The Ultimate Buying Guide for Pocket Cameras, DSLRs, Action Cameras

Happy World Photography Day Geeks! Looking to buy a Camera, We have consolidated this wonderful buying guide to help you in your decision making. From Pocket cameras to DSLRs and Action cameras there are buying guides for all of them Read ahead to know.
The Ultimate Buying Guide for Pocket Cameras, DSLRs, Action Cameras
Buying Guide for Cameras

Happy World Photography Day Geeks! World Photography Day is celebrated on 19th August 2017 and on this day we're here to brief you with some facts and camera buying so that you can pick the best camera and aspire your passion. Photography was originally made by Nicéphore Niépce with the use of silver chloride coating on a piece of paper. Photographs improved over the years, first with the ‘still camera', and the ability to take a picture that way. The major leaps in technological development affected photography as much as any other facet of life around the world. With Nickon, Kodak, Cannon and like brands out there, it was amazing to see the market of photography and cameras getting such a boom. Now a day's cameras are available in varied range like the   ones with the military and surveillance capabilities, lighter and more easily used. With just one soft click on the camera and a flash of light you will be able to capture a moment of time forever. To capture these sensational moments of your life for lifetime you can use any medium be it digitally or in form of a film, the medium is never as important as the moments. Your gang, a sunrise or a sunset, fish, pond, river, lake, a photograph very aptly describes the emotion of a person. Celebrate and capture all your emotions, nature and all other picturesque stuff this photography day on 19th August 2017. Still in spite of  all the innovation and creativity in the realm of cameras and photography nothing could steal the pleasure of shooting photos and films and creating your own frames.

Photographs are a token from the past that bring evoke emotions of nostalgia and reminiscence. Sitting and looking at photographs from the past floods emotions which were lost in the pace of everyday life, and brings back happy memories that were captured in a frame. Today a considerable proportion of the population has taken keen interest in the photography, as a hobby or even as a passion, and with the help of various types of cameras the process of storing memories has been improved in the best way possible.

So whether you're an aspiring photographer or just someone with a keen interest to save all memories as stills, do refer the camera buying tips so that you grab the best one.

Pocket Cameras

Pocket digital cameras were very popular while the transition from reel to digital cameras took place. Pocket Cameras are easy to carry and use. They have a number of inbuilt features to choose from with default settings. The camera also has a fixed lens attached to it with defined specifications. Pocket Cameras are great to have on the go and click quick photos on vacations, a holiday get-away, etc.

Here's a list of things to look for when buying a Pocket Camera:

  • Megapixels determine how refined the image quality will be. Higher the number of pixels, the more detailed the image is.
  • Internal features determine how suited the camera will be for different situations, such as shooting landscapes which have more light versus shooting portraits with limited lighting.
  • Size and weight determine ease of use.
  • Video quality is determined by the camera's resolution.
  • Popular and trusted brands offer better quality.

DSLR Cameras

Digital Single-Lens Reflex Cameras have become increasingly popular in today's time. While Digital pocket cameras were in trend in the first decade of the 21st century, DSLRs took over due to their quality and the multifaceted features which became easily available to everyone. DSLRs facilitate much more control over the images that a person could shoot using a camera, and the options in different detachable lenses also provided an opportunity to take amateur photography to a more professional level, in simple words, DSLR is a great pick for those who wish to nurture the hidden photographer within you.

Here is a list of things to look for when buying a DSLR:

  • Megapixels determined how refined an image would be. The clarity of the subject is captured in pixels, so higher the number of pixels captured, the more detailed the image is.
  • Look for a good zoom lens and read the specs, 18-55mm is generally considered standard.
  • Shutter speed matters as it the time taken to capture the image, so pick the one that takes least time.
  • Look for ISO, Exposure, Burst, etc. settings and features.
  • Look for RAW shooting modes, as it offers the flexibility to later process and edit the image.
  • Auto Focus feature helps to capture sharp images.
  • Look for Video recording features which include HDR, 4K Resolution or even 1080 30p for best image and video quality.
  • Detachable lenses give you an opportunity to switch from different forms of scenarios, such as a landscape would require a different zoom lens than the lens used for portraits.
  • IOS, Shutter Speed, Exposure, etc. settings become essential for different light-settings.
  • A standard DSLR has 18-55mm Lens.
  • Other features present in DSLRs enable toggling between still photographs, burst images, videos, etc.
  • While buying a camera, make sure you get everything including lens, body, lens cap, camera bag etc. These products are sold separately as well.

Action Cameras

Action Cameras have become increasingly popular due to their easy-to-use features which allow a person to record videos anywhere at any time. Action cameras are designed to film an activity while being immersed in it. These digital cameras require minimum interaction with the camera while performing a specific activity and recording videos. Action Cameras are best suited for outdoor sports and can be attached on to helmets, boards, bicycles, etc.

Here's a list of things to look for when buying an Action Camera:

  • Resolution of the lens determines the quality of the video.
  • External waterproofing, light-weight, scratch-proof, etc. are important must-have features.
  • Different sizes determine the ease with which a person can use the camera. The smaller it is the easier it is to carry.
  • Videos and time-lapse images are common in most action cameras. Always look for these two features.
  • Popular and trusted brands offer better quality.

While choosing a camera for yourself do consider the points mentioned in the above camera buying guide, so that you buy the one with proper specifications and feature rather than buying one expensive one. 

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