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Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas For Your Loving Wife

Pamper your women with the latest and unique Karwa Chauth gift ideas. This Karwa Chauth 2019. Take a note of things to do on the Karwa Chauth from Sargi to dinner, so as to make this Karwa Chaut 2018 the most memorable one for your beloved wife.
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Updated: Oct 14, 2019 13:18 IST
Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas For Your Loving Wife
Karwa Chauth 2019 Gift Ideas For Your Loving Wife

Dear husbands, its Karwa Chauth time again, what preps are you ready with? Not able to figure out what to do for your lady love this Karwa Chauth? Checkout the list of unique Karwa Chauth gifts ideas that shall never let your efforts go unnoticed and will be remembered for lifetime. Karwa Chauth is the most awaited festival for every Hindu married woman and husbands face a lot of pressure to keep their wives stress-free and happy throughout the day. Karwa Chauth 2018 is falling on 17th October 2019, Thursday, which means all the hubbies have sufficient time to plan about the Karwa Chauth gifts. This festival, when celebrated for the first time by any married women is cherished for lifetime. All the husbands should follow the concept of Karwa Chauth gift ideas and should plan something really special to make your wife's Karwa Chauth the most memorable one.

Unique Karwa Chauth 2019 Gift Ideas

1. Begin Her Day with a Lavish Sargi

Karwa Chauth 2018

Sargi Thali for Karwa Chauth 2019
Photo Credit: Istockphoto by sveta_zarzamora

Sargi is something which is gifted from mother-in-law to their, which has plateful of savories which is consumed between 4-5 AM in the morning. Sargi basically comprises of sweets, dry fruits, fruits, coconut, sarees, jewellery and more. Well, all you need to do is twist the platter with some dark chocolates, fruit chat, protein shake, dry-fruit rich cakes and Sri-khandh. This way you can become her saviour for the entire starving day.

2. Gift Them a Salon Pampering Session

Spa Session for Karwa Chauth 2018

A Relaxing Spa Session for Kaerwa Cauth 2019
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By Liderina

Every women loves pampering and I am sure every husband know what their lady would love the most? Appoint a salon for a luxury spa or a beauty treatment where she could relax and enjoy the treatments which are apparently making her ready for the evening Karwa Chauth Pooja.

3. Appoint a Mehendi Artist for Henna decoration session

Mehandi for Karwa Chauth 2018

Mehandi Artsist for Karwa Chauth 2019
Photo Credit: FB Page: Jain Mehandi Oil & Double Haathi Mehandi

Henna dressing can be another way of pampering your wife for which all you need to do is appoint a professional mehendi artist for your wife. You being her husband need to take over all her tasks so that she can peacefully get it done and later flaunt the henna designs amongst pals.

4. Become the Cook of the Day

Cook of the Day for Karwa Chauth 2018

Cook of the Day for Karwa Chauth 2019
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By kupicoo

Each single day, your wife serves you with delicious cuisine and fresh juices. Why don't you try to serve her on this Karwa Chauth? Gear up with all the kitchen games with an apron, a chef cap and a recipe book (in case you don't know how to cook) you're ready to be her chef of the day.

5. Organise a Karwa Chauth Party

Karwa Chauth 2018

Karwa Chauth Party 2019
Photo Credit: Istockphoto by Fyletto

Society gathering, close friends or kitty friends can be approached to organise a surprise Karwa Chauth for your beloved wife. You can be lucky in planning one, if your wife's phone does not have a password so that you easily get the numbers of her close friends.

6. Spread Gifts for Her Across the House

Karwa Chauth Gifts 2018

Gifts for Karwa Chauth 2019
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By subodhsathe

Every one of us loves surprises and especially when you get it from your near and dear ones, those gifts even become precious and priceless. Spread gifts for her across the house which could be salon vouchers, luxurious beauty combo, handbag, jewellery or anything which she has been wanting since long. This way you can also make her realize, that how well you understand her and care about her requirements just to see her happy.

7. Take a Day Off and Move Out for on a Movie Date With Your Wife

Movie Date on Karwa Chauth 2018

Movie Date on Karwa Chauth 2019
Photo Credit: simpson33

You need not trouble your boss this Karwa Chauth, as it is falling on Sunday. Well, in most of the cases when Karwa Chauth does not fall on weekends you can take a day off to make your darling wife feel special and important by taking her on movie date.

8. Tuck Gajra or Veni in Hair

Buy a Gajra for Karwa Chauth 2018

Gajra and Flowers for your Beloved
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By hidesy

Tuck some fresh Veni or Gajra into her hair showing your love and affection towards her. We're pretty sure this gesture of yours will touch her hearth. Well, if your wife is not fond of gajra, you can definetly get her bouquet with lavish flowers.

9. Accompany Her in the Fast and Help Her Prepare Suhag Thal

Suhag Thal for Karwa Chauth 2018

Suhag Thal for Karwa Chauth 2019
Photo Credit: Fb Pag; Karwa Chauth

Hubbies these days are accompanying their wives for the Karwa Chauth fast. You too can do that for her. This will improve the bond between you two. After all, its not just wives duty to fast for husband's longevity even husbands can do it may be not for wife's longevity but surely for her happiness.

10. Plan a Surprise Candle Light Dinner

Dinner Date on Karwa Chauth 2018

Dinner Date on Karwa Chauth
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By andresr

Since you became the cook of the day, you can secretly plan a surprise candle light dinner on the roof-top or the terrace. Use some aromatic candles, balloons, romantic lightening and some fresh flowers to keep the love between you two fresh and alive for years.

11. Be Her Perfect Man

Be the Perfect Man on Karwa Chauth 2018

Be the Perfect Man for Karwa Chauth 2019
Photo Credit: Istockphoto By pixelfit

No gift can replace the gesture of being a perfect man in your wife's life. Gifts and pampering are definitely the secondary elements of life, what matter most is how much you support your wife and how much you believe in her. Mutual decision makings, dividing the house-holds and a tight supportive hug can give her the best feelings of her life. In simple words, to be an ideal husband, just stand by her all the time.

It does not matter, what type of a husband are you? But what matters the most is, how much you've tried to make your beloved feel special? Don't let this Karwa Chauth go without memories. Hope the above mentioned Karwa Chauth gift ideas will help you plan the entire day for your wife. Do share with us, which Karwa Chauth gift idea amazed your wife the most in the comment section below.

Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas For Your Loving Wife

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