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Top 7 Diwali Decoration Ideas to Decor Your Home

With so many ideas for Diwali decoration ideas 2020, explore more from traditionally used diyas, candles, rangolis to the modern day ring lights, mason jars lights, artificial flowers and more.
Updated: Nov 05, 2020 12:05 IST
Top 7 Diwali Decoration Ideas to Decor Your Home
Best Diwali Decoration Ideas 2020- DIY Diwali Decoration at Home

Light up your homes with these Diwali decoration ideas 2020, the most delightful time of the year is back, its Diwali time! Diwali this year will be celebrated on the 14th of November 2020. Apart from the pooja, sweets, dressing up the festival also calls for Diwali decorations using decorative items for Diwali. To instantly pump up the décor of your house we have assimilated a few ideas you can use.  With the pandemic still around no one wants to step out and with these all available online, what more do we want. Apart from the traditional diya and candle investment for Diwali decoration ideas at home, this year bring in more to raise the spirits a little higher.

Top 7 Diwali Decoration Ideas 2020

1. Rangoli Designs

Mostly rangolis are made of flowers, petals, leaves or spice powders like – haldi, rice powder and other such stuff. It's simple to make and also quickly enhance your home entrance or even the inside of your home.  Simply draw out the pattern and start filling it up with colours. If you are looking for some ready rangoli cut outs which can be filled or sticker like rangolis then we have handpicked some of the best you could choose from.

2. Diwali Lights

String lights and ring lights are almost mandatory when it comes to Diwali decoration. And now there are string lights in different shapes and designs like – leaf shaped lights, diya shaped lights or simple fairy lights. Using these lights you can decorate the entry door of your house or the interiors like the temple area, living area by simply winding the lights onto anything like a wall mirror or a book shelf or simply hand it in a pattern on a blank wall to bring it to life.

3. Mason Jar Lights

Decorating those side tables, dining area and living area was never this easy. Simply place a few mason jar lights here and there and you are done. While there are ready made mason jar lights available online you can also make them at home using a mason jar and string lights, string lights can be inserted into almost anything be it bottles or mason jars.

4. Flowers

Apart from using real flowers from your garden you can also add more floral beauty to your atmosphere using artificial hanging flowers. Hang a few strings at the entrance or inside your house at various spots and corners to bring out the traditional beautiful look of the house. You can also create low center pieces with floating flowers on water for a beautiful arrangement.

5. Bangle Lampshades

When placing diyas outside in the open you can think of surrounding it with bangles to create a bangle lampshade. This unique idea will take away all the limelight from your neighbors to you. With this fun easy to create lampshade your home will shine brighter.

6. Hanging Bells

Bells are a symbol of harmony and peace, they are used to remove negative energy and bring in happiness and prosperity. Bells can be hung inside the house or on the outside to raise harmony, mood and vibration of the house.

7. Decorative Candles

Diyas and diyas all around you during Diwali festival is the quickest way to Diwali decoration.  Be it earthen diyas or wax candles they brighten up the space. Diyas have been a part of Indian culture since time immemorial. Its Indian tradition to light up a diya every evening next to a tulsi plant or infront of your door, they say lighting up a diya invites good and keeps the negativity and bad spirits away.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diwali Decoration

Q. Why do people decorate home on Diwali?

A. Apart from the mythological fact and reasoning of welcoming lord Ram after his victory, homes are also decorated to welcome guests home to a warm, vibrant mood and atmosphere.

Q. What decorations can be used for Diwali?

A. There are many ways using which you can decorate your home like – candles, diyas, torans, flowers, rangoli, bells and more.

Q. How can I decorate my home this diwali?

A. Diwali calls for lots of decoration and celebration. Diyas, rangoli, candles, led lights, string lights, ring lights, flower decorations all over the house are only a few of the many ways you can bring in the Diwali festival.

Q. What happens during the days of Diwali?

A. During the Diwali days people illuminate their homes, temples, take an oil bath, make rangolis, prepare delicacies, illuminate fireworks and say prayers.

Q. What decorations are used on Diwali?

A. Traditionally diyas, rangoli and flower decorations are used, while with the recent twist of modernisation people like to add LED lights, fairy lights, string lights, lamps and more to the decoration.


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