Best Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow Now

Need to stay updated with the latest fashion trends? The right time is now for you start following the popular fashion bloggers in India. So, time to checkout best fashion bloggers To keep your fashion game on-point.
Updated: Jun 04, 2019 11:24 IST
Best Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow Now
Best Fashion Bloggers you need to follow

Fashion and beauty have been one of the widest niches in the blogging industry, and Indian fashion bloggers have been dominating the digital space and making the best use of it, they have all the solutions to our fashion and beauty troubles from style tips to DIY's they create content that is loved and followed by many, the best fashion bloggers are the ones who know what you wish to see and curate tailor made content only for you and if you're looking ahead to get the best style tips and stay updated with all the new styles in the market, from reliable sources, we've got your back ladies. There isn't anything to worry about, because their style tips will turn you to a diva in no time.

Popular Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow Now

1. Sejal Kumar:

With over 1 million+ subscribers, Sejal has been known for her versatility, the youngest fashion blogger has many feathers to her cap and she's done videos which aren't just restricted to fashion and beauty but also vlogs, dance and songs too. Her content isn't just chic but also easily accessible and affordable. She updates her channel with a video every week and never disappoints.
YouTube channel of Sejal Kumar

Popular Video of Sejal Kumar

2. Komal Pandey:

One of the fastest growing fashion blogger, Komal has content that has been called classy, elegant, stylish and easy to create. With over 764K people admiring her bold and edgy style, this fashion diva makes videos on anything and everything, with breezy and fresh content every time she has been breaking the Internet with her bold look books.
YouTube Channel Of Komal Pandey

Popular Video Of Komal Pandey

3. Shreya Jain:

Shreya is one of those bloggers, who you can binge watch and also follow-up on all the styles she re-creates, she creates beauty videos under a budget and fashion look book's keeping in mind the accessibility and affordability factor, he content is experimental, fun and easy to try. With over 507k people admiring her, she still has us drooling over her content.
YouTube Channel Of Shreya Jain

Popular Video Of Shreya Jain

4. Shruti Arjun Anand:

The best thing about her videos is, her content isn't curated targeting a certain age group in mind, anyone having an interest in fashion, can follow her and learn a thing or two about fashion. She creates content which is easily accessible and affordable, her content isn't all about high-end but mostly her focus is on simple graceful styles which are easy to carry.She updates her channel every Tuesday and Saturday.
YouTube Channel Of Shruti Arjun Anand

Popular Video Of Shruti Arjun Anand

5. Malvika Sitlani:

The INTM model turned fashion blogger is known for her beauty and fashion look-book's, haul's and vlog's. She posts content for travel and beauty as well, she is known for her affordable drug-store makeup videos and style look-book's in the digital space.
YouTube Channel Of Malvika Sitlani

Popular Video Of Malvika Sitlani

6. MyHappinesz:

Komal is one of the sweetest bloggers known in the fashion industry, her video looks aren't just easy to re-create but also fun to do. From beauty to fashion and DIY'S and everything else in between, this blogger has tried and tested it all. With updates every second day of the week at 8 Pm, she keeps her content fresh and creative every time.
YouTube Channel Of MyHappinesz

Popular Video Of MyHappinesz

7. Sherry Shroff:

Scherezade has been known for her amazing content on fashion, beauty, DIY'S and much more. From morning to skincare routine's, hauls and vlog's she masters them all. She knows how to style up the most basic clothing and make it look effortlessly divine and expensive, her channel updates every Monday and Friday, you wouldn't want to miss out on the newest contents, subscribe now!
YouTube Channel Of Sherry Shroff

Popular Video Of Sherry Shroff

8. Debasree Banerjee:

This Bengali beauty, creates content on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. From creating looks from drug store makeup brands to high end one's she has content for all her audience, and not to forget she is our go-to girl for any problem in our closet, and when we need the style guru lectures from time to time to stay updated on all the trends.
YouTube Channel Of Debasree Banerjee

Popular Video Of Debasree Banerjee

9. Kritika Khurana: That Boho Girl

Boho chic at heart, fashion blogger Kritika Khurrana is one of the most known faces in the fashion industry, her bohemian style and innovative ideas to pair basic clothing, has given us major style inspo for outfit ideas for any occasion, with a following of 164k, she never lets her subscriber's down with varied and diversified content on beauty, fashion, vlogs and travel trips.
YouTube Channel Of That Boho Girl

Popular Video Of That Boho Girl

10. Aashna Shroff:

The fashion blogger from Mumbai is effortlessly chic and trendy and her looks have us ogling all day. Find vlogs, hauls, look book's and travel videos all under one channel so you know the best content to view and follow. She is an inspiration to a crowd of 147K people.
YouTube Channel Of Aashna Shroff

Popular Video Of Aashna Shroff

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