Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime For Nature Lovers

Unravel the mysteries of nature and wildlife with some of the intriguing nature documentaries on Amazon Prime!
Vaibhavi Mishra
By: Vaibhavi Mishra Updated: Apr 17, 2021 14:12 IST
Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime For Nature Lovers
Nature documentaries help diving deep into the mysteries of planet Earth and everything it entails!

Nature documentaries are not only filmed glimpses from the wild; these serve as a secret gateway into the mysterious world co-existing around us, which otherwise fails to capture our attention. From the unspoken language of signalling on plants to the warrior gangs existing in primates; nature surprises mankind with every intervention. Even though several documentaries have been filmed to date on the subject, experts suggest that still there are many more mysteries to unravel. Another interesting sub-category captures the impact of human intervention. Find below some of the best nature documentaries on Amazon Prime that'll take you through a roller coaster of emotions!

Best Nature Documentaries On Amazon Prime

Secret Nature

Secret nature is a captivating docu-series by Oxford Scientific Films, which focuses on animals that are difficult to film. The first season, which is available on Amazon Prime, has a total of 12 episodes. These 50 minutes long episodes bring forth the secret lifestyles of relatively smaller beings such as snakes, bees, frogs, and ants. One of the episodes also explores the erotic and violent lives of flowery plants. The series has impressive time lapse, slow motion, high speed and macro sequences.

Changing seas

Changing seas delves deep into the mysterious underwater world marred by surprising avatars of life, breathtaking mechanisms, and human interference with the vastness of the marine. Amazon Prime streams from Season 2- Season 8 of this docu-series, with each season spanning across four episodes, of nearly half an hour. Some of the episode titles include- Maug's Caldera: A Natural Laboratory, Sunken Stories, After The Spill, Living Fossils, and The Secret Sex Life Of Fish.

Jaguar adventure

Nigel Marven is a celebrated wildlife presenter, conservationist, naturalist, author, and television producer, from the United Kingdom. Famed for many awarded wildlife documentaries, Marven takes along the viewers to the enchanting world of Jaguars in Pantanal, the largest wetland of the world. The series begins with his entry in Pantanal through Transpantaneira Highway and spans across six dramatic and informative episodes. The series also slightly brushes past other species in the area and has vividly filmed dramatic events, such as that of radio-collaring a Jaguar. Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime.

Lemur street

This docu-series takes the viewers along the dramatic journey of two warrior gangs of ring-tailed lemurs, primates endemic to the islands of Madagascar. Each gang has 20 heroic lemurs who are in constant battle with the opposite gang for dominance. The documentary trails past the roving opportunistic males, juveniles causing havoc, and the constant threat of territory wars. First season of the series is available on Amazon Prime and has a total of 20 episodes.

Sharkwater Extinction

Shark fins are predominantly consumed in Asian countries, in the form of fin soup. However, this seemingly harmless culinary affair has led to a dramatic dip in the population of sharks. More so, the documentary suggests that many mislabeled products including pet foods have been found to have the DNA of sharks. A sequel to popular filmmaker Rob Stewart's 2006 documentary of similar title, this thrilling films takes on the viewers on an adventurous journey of exposing the billion dollar shark fin industry and the political corruption behind it.

Surprising Facts About Nature

  1. DNA, the genetic blueprint of living entities, is fireproof!

  2. An average adult sloth poops only once in five to seven days!

  3. Around four distinct species of humans co-existed, about three million years ago.

  4. As per experts, hurricanes release the force of over 10,000 nuclear atomic bombs.

  5. As per the claims of popular plant biologist, Daniel Chamovitz- plants can see, smell, feel, and even remember.

  6. Arcadia trees from Africa can warn fellow trees about any upcoming danger, by releasing a messenger cloud of ethylene gas.

  7. African buffalo herds decide the direction of wandering by voting! They stand up, look in the preferred direction and lay back, turn by turn.

  8. A vast majority of male giraffes are gay and engage in homosexual activities, as per a study published in Biological Exuberance.

  9. Armadillos are virtually bulletproof. If shot, the bullet will ricochet off its armour and might hit the shooter, instead.

  10. Caffeine is a natural pesticide and overloads the central nervous system of predator insects to the point of paralyzing or even killing them.

  11. Though goats don't have a language of their own, they pick up various accents. The claim is backed by the researchers of the Queen Mary University of London.

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