have thick hair then you will need high-temperature settings, while if your hair is short and thin, they will require less heat. So, on a safer side, choose a crimping device that comes with multiple heat settings.

3. 360-Degree Swirl Cord
A cord that can rotate 360-degree can add a lot of ease while you're busy styling your hair.

4. Auto Shut-Off Feature
Auto shut-off is one of the most important safety features to consider when heading to buy a crimping machine. This feature helps to automatically switch off the crimping machine when it reaches the set temperature level so that no damage is caused, neither to your hair nor to the machine.

How To Use A Hair Crimper

Owning the best hair crimper is not an achievement, you must also know to properly use the machine to make the most of it. Below are the steps that'll help you use crimping machine in the best way to attain beautiful hairstyles.

Step 1: Start With A Head Wash
To get the best crimping results always start with a head wash. Consider using a volumising shampoo to enjoy crimping at its best.

Step 2: Spritz Heat Protectant
Frizzy and dry hair tends to get damaged the most. To protect your hair from heat damage consider using a heat protectant or serum along with some volumising mist. This will help to lift the roots and provide durable hold of crimps that stays longer.

Step 3: Detangle Your Hair
With the help of a soft-bristled brush try to remove all tangles and knots from the freshly washed hair as you don't want these to become the hot spots and burn during the crimping.

Step 4: Blowdry On Low Heat
Blowdrying will help lift the cuticles to prep your hair for crimping and volumising it further.

Step 5: Divide And Section Your Hair
Divide all hair into four segments. Two from the crown and then similarly two from the bottom. Secure a salon clip onto each section so that you can easily begin with the crimping process.

Step 6: Time To Crimp
Pick the section you want to start with and start crimping horizontally. To make voluminous hairstyle take smaller section but if you wish to crimp and keep it subtle, then you can pick a bigger section of hair. Do not forget to apply pressure while you're crimping the hair to achieve equal crimp quality.

Best Hair Crimpers With Price

Best Hair Crimpers: Practice and Polish The Stylist In You Price in India
Ikonic S9 Plus Hair Crimper ₹ 4,200
ROZIA Hair Crimper HR746, Black ₹ 749
StyleHouse Professional Hair Crimping Styler Machine with Steam Iron for Women ₹ 990
VEGA VHCR-01 Hair Crimper (Black) ₹ 1,750
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