Mother's Day: Ideas To Celebrate This Loving Day At Home

Celebrating mother's day at home can be more fun than you can imagine. Here are 10 easy ways to make this day special for your momma bear.
Surbhi Kapila
By: Surbhi Kapila Updated: May 06, 2021 18:13 IST
Mother's Day: Ideas To Celebrate This Loving Day At Home
Mother's day is one of the best opportunities to express your love and gratitude towards your mom

Mother's day celebrations don't always have to be grand. They can be simple and still be affectionate. After all, what matters more is the love spewed in and not the bucks. Go let your mother know that you really do care. Pick one or more of these ideas for a memorable mother's day celebration at home.

Ideas To Celebrate Mother's Day At Home 

1. Bake a cake

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Baking is also known to help in relieving stress, as confirmed by psychological sciences

Cutting a cake is the obvious first, but also the one without which most celebrations are incomplete! But don't just order one, put in some efforts and bake a cake for your loving mom. It really is simple. If you're not sure how, checking out an online tutorial could do wonders. Just be a good child and follow the recipe for your preferred cake, by your favourite blogger or from a recipe book, step-by-step and you're good to go. Buying a cake premix can also be of much help.

2. Decorate her room with fairy lights

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Fairy lights have a warm ambience that adds to the aesthetic quotient and also relaxes the mind

Few things ooze prettiness and tranquility like fairy lights do, and that too at a small price. But did you know that besides lighting up the space, these lights stimulate the release of dopamine- the happiness hormone?  Wrap a string of fairy lights all around her room – on the back of her bed, on the borders of her dressing, at the bedside table or anywhere else. Clean up your mom's room and pep it up with pretty string lights. Don't forget to click her in this aesthetic set up!

3. Light a scented candle or an aroma diffuser

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The smell of scented candles is known to stimulate the part of brain associated with memory and emotions

Ah! Can you think of anything more invigorating for the senses than some pleasant fragrances? Make sure your entire house smells like a rose garden for mother's day. In case, the fragrance of the roses is no for her, choose from some other refreshing scents like that of lemon, lavender or any other! You can even spice up things by playing calming music in the background. By the way, did you know you can find hundreds of videos and music tracks that'll drift you to a medieval fantasy fiction barn or a 19th century castle? God bless the internet!

4. Cook for her and let her sleep in

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Cooking for loved ones has been one of the most popular gestures of love from across cultures

Be it a breakfast in bed or an elaborate dinner, treat your momma to some delicious food, made by you. Be it a simple pasta dish or a more time-consuming recipe from her own cookbook, make anything you like, or even better, what she likes. You can also re-create the flavours from her favourite travel destination for a culinary expedition. Just remember to add dollops of love into the dish, and it'll turn out just right. Don't forget to clean up after so she can blissfully tuck herself in.

5. Organise a high tea

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The menu of a high tea is traditionally light and consists of tea, finger sandwiches, marmalade, etc.

If you're not good at cooking, choose to treat her with a hot cuppa of her favourite drink. It's anyday better than burning the kitchen down. Brew a cup of coffee or a kadak chai, whatever she likes. Show some skills. Plate the brews nicely along with some delicious snacks, and relish in the magic of a high-tea at home.

6. Do an activity together

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Even a simple act of sitting and reading together can help you create warm memories

When was the last time you actually did something fun with your dear mumma? After all, what could be more precious a present for mother's day than some quality time spent together? Take hint and get going. Whatever it is that she likes doing indoors, just do it with her. Be it sitting in a rocking chair and reading a glossy magazine or be it gardening, sewing, watching TV, just sit next to her and spend some quality time together.

7. Make a handmade gift or card for her

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Handmade presents are no less than a visual poetry!

It's time for some arts and crafts! Don't make a face, just get that DIY kit out and get your hands dirty. It doesn't take much effort to put together something that says, “I love you, ma, and thanks for all that you do!” You don't have to be a Picasso. All you got to do is shower some love on the most important female in your life. Put your creative hat on and write a loving message for her on a handmade card, make her a piece of floral jewellery or anything else.

8. Indulge her in some TLC

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You can even gift your mom relaxation in the form of an at home spa, massage, or bathing session!

Mothers are always working hard for their children. Either they are physically toiling in the kitchen to fix up their child's most-enjoyed meal or stressing about the future of their little bud in their free time. Take the opportunity of mother's day to free them off this stress. Treat them with a relaxing foot massage, a facial, aromatherapy, a manicure or pedicure session or anything else that you think will let her cool off some steam. You can also lavishly decorate a bathtub with warm water, flower petals, essential oils, and her favourite book, snacks and drink on a tray!

9. Organise a virtual get together with friends or family

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Digital get togethers have seen an enormous spike over the last few years

Celebrating mother' day at home can be as epic as an actual party, only that you'd have to take this party virtual! This mother's day, remind her that she is loved and cherished by so many people. Set up an online date for your mom with her girl gang or her distant family. Get everyone together and sing happy mother's day in chorus. You can even plan an online tombola session and have loads of fun from the comfort of your quilt.

10. Have a movie night or in-house concert

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You can easily re-create the charm of a movie theatre at home and enjoy a film in a gold-class like seating

Casually ask your mummy about her favourite movie or musician (if you don't know that already, duh!) from the sweet old days of her childhood or college days. Take notes of what she would like to reminisce about. Hit the internet and dig out the old reels. Play these for her and let her be star-struck, all over again! You can re-create the charm of an actual theatre by making fake-tickets, a large tub of pop corns (an actual one, here), and by using a projector or home theatre system.

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