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Best Halogen Room Heaters, Heat Up Your Room In No Time

Prep up for cold weather with these best halogen room heaters from top brands like Bajaj, Usha, Orpat, Sunflame and others
Updated: Dec 03, 2020 16:37 IST
Best Halogen Room Heaters, Heat Up Your Room In No Time
Best Halogen Room Heaters

Room heaters now come in various sizes and types. Halogen heaters are quite popular as they are fairly compact and use electricity to power the heating element. Halogen room heaters use radiant heat from tubes containing halogen that heats up rapidly in order to create warm radiating heat source and are equipped with mini internal blowers that help in pushing the heat out so as to warm up a room efficiently. These heaters are ideal for small-sized rooms and available at a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

List of Best Halogen Room Heaters:

Below, we bring for you the best halogen room heaters that shall help you deal with cold weather.

1. Maharaja Whiteline Lava 1200-Watt Halogen Heater:

Maharaja Whiteline is a renowned name in the category of home appliances. This halogen room heater is compact in size and rotates 180 degree to provide uniform room heating. This being one of the best halogen heaters comprises of 3 heat settings along with 3 halogen rods to heat up the room at a faster pace, whenever required. This heater is ISI certified, which means it consumes less energy and you can use it to warm up a shivering environment.

2. Sunflame Sf-931 Halogen Room Heater:

Another in the list of best halogen room heaters is Sunflame Sf-931 Halogen Heater, again from a renowned brand. This halogen room heater is made up of high quality elements so as to provide efficient heating in a short span of time. It has 3 heat settings 400W, 800w and 1200W, using which you can maintain the desired room temperature. It is also equipped with a front grill for enhanced safety in order to avoid unwanted accidents. This makes it another best halogen heater in India that you can shop online in one go.

3. Bajaj RHX-2 800-Watt Halogen Room Heater:

Bajaj RHX-2 800-Watt Halogen Room Heater comprises of two heat settings, 400 watts and 800 watts, that you can use according to your requirement in order to maintain the room temperature. It's a noiseless heater that comes with a dual safety device, a safety trip over switch against tilting and a thermal fuse making it worth buying and making it one of the best halogen heaters in India. Its international design and stylish look make it a must have home appliance for any home.

4. Orpat OQH-1230 800-Watt Quartz Halogen Room Heater:

Orpat OQH-1230 800-Watt Quartz Heater is a halogen heater that consists of two superior quality heating elements that are made up of tungsten wire and shielded by a tube of quartz crystal. This halogen room heater can be operated at two different power levels depending on the required heat intensity. This also enables even heating of the room with less energy requirement, in comparison to other convection heaters. Portable handle makes it convenient to carry from place to another. For safety purpose, it comes with a safety tip-over switch and a safety mesh grill which helps avoid unwanted accidents.

5. Usha QH 3002 Quartz Halogen Room Heater:

Last but not the least, Usha QH 3002 Quartz Room Heater is also one of the best halogen room heaters that has a quartz tube heating element. It consists of a safety tip over switch that cuts off automatically in case the heater tilts or falls. There are two heating rods that are positioned in a way to suit your comfort. This halogen room heater is designed for low power consumption.

Benefits Of Using A Halogen Heater

  • Save Electricity : A halogen heater would use lesser electricity than a fan heater or an oil heater, by radiating heat almost instantly, hence they save you energy and electricity.
  • Environment friendly : Halogen heaters do not release smoke or any other emission like carbon monoxide hence are not a danger to the environment.
  • Easy Installation : Its absolutely easy to start using halogen heaters, they almost instantly start warming up the surrounding.
  • No Allergens : Halogen heaters are great for people with allergies as they don't emit any air and only heat up whatever is in their surrounding.

Frequently Asked Questions About Halogen Heaters

Q. Are Halogen heaters good for health?

A. Halogen heaters do not heat up themselves, they only heat whatever comes in their surrounding, hence halogen heaters are considered safer than fan heaters which can emit allergens.

Q. Do halogen heaters use up more energy?

A. Halogen heaters almost instantly start heating up the atmosphere, hence they do not use up more energy.

Q. is it safe to keep a halogen heater on all night?

A. Halogen heaters can become dangerous if left on all night, they emit heat and if they come in contact with anything they could light it up almost immediately causing fire.

Q. Do halogen heaters burn up oxygen?

A. Yes, halogen heaters and fan heaters burn up the oxygen, which could lead to oxygen drop and even suffocation in certain circumstances.

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