Fitness bands with SpO2 monitor

Fitness bands with SpO2 monitors are the new go-to gadget for the fitness enthusiasts who'd like to monitor their oxygen saturation levels alongside the daily steps taken.
Fitness bands with SpO2 monitor
Check your blood oxygen saturation levels with these fitness bands that come equipped with SpO2 monitors

Covid-19 has brought about numerous changes in the lifestyles of people across the world. As people try to survive the pandemic, monitoring of one's vitals has now become commonplace. People are quick to monitor their body temperature, blood pressure as well as their blood oxygen saturation or the level of oxygen in the blood. Oximeters alongside thermometers can now be easily found in many homes. But for those always on the run for work, who can't always keep an oximeter handy, a fitness band with SpO2 monitor can be a great idea. Pick one from this list of some of the best ones available on Amazon.

The Best Fitness Bands With SpO2 Monitor

1. The Oppo Smart Band

Oppo is a leading manufacturer of smart devices and technology and this fitness band with a built-in oximeter is one of its most hot selling products right now. The watch has a dynamic SpO2 monitoring system in place to measure the oxygen saturation 24X7. A pocket friendly timepiece, this smart watch also boasts of an 1.1-inch color AMOLED screen with a resolution of 126 x 294 pixels on a 2.5D curved-surface of scratch-resistant glass. Simply put, it displays easy to read info-graphics on a screen that is stylish as well as tough. This sleek watch will sit delicately on your wrist but work hard to show accurate stats for the toughest of physical work done. Be it swimming (yes, it is water-proof), yoga, running, cricket, trust the Oppo Smart Band to be your best workout buddy.

OPPO Smart Band Style Amazon Deal

OPPO Smart Band Style

₹ 2,799
₹ 3,999 (30% off)
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2. OnePlus Smart Band

OnePlus smartphones are a blockbuster and that is no secret. And there is no reason why this OnePlus smart band shouldn't be a hit as well. It's got all things you need in a smart band packed in its compact, lightweight design. Yes, it monitors the user's SpO2 levels, and can do so even when they are asleep, of course as long as the watch is wrapped around one's wrist. The OnePlus smart band's health app is super-efficient at recording all health related data. It is equipped with a sleep tracker, a real-time heart rate monitor as well as a built in vibration alarm for high-pulse readings. The band also features 13 dedicated exercise modes that display real-time stats using fitness specific metrics, making you crunch harder (or not) during your workout session. The smart band also helps notify calls and texts as well as lets users control music and camera with a single, soft tap. This high-tech piece can also be trendy. It comes with UI wallpapers and watch faces, so users can customise it match their OOTD. It is also water and dust resistant but compatible only with Android at present.

OnePlus Band : Smart Everywear : 1.1’’ AMOLED Display Amazon Deal

OnePlus Band : Smart Everywear : 1.1’’ AMOLED Display

₹ 2,499
₹ 2,799 (11% off)
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3. Oppo Smart Band Style (Vanilla)

Now keep a track of your blood oxygen levels in a stylish way. Dipped in a lovely subtle shade of vanilla, this smart band is perfect for those who dread the conventional when it comes to tech. A 1.1 inches full touch AMOLED color display, scratch-resistance, water-resistance are only the basic features in this band. Other than these must-haves, this fashionable smart band by Oppo proudly shows off its 40 watch face designs and 12 workout modes that include yoga, cricket, swimming and fat burn.

OPPO Smart Band Style (Vanilla) - 1.1" AMOLED Color Display, Continuous SPO2 Monitoring (Blood Oxygen), 5ATM Water Resistant and 12 Workout Modes (Android Compatible Only) Amazon Deal

OPPO Smart Band Style (Vanilla) - 1.1" AMOLED Color Display, Continuous SPO2 Monitoring (Blood Oxygen), 5ATM Water Resistant and 12 Workout Modes (Android Compatible Only)

₹ 2,799
₹ 3,999 (30% off)
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4. TresCare Smart Fitness Band

TresCare's Smart Band is as bright as it is smart. Its superpower lies in its Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered health tracking system, which efficiently reads and records blood oxygen saturation level, body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. It is truly a smart fitness band, in more ways than one. Other than helping a user monitor their vitals this smart timepiece also lets users create keep an eye on the vitals of their loved ones as well. The smart fitness band is also equipped to manage a user's travel history and vaccination certificates, making it a unique product in the category. The bright pink watch comes with an additional black strap, just in case you'd like to mellow down on the colours.

TresCare Smart Fitness Band | Check SpO2, BP, Temperature & Heart Rate in one Watch , IP67 Water Resistant, Remote Health Monitoring Amazon Deal

TresCare Smart Fitness Band | Check SpO2, BP, Temperature & Heart Rate in one Watch , IP67 Water Resistant, Remote Health Monitoring

₹ 3,999
₹ 4,999 (20% off)
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5. GOQii

GOQii Vital 4.0 is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It efficiently helps monitor the blood oxygen levels by intelligently monitoring your blood oxygen levels. Users can also monitor vitals such as heart rate and blood pressure and the smart band also helps keep track of one's sleeping patterns. The band can also be used to track daily activities such as steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and active time. The timepiece is water and dust resistant and also boasts of features such as varied watch faces, find my phone, music control, stopwatch, timer, raise to wake, alarms, and inactivity alerts.

GOQii Vital 4.0 Oximeter built-in continuous SpO2, Heart rate & body temperature monitoring with 3 months personal coaching Amazon Deal

GOQii Vital 4.0 Oximeter built-in continuous SpO2, Heart rate & body temperature monitoring with 3 months personal coaching

₹ 3,999
₹ 4,999 (20% off)
Buy on Amazon

Buying guide to help you choose the right fitness band 

The purpose of a fitness band is clearly more than that of a regular timepiece or smart watch. While these wearable accessories do display time, their primary motive is to act as an activity tracker and help users stay fit. Look out for these points before buying a fitness band.

  1. Vitals tracker: While every fitness band would show a user their daily steps, one that also displays vitals such as heart rate, BP as well as even oxygen saturation levels in the blood and even one's sleep cycle could come really handy for keeping a track of not just fitness but overall health and well-being.
  2. Exercise tracker: If you're someone who indulges in exercises other than walking, be sure the fitness band you choose comes equipped with an exercise tracker. This is different than a simple steps tracker. A dedicated exercise tracker will help you monitor how much energy or calories you busted while swimming, cycling, playing basketball or even while doing yoga. The OnePlus Smart Band, for example, is equipped with 13 dedicated exercise modes that display real-time data. Some device even come equipped with on-screen workouts and coaching.
  3. Water resistance: Swimmers, surfers, and beach babies, this is for you. Make sure your fitness band doesn't mind a few splashes and is water-proof. The Oppo Smart Band is a good choice here. It works in upto 50 meters depth.
  4. Battery life: If you don't have the time to run to a charging point often, and would rather be running outdoors, make sure your fitness tracker has a robust battery bank. A good battery life will also ensure minimum gap in fitness data, as you wouldn't have to remove the band often to charge it.
  5. Touchscreen: A good touchscreen with a bright display is crucial. You don't want to be tapping too hard or trying too hard to fetch your data. Look out for features such as an Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) screen. This screen type is commonly used in gadgets since it displays better colours and sharper pictures.
  6. Sleep tracker: Insomnia is an increasingly common problem among many. It is also a long-term side effect of Covid-19. If you're unable to sleep properly and wish to mend this, track your sleeping cycle and act to solve the problem accordingly. You don't have to do anything specifically. Your fitness band will make notes of the moments you did not move at all for, at a stretch, which happens when one is asleep; and then club it with your heart rate to determine your sleeping cycle.
  7. Smartphone connection: To be able to read various data including your sleep cycle, as well as to be able to access text messages and calls via your smart band, make sure it is compatible with your smartphone. Not all fitness bands sync with iOS. So, if you're an Apple iPhone user, consider this point before buying.
  8. GPS: Some fitness band can also help you navigate. The GPS could be used for finding your way while tracking or running and not necessarily while driving. If you're planning on taking a tour of the woods, a GPS fitted fitness band could come handy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does SpO2 mean?

SpO2 is a measurement of the oxygen saturation in your blood. A healthy level of blood oxygen (SpO2) reading should be between 95 and 100 percent. If it falls below the set 95 percent mark, one must contact a doctor immediately.

Are fitness bands a reliable source of data for SpO2 levels?

A good fitness band with good quality sensors can pick up close to accurate data. However, as per a study by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, SpO2 measurements by smart wearables may not be as exact as those by medical grade oximeters. If you're experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, or suffering from conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, anemia, pneumonia or a heart related problem, using an oximeter is recommended instead. 

How do fitness bands measure oxygen levels?

Smart wearables use reflectance oximetry technology to read SpO2 levels. This means that the oxygen saturation is measured via the light or the colour that reflects from the blood under the skin. This is tapped by the sensor underneath the watch dial, which senses changes in the levels of oxygen by looking at the colour of the blood.

How do oximeters measure oxygen levels?

Oximeters use transmittance oximetry, which uses sensors placed at two ends of the device unlike a single sensor in a smart fitness band. When a finger is placed in an oximeter, light is emitted from one end of the device, passes through the finger and then reaches the other end of the device where the screen is, to show the readings. These readings are based on light property (just like in a smart fitness band) but also on basis of wavelength and other factors.

Fitness bands with SpO2 monitor

Product Price in India
Oppo Band Style ₹ 2,799
OnePlus Band ₹ 2,499
TresCare Smart Fitness Band | Check SpO2, BP, Temperature & Heart Rate in one Watch , IP67 Water Resistant, Remote Health Monitoring ₹ 3,999
GOQii Vital 4.0 Oximeter built-in continuous SpO2, Heart rate & body temperature monitoring with 3 months personal coaching ₹ 3,999
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