Big Screen Entertainment Just Got Better With These Projectors

Finally a list of handpicked best projectors which you can buy for a very good price, take a look at this list of best projectors with impressive specs and fabulous performance to enjoy super-clear display.
Big Screen Entertainment Just Got Better With These Projectors
Best Performing Projectors

If you wish to enjoy a theater like experience at the comfort of your home, then owning a projector becomes essential. Not only movies but gaming also becomes more fun when you have one of the best projectors installed at your home. Earlier projectors were mostly used either in schools or colleges or in offices for showcasing projects, but now days it has become an essential part of home entertainment. You will certainly get confused if you go to the market to buy a new projector for yourself without proper research. To make your task of choosing the best projector easy we have here listed for you some of the best ones. The best thing about the projectors is that they mostly occupy that space of the house which usually remains vacant and that of course is the ceiling. You can easily get your projector hanged up on the ceiling and enjoy high quality audio and video anytime.

Egate i9 LED HD Projector Display

With European design this EGATE projector is believed to change your living room to a multiplex. It not only displays true colours but also delivers high-definition images with optimized brightness and contrast ratio. This one of the top projectors has the ability to provide the largest possible picture inside the home and at the same time it can also deliver smaller images in substitution of a television. This will provide you an experience of a high-end home theatre which boasts of HD screen and 16k plus colours. EGATE is said to be an intelligent projector as it can take a video from a device and stream it at 3.048 metres large screen.


  • Special Heat Sink: It has a special heat sink with a design that makes it suitable for temperatures up to 49-degrees
  • Superb Connectivity: It supports USB Direct play which means that users can connect an HDD or flash drive to stream content
  • Dust Resistant: The sealed optical engine on the projector prevents the entry of dust for long-lasting use with clear display throughout its life
  • High Resolution Images: It has a native resolution of 800 x 480 with support for up to 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Easy to Setup and Control: There are five control buttons on the projector and remote control to adjust the settings
  • Online Streaming: It has a Wi-Fi connectivity feature that allows streaming from smartphones and laptops without wires

BenQ DLP Projector

If all this while you have been searching for the best projector to get installed in your living but have failed to do so, then you are currently at the right spot. The BenQ MS 506-P is considered to be one of the best projectors delivering high quality outcome. It offers an SVGA 800X600 resolution, and 3200 lumens ANSI brightness. It is built using the latest technology and makes sure it does only good for the environment and for you as well. The SmartEco Lamp saving technology is both eco-friendly and pocket friendly. When not connected to any device it turns off automatically.


  • High Resolution Screen: Has 800×600 SVGA resolution
  • Great Contrast: 3200 lumens of ANSI contrast brightness
  • 3D Support: 3D support availibilty enables it to play 3D videos
  • Eco Power Saving Technology: Comes with eco power saving technology. Automatically adjusts power according to the input variability
  • Huge Life: Has up to 10000 hours
  • Auto Adjustment: One key auto-adjustment allows you to set the projector to the best viewing angle
BenQ MS 506-P DLP Projector (Black) Amazon Deal

BenQ MS 506-P DLP Projector (Black)

₹ 26,995
₹ 36,000 (25% off)
Buy on Amazon

Epson Projector

Epson's EB-S41 SVGA projector enables the users to view and access the most frequently used functions immediately on large screen. This projector also enables you to see all the source information on home screen at a glance irrespective of source screen.


  • Sharp and Bright Outcome: It has a brightness of 3,300 lumens which makes it suitable for use in places with ambient light
  • Long Lasting Life: It uses the UHE 210W which lasts a long time
  • Uses 3LCD Technology: It operates on the 3LCD technology which offers better color, detail, and is more energy efficient
  • Long Lasting Lamp: A long-lasting lamp with a life of 10,000 hours in ECO mode and 6,000 hours on the standard operation
  • Connectivity: It offers multiple connection ports including USB-A, USB-B, HDMI, computer, audio, and video ports
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Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector Brightness: 3300lm with HDMI Port Amazon Deal

Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector Brightness: 3300lm with HDMI Port

₹ 45,501
₹ 49,999 (9% off)
Buy on Amazon

Unic LED Projector

You can now enjoy your favorite movies and videos on the go with this mini projector. The Unic U28 Mini Pico as the name suggests is a mini projector. It is so compact that it can easily be packed into a bag and taken anywhere. You can very conveniently carry it along with you on your road trips and campaigning. Delivering high quality images is its specialty. Don't go on its size, because it has a life span of more than what it might seem to you. The best thing is that owning this mini projector won't hurt your pocket much.   


  • Size: What sets this projector apart from the others is its compact size
  • Long Life: Unlike its size and design, the life of this projector is long and you can use it for quite some time
  • Amazing Picture and Audio: Just because it is small in size don't presume anything about its outcome. The projector delivers high quality audio and video output
  • Portability: Because of its compact size it can easily be taken along with you everywhere you go
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Unic UC28 Mini Pico Full hd Input LED Projector Home Cinema Theater 1080 Amazon Deal

Unic UC28 Mini Pico Full hd Input LED Projector Home Cinema Theater 1080

₹ 2,829
₹ 9,999 (72% off)
Buy on Amazon

Vivibright Portable LED Projector

With this small but high performance projector, you can enjoy the high-quality images and videos in a very comfortable position. If you want big screen home entertainment but don't have the space, or funds for a large flatpanel TV or home cinema projector, then this Vivibright C80 2200LM could be the answer. It needs only a few centimeters or so to cast a huge image onto a white wall or screen and, even better, it's also ridiculously compact and relatively affordable.


  • Design: Compact size and highly portable.
  • Light Weight: Light in weight it's made up of premium quality aluminum
  • No Heat: With 105 ANSI Lumens it is bright enough and yet does not heat up easily
  • Image Quality: Manages the images quality quite well
  • Easy Installation: It's easy to install and connect. The complete set up can be done in just few minutes.
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Vivibright C80 2200LM 720 P HD Home Theater Portable LED Projector Amazon Deal

Vivibright C80 2200LM 720 P HD Home Theater Portable LED Projector

₹ 7,499
₹ 15,999 (53% off)
Buy on Amazon

Look Out For These Features When Buying A Projector

  • Resolution: When you are out to buy a brand new projector keep in mind to consider its resolution. Higher the resolution the better images are the outcome.
  • Lumen Capacity: The lumen capacity directly refers to the brightness of the projector. So do consider the lumen capacity before opting to buy any projector.
  • Connectivity: Projector connectivity depends upon the input options available. The input options determine the various devices that you can connect to the projector. It is important you check the options which are available on a projector to ensure you don't have to get a converter to connect your device.
  • Projector Throw Ratio: Projector throw ratio refers to the throw distance divided the width of the projection image. The lens in use on the projector is responsible for the thrown type on the projector. Long throw projectors are suitable for large halls and conference rooms, while short throw and ultra-short throw are good for small space.
  • Lamp Life: One of the most important things to keep in mind before opting to buy any projector is its lamp life. Higher the lamp life of the project better the life span is.

Big Screen Entertainment Just Got Better With These Projectors

Product Price in India
BenQ MS 506-P DLP Projector (Black) ₹ 26,995
Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector Brightness: 3300lm with HDMI Port ₹ 45,501
Unic UC28 Mini Pico Full hd Input LED Projector Home Cinema Theater 1080 ₹ 2,829
Vivibright C80 2200LM 720 P HD Home Theater Portable LED Projector ₹ 7,499
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