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Erasable and Reusable Notebook : Erase, Reuse and Recycle

Smart Notebook : Erase and Reuse this notebook with its awesome pages which can be erased of the ink with any damp cloth. Buy this latest gadget on Amazon now!
Updated: Dec 27, 2019 12:00 IST
Erasable and Reusable Notebook : Erase, Reuse and Recycle
Smart Notebook

A premium quality product from Cuir Ally, this smart erasable and reusable notebook is a boon for all those who wish to enhance their productivity. The cover of the notebook has a rubber like finish which makes it look classy and the pages inside are also quite thick and smooth. Digital syncing via camscanner adds a cherry upon the cake. This re-usable notebook does wonders and helps you plan better and enhances your productivity manifold times.

This product allows you to have a digital access to all your notes taken, picture drawn, and idea jotted down, and you never have to worry about losing a piece of paper or running out of space on which to write. The left side of the page has a scheduler, and a to-do-list which gives you the liberty to plan your day hour by hour. The right hand side of the page has sufficient space to take down notes, jot down important points and do other related stuffs. Here is all that you would wish to know about this wonderful Cuir Ally Dexter Smart Erasable and Reusable Notebook.

Smart Erasable & Reusable Notebook

  • Cam Scanner App Compatible

The compatibility with cam scanner allows you to save all the important pictures, graphs and documents in you notebook in form of images.

  • Allows to Scan and Erase the Pages

You can not only scan and save the documents that you like to, but at the same time you can also get rid of all the unimportant and waste stuff in your notebook by simply wiping it off with a wet cloth.

  • Mark up, Save and Edit On-The-Go

The Dexter Notebook also allows you to bookmark, save and edit the document on-the-go. Onece you are done with saving the document on your cloud storage you can simply wipe it off.

  • iOS, Android and Window Compatible

Compatibility with all the operating systems makes it even more wonderful. Now you need not worry about losing your saved documents when you change your phone.

  • Allows to Keep the Documents Safe

You can store the documents at various places and also on cloud, so that you can have the access to your documents even if you don't have the notebook with you.

Pros and Cons of Smart Erasable & Reusable Notebook

  • Write, Scan and Erase
  • Tear Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Reusable Pages
  • Eco Friendly
  • Heavily Priced
  • A Little Complicated Technology for Beginners

Pro Tips
The notebook allows you to erase your page completely clean using a wet tissue or cloth, you can also erase minor errors on the page with the eraser provided at the top of the pen.

Erasable and Reusable Notebook : Erase, Reuse and Recycle

Product Price in India
Cuir Ally Dexter Smart Erasable & Reusable Notebook, For Goals & Time Management, Includes Pen ₹ 999
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