How To Wear A Saree: Different Draping Ways

Learn step by step how to wear a saree in different styles - Maharashtrian, Bengali, Gujarati, as well as learn how to wear a silk saree perfectly.
Sshradha Sinngh
By: Sshradha Sinngh Updated: Apr 07, 2021 16:21 IST
How To Wear A Saree: Different Draping Ways
How To Wear Saree : Different Saree Drapping Ways

The beauty of a saree really comes out if it has been draped and worn perfectly. We are here going to address a step-by-step tutorial on how to wear saree. Well, it isn't that tough, but could be a big task when you actually get to doing it the first few times. Also, if you are attempting to wear a saree in different styles it could mean a fresh beginning. Be it Maharashtrian style saree draping, Bengali style saree draping, Mumtaz style saree draping or even draping a saree over a pair of denims or leggings, we have all these looks sorted right here for you. 

Stock These Essentials

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Things you need to wear a saree

  1. Blouse
  2. Petticoat
  3. A few safety pins
  4. Jeans or leggings, if you want to wear it over one of these instead of the traditional petticoat 

Once you have these basics in place, you can begin saree draping using this step by step tutorial on how to wear a saree:

1. How To Wear A Saree: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Get into your blouse and petticoat to begin with, while making sure the fitting is perfect. Make sure the petticoat is tied up tightly on your waist.

Step 2: Now wear your footwear/heels that you will be wearing with the saree.

Step 3: There are two sides to a saree – keeping the side where the saree fall is below and inside start by tucking in the saree from the left side of the petticoat making sure the straight side of the print and embroidery is facing the outside. Make a complete round around your waist tucking the saree into the petticoat.

Step 4: Once you are back to the point you began hold the saree one arm away from your waist to begin making the pleats.

Step 5: Use your thumb, index finger and small finger to make these pleats which are like folds of equal length. Now pile them up together in a layer and tuck in the bundle of pleats inside your petticoat and pin them safely together using a safety pin.

Step 6: Now hold the free end of the saree and drape it again around completing another round to make a pallu from your shoulders.

Step 7: Now pin up the pallu at your shoulder back making sure the pallu does not slip off. The rest of the saree could be hanging at your back uptill the floor making a pallu which you could choose to leave behind or wrap it up to the front in any style you like. That's it, the answer to how to wear saree is that simple.

There are many interesting ways and styles to wear sarees we will now look at some of the different styles of saree draping :

2. How To Wear Silk Saree Perfectly 

A silk saree can be a gorgeous looking piece only when worn perfectly with perfect pleats and pallu. A silk saree could get bulky and there could be chances of some mal function so we advice you pin it up to keep it tucked safely. Let's look at simple steps on how to wear saree which is a Silk saree.

Step 1: Start with wearing your blouse and petticoat. Make sure the petticoat is made of cotton which will be helpful.

Step 2: Start by tucking in your saree from the left side of your waist going a complete circle and coming back to the point you began at. Make sure the length of the saree is perfect enough to cover your footwear and not touch the floor.

Step 3: Now bringing the pallu portion of the saree again into a full circle start creating pleats of the pallu length wise so it could sit pinned on your shoulder. Depending on the length of the pallu now pin up the pallu at the back of your shoulder making sure the border is visible and on the outside.

Step 4: Now come back to the portion of the saree that is left loose in the front and begin creating pleats of equal length and width. Tuck them in layered together and pin up the pleats safely.

3. How To Wear Maharashtrian Style Saree 

A Maharashtrian saree drape is unique and one of the most loved and unique way of earing a saree. A Maharashtrian saree wearing style is slightly different from a usual saree style making you look playful and at ease. This style of saree wearing came from the women who use to work in the fields of Maharashtra and because of the squatting they had to take the saree in between their legs and tuck it in at the back. This style gives you enough room to move fast and yet enhances your curves. Lets look at a step by step guide on how to wear saree in Maharashtrian style.

Step 1: Make sure you have a 9 yard saree and a pair of leggings which go till the half length of your legs. Remember this style does not need a petticoat inside.

Step 2: Begin from one end of the saree hold about 1 meter of it on your left side and the rest on the right side. Wrap it around your waist bringing 2 ends to meet at the center of your waist near the belly button. Now tie a tight knot using these 2 ends. What you will have is about 1 meter of saree hanging on your left side and the rest on the right side

Step 3: Now taking the left side 1 meter saree make it pass between your legs from the front to the back tucking it in at the back side in a neat manner or a pleated manner.

Step 4: Now we begin with the rest of the saree that you have on your right hand side. Begin making pleats with it and tuck them in at the centre just like we do any other simple saree wearing styles.

Step 5: Now pick the pallu end of the remaining part and make it into a pleated pallu which gets pinned on your shoulder after doing one half round around your waist, coming from under your right arm and over your left shoulder falling at the back.

4. How To Wear Bengali Style Saree

Almost everything about Bengal is fascinating – their culture, rituals, attire, wedding traditions, delicacies, stories and books. If you have ever to Bengal or Kolkata you would have seen how to city and the people are always in a festive mood celebrating their days. An important aspect of celebrations for Bengalis is dressing up in those Bengali Sarees in a typical Bengali style. Lets look at how to wear saree in Bengali style :

Step 1: What you will need are the 4 basics to begin with – Saree, blouse, petticoat, pins and what you are going to additionally need is a decorative key ring or a tassel.

Step 2: Begin wearing the saree like any simple style by tucking it into the petticoat around your waist completing a full circle.

Step 3: Now using the loose end start making wide folds like pleats which will be broad and box like tucking the saree in only covering the front width of your waist area.

Step 4 : Now using the end of the pallu area start making pleats for the pallu to rest on your left shoulder.

Step 5: Now let the pallu fall behind through your should and pin it up there.

Step 6: Clip on a heavy tassel or key ring on one of the ends of the saree pallu and pull it to the front under your right arm making it rest on your right shoulder with the key ring or tassel hanging at the back.

5. How To Wear Gujarati Style Saree

Gujrati style sarees have become recently very popular through television and the many recent Ambani family weddings that happened. A Gujarati style saree is a completely different look yet is one of the most secure and comfortable saree styles. In this style you get to tuck and pin your saree from all ends keeping it secure and in place. The pallu also in this saree falls in the front giving you a full front cover. Follow this step by step guide on how to wear saree Gujrati style and learn now!

Step 1: Start by wrapping the saree from one end around your waist coming a full circle to the front where you began.

Step 2: After completing one circle now pick up the pallu starting, beginning point and tuck it into the left side of your waist. Now wrap the pallu again around the back and bring it to the front falling over your shoulder coming towards the front of your waist.

Step 3: Make pleats out of the pallu and pin it up on your right shoulder.

Step 4: Make pleats out of the left over saree cloth which is in front of you to tuck in the pleats on your belly button.

Step 5: Spreading the pallu area in the front towards the left side of your waist take it to the back and pin it up securely.

6. How To Wear Saree with Leggings or Saree in Dhoti Style

Many of us don't like wearing petticoats under our saree so teaming up a saree with leggings or trousers is another style option. This style lets you show your leggings so make sure the leggings or trousers you wear underneath are worthy to flaunt. This style is also preferred if you are slightly chubby and want to look slim. Lets begin learning how to wear saree with trousers or leggings.

Step 1: This is one of simplest and easiest way of wearing a saree. Let's begin with slipping into a pair of leggings and a blouse or you could even go with a crop top.

Step 2: Begin by pleating one end of your saree until when you have covered half its length.

Step 3: Pin up these layered pleats and tuck them in at your belly button with the open end of the saree falling on your left side.

Step 4: Wrap the loose end of the saree around your back bringing it to the front and pleating it again length wise and dropping it on your shoulder left shoulder like a pallu and you are done.

7. How To Make Perfect Saree Pleats

Lastly, let's look at the most import thing - how to make those perfect pleats for your saree. When beginning to learn how to wear a saree, the toughest part is getting the pleats right, and this video tutorial will teach you how to get your saree pleats perfect.

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