Best Room Heaters in India

Here is the list of best room heaters in India to shop online this winter season. Checkout types of room heaters with price, comparison and buying guides to help you choose the best heaters for the bedroom.
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By: Viveka Nagar Updated: Dec 01, 2022 17:19 IST
Best Room Heaters in India
Best Room Heaters in India: Room Heater Types, Price and Comparison

Looking for the best room heaters in India? Winters in India can get very chilly and sometimes get painful when the shiver enters your bones, the only thing you wish for is to sit back on your couch inside a blanket and avoid any movement. Come winters and that one mandatory home appliance is an electric water heater and the other turns out to be a room heater. Using the best room heaters during chilling weather is the most convenient way to raise the temperature of a room quickly and add warmth to any space.

Types of Room Heaters :

When it comes to types of room heaters, they can be classified basically into three categories that are mentioned below:

Type 1 Fan heaters

Fan heaters are also known as ceramic heaters, convection heaters or blowers. Fan heaters are convenient for heating quite large spaces in short time. These heaters include a fan that blows hot air out keeping the room warm.

  • Smaller and portable.
  • Heats the air rapidly.
  • Powerfully spreads the heated air.
  • Most Affordable and efficient.
  • Slightly noisy.
  • Cannot be left unattended.
  • Can cause nasal blockage or dryness.

Type 2 Infrared Heaters or Halogen Heaters

Popularly known as halogen heaters or quartz heaters this is one of those types of room heaters that provide warmth to only a closed space. These are quite cheap and are best to warm up a small space. This heater can heat up any small area quickly and is noiseless as it does not have any fans.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Floor and wall-mounted options.
  • Ideal for allergy and asthma patients.
  • Radiates infrared light and not air so does not lead to any dryness or nasal congestion.
  • The radiant light is rather hot.
  • Does not heat the air very well only heats the objects in its way.
  • Not safe around children.

Type 3 Oil Filled Room Heaters

Oil-filled room heaters are heaters in most demand out of the many kinds. Though these take a little longer to get heated and spread the warmth, they are good because they can keep the space warm for a long time. Since these heaters do not have fans these also do not produce any sort of noise and work silently to warm up your cozy space.

  • Can be used unattended for long hours.
  • The rods do not heat up.
  • Low maintenance, effective and economical.
  • Takes longer to heat a room.
  • Needs air movement to spread the heat.
  • Does not provide direct heat.

Comparison of Various Types of Room Heaters:


Fan Heaters

Infrared Heaters

Oil Filled Heaters

Child Safety Yes No Yes
Working Capacity Works Well for Large Spaces Can Cover Only a Small Space Works Well for Large Spaces
Price Cheap Cheap Costs a Little More Than the Other Types of Room Heaters
Energy Efficiency No Yes Yes
Noise Level High Low Low
Heating Time Heats Up Quickly Heats Up Quickly Takes Time To Heat
Oxygen Level and Humidity Alteration Alters the Oxygen and Humidity Level Alters the Oxygen and Humidity Level Does not Alter the Oxygen and Humidity Level

Buying Guides for the Best Room Heater in India

When it comes to buying a room heater for your personal use keep this buying guide in mind when you head out to buy.

1. Heater Type:
The first thing that you should consider is the heater type. Room heaters are of various types, so you should choose wisely amongst the available options. Space, energy efficiency and design are some factors that might affect your decision.

2. Heating Capacity:
Another thing that we look for is the heating capacity of the room heater. While some heaters may provide uniform heating to the entire space some heaters might deliver instant spot heating to a small area. Selecting the appropriate type of heater for your kind of use is the best way to ensure effective performance.

3. Energy-Efficiency:
If you wish to choose a room heater that would conserve electricity and also would save on your electricity bills then comparing the energy efficiency of the room heater becomes an important aspect. However most of the portable heaters lack nenergy efficiency ratings, but, additional features such as energy saver mode, quick heating, and programmable timers can help you cut down heavily on your skyrocketing electricity bills.

4. Safety Features:
If you have family at home with kids and pets then considering the safety feature is an essential aspect of the room heater buying guide. To reduce the risk of fire and shocks, some manufactures use the cool-to-touch surfaces and other advanced technologies. Our room heater buying guide would suggest you to go for a room heater that would automatically turn off if knocked down accidentally.

5. Noise Level:
Similar to most of the electrical appliances that we use regularly at home, these room heaters also emit some noise during the operation. However, with the advancement in technology there are room heaters that would emit less noise as compared to the conventional ones. If you wish to own a noise free heater our room heater buying guide would suggest you to opt for oil heaters for silent heating.

Frequently Asked Question When Buying A Room Heater

Q. Which type of room heater is best in India?
A. The types of room heaters best in India are convection heaters or fan heaters, infrared heaters or radiant heaters and oil-filled heaters.
Q. Which is the cheapest heater available in the market
A. The infrared heaters are the cheapest among all three kinds of heaters, the fan heaters are also cheaper but fan heaters are costlier than infrared heaters. The oil-filled heaters are most expensive of all.
Q. Is there burning of oil in the oil-filled heaters?
A. No, there is nothing like burning of oil in the oil heaters. However, there is a process which involves heating of the oil, the oil spreads over the tubes lining the walls of the heater and transmits heat by convection.
Q. Which type of room heater is good for health?
A. The oil-filled room heaters are good for health as they do not burn the oxygen and one shall not feel suffocated if kept on for a long time. Oil-filled room heaters neither burn oxygen nor reduce humidity.
Q. Are these room heaters safe?
A. Yes, these room heaters are totally safe as they come with many safety features.
Q. In all these three kinds of room heaters, which is the best portable room heater?
A. The best portable heaters are the oil-filled heaters as they come with castor wheels. The fan heaters and infrared heaters are also portable.

If you have shivered through the winter last year, it's time to buy a room heater.

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