How To Ace Your Look For Your Child's School Admission, It's School Admission Time again And We Have The Best Styling Tips for you!

Children school admission times are back again and leave the stress of dressing right to us. We have some great options for and these are at awesome discounts.
How To Ace Your Look For Your Child's School Admission, It's School Admission Time again And We Have The Best Styling Tips for you!

Ace your Child's School Admission Dressing!

“First impression is the last impression “ you must have heard this famous one liner. Admitting your child in a good school is no less than a task these days. With increasing competition with each passing day everybody want their children to get the best education. You should not take even a single chance which could make your child suffer as it is a testing time more for parents than kids. We often take Care of our child’s dresses and forget about our own. You should be well dressed while going for your kid’s admission as your style statement have a huge impact on others. If you are looking for styling tip for admission then we are here to solve your problem as we bring some of the best collection which you must have if you are heading for your child’s admission.

Women are generally more style conscious than men, but to make your look flawless we are here to help you out. You can choose from western or ethnic clothing. Choose either of them in which you are most comfortable in as clothing is all about comfort with style.

Ethnic wear

If you are planning to wear ethnic for your kids admission,  then you must check this out.

i)    Kurti:

Kurtis are very much in these days as they look stylish as well as comfortable. It makes your look simple yet stylish. Make sure you are not pairing kurti with lots of glitter and Dhinchak accessories as it can ruin your fashion statement. Keep it simple and stylish. High neck collar and Chinese Collar can make you appear great.

ii)    Sarees

Although at present, there is a lot of western influence in the clothing, but beauty of saree is always unbeatable. You can wear a simple cotton saree and to add a western tint you can add a waist belt, a cape or a jacket to turn your Indian look into a Indo-western one. Over the years, saree has evolved into a fashion statement which is mostly designed by designers to make your look perfect. Then why not ace the look to your toddler’s admission this time. Do not wear a saree that is overloaded with shine, stones or pearls.

Western clothing

Western clothing has covered the most of the market these days, people are looking forward to wear western clothes as they are comfortable and stylish. There are lot of variation in westernized clothing. We have sorted some preferences for you. Have a look.

i)    Dress

A simple dress will do wonders for you. Dress is always considered as stylish and elegant. You can choose your dress according to your body type. It offers a lot of colours. If we talk about comfort then it has to be one of the most comfortable clothing. Make sure you are wearing a simple dress without glitters and over work as it will give you more of a party look.


Your look should be overall perfect as small mistakes can spoil your look. Here are some basic styling tips which you should keep in mind while going to your toddler’s admission.
Keep your accessories simple, don’t load yourself with heavy jewellery. A small pendent and light earrings would work for you.

Makeup is very important as it enhances your feature but make sure you are keeping your makeup nude as dramatic makeup will spoil your look. You can carry scarf or handbags to complete your look.

How To Ace Your Look For Your Child's School Admission, It's School Admission Time again And We Have The Best Styling Tips for you!
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